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to think this is a disgust thing for him to say?

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FrenchQuarter Sat 07-Oct-17 12:46:41

The film mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accussed of sexual harassment of female actors over many years. He has basically admitted it (see links below). Ashley Judd is a main accuser saying that he tried to get her to massage him and watch him shower.

He is claiming (link to his statement below) remorse but this is what he said in a post-accusation interview:

Weinstein continued, “I know Ashley Judd is going through a tough time right now, I read her book [her memoir ‘All That Is Bitter and Sweet’], in which she talks about being the victim of sexual abuse and depression as a child. Her life story was brutal, and I have to respect her. In a year from now, I am going to reach out to her.”

It's nasty in so many ways including implied victim blaming (Strong implication of " Can I just let you know she was sexually abused OK? So anything I've done is not that bad and she was depressed anyway.")

It's such an utterly vile thing to say.

Source of that quote:

His statement of admission and remorse:

New York Times original investigation article:

FrenchQuarter Sat 07-Oct-17 17:07:20

Just me then?
I'm surprised more people don't think the same tbh.

ScipioAfricanus Sat 07-Oct-17 17:13:40

That statement full of excuses like 'coming of age' at a time when sexual harrassment was more common (and therefore fine?!)! And of course all the post-feminist times since when he might have learnt better. Just shows to me that he doesn't really think he's done anything wrong and it's just 'modern mores' to behave differently.

I think people are less interested (in UK) about the revelations than they might be because although he's a recognisable name he isn't a 'celebrity' per se.

QueenArseClangers Sat 07-Oct-17 17:42:46

It's just a glimpse into the insidious rot that poisons mysoginistic industries where power is all.

DeadGood Sat 07-Oct-17 17:53:07

Wtf is up with the "place to channel that anger" bit? And the NRA retirement party stuff?

FrenchQuarter Sat 07-Oct-17 18:30:49

I think people are less interested (in UK) about the revelations than they might be because although he's a recognisable name he isn't a 'celebrity' per se.

I knew who he was before this but that's not really the point.

It is exposing a really deep vein of sexual harassment and misogynistic cover-up corruption that seems to have existed in an entire industry at a very high level.

"I can make you a star if you take your clothes off/massage me/fuck me"

FrenchQuarter Sat 07-Oct-17 18:32:37

I posted because I was fairly outraged that you have someone supposedly apologising on the one hand but making a nasty victim blaming/undermining statement about Ashley Judd on the other.

It's as repellant as the underlying behaviour.

funnylittlefloozie Sat 07-Oct-17 18:33:00

For some reason, I always thought Harvey Weinstein was gay....obviously not!!

ScipioAfricanus Sat 07-Oct-17 18:46:20

Okay, I was just suggesting why the coverage seems to have been quite muted here and in answer to your question 'just me then?' presumably about lack of responses to your post at that point.

FrenchQuarter Sat 07-Oct-17 20:14:19

Well it's a sad day if people are only interested in institutional sexual harassment because it involves a celebrity they know.

Chartreuse45 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:32:12

I also mistook him for Harvey Fierstein who is definitely gay!

LemonScentedStickyBat Sat 07-Oct-17 20:39:50

If you follow the actress Kate Hardie on Twitter she’s had a few things to say today on the film industry & exploitation of young women - I was shocked by it.

FrenchQuarter Tue 10-Oct-17 23:34:06

And now rape allegations:

I'm still pretty shocked and disappointed in the lack of response to my original post.

What? Not enough publicity or someone you don't recognise to fail to assess this is all utter outrageous and unacceptable?

Oh now it's rape allegations that involves some famous people everyone wakes up.

This is part of the problem. Women turning a blind eye is as bad as men covering up.

It is outrageous and unless everyone calls it out as such this contributes to the problem. Women are scared to report or speak out - FFS Gwyneth Paltrow!!!

GreatFuckability Tue 10-Oct-17 23:49:42

i think hes a disgusting human being.
I also think your tone in this post is pretty unpleasant.

Rhynswynd Wed 11-Oct-17 00:00:19

There have been a couple of threads about HW over the past few days and there have been a lot of responses, so no. Not just you but other members may not want to go over the same thing on different threads.

Casmama Wed 11-Oct-17 00:11:16

I agree with greatfuckability- your tone is combative and petulant and you seem more interested in people agreeing with you and the number of replies on your thread than the actual issue.

HeadSpin5 Wed 11-Oct-17 00:17:23

You’re also posting in the middle of the night, on a predominately UK site - course you’re not going to be trending!!

Birdsgottafly Wed 11-Oct-17 00:17:45

There is already a thread about this.

The whole situation is being discussed on there and has now moved on to the victim blaming sexism by Donna Karan (DKNY).

Birdsgottafly Wed 11-Oct-17 00:19:21

It is the thread named just Harvey Weinstein.

user1479335914 Wed 11-Oct-17 00:20:08

It seems older men who have power in a situation are prone to this sense of entitlement to do whatever they like, especially with women. Think Dominic Strauss Kahn, Donald Trump when he was rumbled on this, and now this guy. It is not to do with his particular industry, although sexism has always appeared to be rife in it, its the mentality of misogynistic, puffed up, self-important men who hold 'power' in their particular little pond, and think they are above all the normal rules. They cannot be trusted to behave like civilised people. Its a version of ' absolute power corrupts'.

JanetStWalker Wed 11-Oct-17 00:26:08

He's a repulsive fucking pig, inside and out.

I thought his 'activities' were an open secret, I'd certainly heard a shit ton of rumours about him and his 'Weinstein girls' (Jennifer Lawrence, Paltrow et al) over the years. He's a despicable man in a despicable business.

LineysRun Wed 11-Oct-17 00:29:41

Of course this is being discussed on here.

This thread was started the day before yours, OP, and is at 12 pages.

Carouselfish Wed 11-Oct-17 00:42:45

Hollywood was built on an almost prostitution-like choosing of young starlets. They'd get themselves an older, influential protector and live at his house like a harem, waiting to get picked for breakthrough roles. That was in the fifties, sure, but around two decades ago I can remember Anna Friel saying she'd gone to America for her big break and Jack Nicholson had hit on her, she'd refused him, he'd told her she'd never have a career in Hollywood with that attitude.
I'd be hugely surprised if he was the only one at it. I think the rest of them need to batten down the hatches.

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