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To be annoyed when a thread gets deleted

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charliebear78 Thu 05-Oct-17 18:38:50

This is just a light hearted thread!
Just wondering if others react like this?
I am all settled down with a cup of tea and biscuits reading through a thread-get half way and!...up flashes the Thread Deleted Message!
Grrrr.That was some time wasted(and I wanted to know how it panned out)
Ok, I get some threads need to be deleted for various reasons and I am ok with it all really(like I said,Light hearted)
Just sometimes wish I could have got to the end before it disappeared.

DeleteOrDecay Thu 05-Oct-17 18:40:39

YANBU I do this too. I understand that more often than not it’s necessary but it’s still annoying when as you say you’re part way through reading a thread and poof, it’s gone!

One of the downsides of Internet forums unfortunately.

Debpool Thu 05-Oct-17 18:45:38

But they might have given away too much personal information and not liked the answers they were getting so it's only right...

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