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To just want it to be bedtime already?

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SnorkellingCat Thu 05-Oct-17 11:35:47

DH is off work sick until tomorrow - shoulder problem. He's slept all morning.

DD (2.3 actually but more like 1.9 developmentally) has whinged all morning. We have no food in so I need to go out and do the usual weekly shop. Tried to get DD dressed and she threw a tantrum like I've never seen before; pulling at her hair, screaming no, running away from me to the point she ran into a cupboard bumped her nose on the cupboard handle, bounced backwards landed on her back and bumped her on the kitchen tiles. I've put her in bed for a very early nap she usually goes down for her nap after lunch at about 1pm and sleeps until 2. DH is still asleep despite us living in a flat and there being absolutely no way he slept all through that because my downstairs neighbour just came up and asked if everyone was ok as she heard DD screaming and then a loud thud (probably her hitting the floor) she's lovely and I don't think she's complaining/judging but it's just something else isn't it?

I've now got to decide when to wake DD up, still try and get her dressed, get to the shop, work out exactly what I'm going to tell Nursery tomorrow about the mark on DDs nose, and I need to be back by 4 as my mums coming for tea.

Can it just be bedtime now? I give up with today.

angelinheaven Thu 05-Oct-17 11:42:20

Take 5 mins to de stress and relax, tell nursery the truth, your dd through a tantrum and ran into something, all kids have tantrums and run into things, you will not be judged.
Can you not leave dd sleeping and get dh to watch her while you go shopping, as sounds like she needs her sleep and would be a lot quicker and easier on your own. And just remember it's an off day and we all have them x

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