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To have not said something about this...

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NooNooHead1981 Fri 06-Oct-17 18:19:12

My DD was at gymnastics on Wed and I was waiting with my DD for her session to start.

While I was waiting, I was keeping an eye on DD and saw a lady arrive with her three grandchildren.

Two of these were older, one of them was hopping up and down and needed the loo, the other was just messing around and the GM was distracted by them and not keeping an eye on the youngest.

I watched as she gave the youngest a bottle of water to take onto the gym floor, and noticed it was one of those sports bottles you buy in packs with the plastic removable small cap. The boy then proceeded to put the cap in his between, tip his head right back and pull it off with his teeth, before blowing it up into the air and spitting a bit.

All the while, the GM was oblivious standing away with her back turned.

I think I was just being in 'parent' alert mode, but I really had to brace myself for him to inhale the cap and for a choking accident to happen in front of me, requiring some kind of assistance from me grabbing hold of him and whacking him on the back. Luckily it was all ok, but I think I was a bit surprised that the GM didn't notice him removing the cap nor did she seem bothered he was leaping around and being very boisterous when there were loads of people around.

I guess I was just being cautious, but I had to resist temptation to say something to the GM and not get involved as I know it was none of my business. AIBU to think I should have stayed out of it, and assumed the child took the caps off bottles like that regularly?

I'm sure it might have looked like I was being a nosey and sanctimonious so-and-so if I had said something, but it has made me think and be more aware of small lids, pen caps, etc around children, which is common sense I guess.

Sunnydaysrock Fri 06-Oct-17 18:26:09

I think you were right not to say anything. I get that you were concerned, but things like this happen all the time, we can't go around commenting on all the parenting Taht we think isn't as good as it possibly could be. We're all guilty of letting things like this happen to our own kids and I know I wouldn't take kindly to someone pointing out that my kids has taken a lid of with his teeth. I would be like '...and?'. No it's not ideal, but it's not something I think you need to comment on. So you were right not to!

Sunnydaysrock Fri 06-Oct-17 18:26:53

*That and off....

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