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to think frozen mash is a work of genius?

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BriechonCheese Sat 07-Oct-17 19:25:02

I had resisted for ages but bought some on a whim earlier this year and found it incredibly handy for those nights when I'm picking up and ferrying DC to various activities. It doesn't beat the real thing but it comes pretty damn close.

Does anyone else have any genius home or food products that they expected to be crap but now use to happily to survive family life?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Sat 07-Oct-17 19:25:50

How do you defrost and cook it?

LemonRedwood Sat 07-Oct-17 19:26:38

Aunt Bessie frozen mash and McCain frozen roasties are a staple in our freezer. DH says the roasties are so good he’d even serve them to my mother (I wouldn’t though!).

Scrowy Sat 07-Oct-17 19:27:03

Nope frozen mash is my cheat too.

Great for chucking on top of shepherds pies or fish pies etc

dementedpixie Sat 07-Oct-17 19:27:49

You could always cook and freeze your own mash

ChoudeBruxelles Sat 07-Oct-17 19:28:00

You can make it yourself and freeze it too

JsOtherHalf Sat 07-Oct-17 19:29:08

Aunt Bessie's frozen mash is lovely.

Goldenbug Sat 07-Oct-17 19:30:01

Sweet potato mash is the way forward. Cut lines down the outside of a big one. Microwave for 8-10 minutes. Peel and mash. Much better and easier and more yumtastic than spuds.

estuarygirl Sat 07-Oct-17 19:30:26

yes, i discovered frozen mash when I broke my right arm a few years back so couldn't peel/chop veg. I also took to using pre-chopped onion and similar frozen veg so we could at least have decent meals.

JennyLane Sat 07-Oct-17 19:31:21

I discovered it earlier this year and it is life changing. I don't think the kids have had chips since I found it

Catzpyjamas Sat 07-Oct-17 19:31:53

YANBU, food of the gods, especially Tesco's own.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sat 07-Oct-17 19:32:26

Why would you make it yourself and then freeze it? A bag of frozen mash is £1, so you wouldn't exactly be saving any money, and the whole point is that it's easy.

Always have frozen mash, and some microwave rice in the house. Little things to make life easier.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sat 07-Oct-17 19:32:47

Yep, Tesco is definitely the best one.

PickAChew Sat 07-Oct-17 19:32:51

Yanbu. We always have a bag of Sainsbury's own mash in the freezer.

I was pleasantly surprised, years ago by how much nicer their fish fingers are than Bird's eye, too. Even the 69p basics ones are lovely and less soggy than the BE omega 3 offerings.

Lucked Sat 07-Oct-17 19:34:19

We buy Tesco's own it needs microwaved for about 3 mins. Always add some milk and real butter to make it richer.

BriechonCheese Sat 07-Oct-17 19:34:39

I didn't even think of doing it myself and freezing it but to be honest I get two good sized bags in the supermarket for £1.50 and have to do nothing.

To whoever asked about defrosting - you don't, you just whack it in the microwave.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 07-Oct-17 19:37:34

I haven't tried the frozen mash but Tesco's creamy mash from the ready meal section is delicious.

Brittbugs80 Sat 07-Oct-17 19:40:08

How do you defrost and cook it

Waitrose own comes in little tube shapes, about 10 for one portion then a minute and a half in the microwave then mash with a fork and butter.

Tastes quite nice. Probably more expensive than mash but saves time and hassle.

Ellieboolou27 Sat 07-Oct-17 19:40:18

Iceland has the best frozen mash! it's amazing.

meiisme Sat 07-Oct-17 19:40:51

Aunt Bessie's hasn't been available in our Asda for months and it has made me sad! Mind you, when I confided to a fellow parent that I used it, I was met with a wide-eyed shock of 'that is so lazy!'. But as PP said, for a quid, with only potatoes, butter and milk for ingredients I lament the demise of this staple in our household.

meiisme Sat 07-Oct-17 19:43:28

Also keep several bag of frozen veg in the freezer so there is always some while I don't have to worry about missing expiry dates.

KindergartenKop Sat 07-Oct-17 19:45:00

I will never mash a potato again. Or peel one, more pertinently.

KindergartenKop Sat 07-Oct-17 19:46:02

And it's great for a quick accompaniment to fishfingers or sausages for the kids.

jobergamot Sat 07-Oct-17 19:46:08

Gonna pick up a bag in Tesco! Inspired!

Wellandtrulyoutnumbered Sat 07-Oct-17 19:48:56

Quite frankly it's a meal saver!

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