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Worried about friend

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StarkintheSouth Fri 06-Oct-17 12:26:27

An old friend is having a hell of a time ending her marriage and I'm really concerned. They have two kids, one with SEN. My friend has had a generally miserable few years, they've grown apart and made each other miserable. Despite him having a decent wage they've struggled for money, struggled to do anything really and she felt I think, quite disenfranchised and powerless. Eventually her mental health suffered and she decided enough was enough and ended things before she really hated him. He moved out and the separation seemed to progress ok enough. He struggled to accept it more and more over time and has now just moved back into their house. It's been best part of a year and he doesn't seem to get that it's over. She is looking to move out and is struggling as she earns considerably less than him and her mental health, her confidence etc are really poor. I'm so worried about her and I'm miles Away; any help or advice from you MN'ers that I can pass on to her? TIA xx

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