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AIBU to not want to go to Barcelona

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3awesomestars Wed 04-Oct-17 18:18:36

Longstanding girls weekend away planned for this weekend for friends big birthday.

With everything that is going on and how things are developing I would rather cut our losses, lose the flight money and go somewhere else.

Friends think I'm being a drama queen and that it will all be fine. Am I being unreasonable?

lalalonglegs Wed 04-Oct-17 18:37:38

I love Barcelona so I'd go but I'd expect (a) some disruption, there could well be strikes on public transport networks (b) I'd stick to the tourist areas such as the Gothic Quarter, Sagrada Familia etc and avoid the areas that crowds are likely to gather.

onalongsabbatical Wed 04-Oct-17 18:42:36

Well, I think loads of people are going to say don't be silly, but I'm going to say YANBU, and I would feel the same. A previous poster said stick to tourist areas and avoid crowds which sounds contradictory to me, though I guess she meant political crowds, but I think - knowing Barcelona a bit - the political crowds are just as likely to be in the tourist areas and it's not that simple.

Tilapia Wed 04-Oct-17 18:44:24

You can make your own choices, but YABU to put pressure on your friends to do the same. Your OP seems to imply that you think everyone should cancel, not just you?

gunsandbanjos Wed 04-Oct-17 18:45:18

I don't think you're a drama queen, I understand your trepidation. I'd still probably go but be careful and try and avoid areas with demonstrations.

lalalonglegs Wed 04-Oct-17 18:45:49

Actually, sabbatical is correct - I've just looked up where the main Catalan government building is and it's in the old town (I had a vague idea that I'd passed it last time so checked). Hmm, it might be a bit hairy there... I'd still go though smile.

WhooooAmI24601 Wed 04-Oct-17 18:50:11

I don't think you're BU to not go, but it would be entirely unreasonable to expect the others to cut their losses and pay out for another location.

Barcelona is beautiful, though, and there are some incredible places to eat if you do end up going (including the best steak restaurant I've been).

FenceSitter01 Wed 04-Oct-17 18:50:12

DH was in Barcelona this week - I had to send him MSM links to the riots etc - he didn't see any of it.

I suppose it's like us being reported abroad for riots in London - Lewisham or Brixton or Croydon is not all of London.

SuziePink Wed 04-Oct-17 18:51:58

Barcelona is a lovely city. I'd much rather go, have a good time and support the local people than not, personally. Saying that, if you don't want to go, don't go but don't force your decision on others.

PerfumeIsAMessage Wed 04-Oct-17 18:56:47

I have 2 colleagues who live in Catalonia, one in Barcelona itself and one in Tarragona. Both were a bit surprised when I mailed and said "are you OK?" on Sunday night. They were "why wouldn't we be?" "Oh that No, everything's fine"

Apparently (according to them, and obviously, they are a sample of 2 so hardly comprehensive) the Catalan government is (I quote) "just trying to provoke trouble and make more of the whole thing than there really is"

Some of the telly footage looks quite hairy, but I'd still go I think.

pasturesgreen Wed 04-Oct-17 19:01:05

No way I'd go now if it could be avoided. There's bound to be strikes and/or disruption.

3awesomestars Wed 04-Oct-17 19:01:09

Thanks, your replies have made me feel a bit more positive. I don't expect everyone to cancel. I would just feel a bit mean not going, we do a couple of girls weekends altogether a year and it would be strange if one wasn't there. So I will be peer pressured anyway!!
I'm dont normally get bothered by this stuff, I just feel it will be a massive waste of money if the streets are rammed like the press photos showed yesterday as everything's shut. I suppose there is always the hotel bar if nothing else!!

AnyFucker Wed 04-Oct-17 19:05:10

I would still go. Barcelona has plenty of room.

Noeuf Wed 04-Oct-17 19:08:50

I wouldn't go because I found Barcelona a bit 'meh'. I would go if I liked it because I just don't think there will be any impact on tourists from the political stuff.

PinkSnowAndStars Wed 04-Oct-17 19:39:42

Purfume - I’m jealous of your friend! Tarragona is a lovely place!!

BCNChica Wed 04-Oct-17 19:41:27

It's fine here. Everything is pretty much normal. Just avoid Plaza Catalunya and the tourist areas, for no other reason than they're crap, overpriced and pickpocket heaven.

BCNChica Wed 04-Oct-17 19:42:43

Get the metro to Fontana and hang around Gracia, that's the gem of Barcelona.

BroomstickOfLove Wed 04-Oct-17 19:43:50

My sister lives in Barcelona and when I spoke to her at the weekend she said that it was really quiet and she hadn't encountered any disruption at all.

Thunderblunder Wed 04-Oct-17 19:50:58

I'm in Barcelona at the moment. We flew out on monday and are due back to the UK on Friday.
Other than the strike yesterday and the daily news reports you wouldn't know there was anything going on.

Wanderlust1984 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:23:35

I was there at the weekend and it was fabulous. We saw the riots and our monarch flight was obviously cancelled but I'm still glad I went!smile

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 04-Oct-17 20:27:58

I think you are better going this weekend than next week tbh.

Jasminedes Wed 04-Oct-17 20:29:50

My colleague has a relative there. She said that all the local people she knows went out and voted without disruption the other day, and life is going on as normal. I am not up to date on the strike etc, but presume there is no specific warning against travel. Hope you feel you can go and don!t miss out on your trip.

Oblomov17 Thu 05-Oct-17 07:09:32

Generally, I don’t these types of threads: after an incident : I’m too frightened to go to Manchester / let dd go on a school trip to London.

I don’t understand the thought process, anxiety, paranoia and lack of risk assessment skills that makes these decisions seem logical.

Barcelona is fabulous. But if it was any other place, I would say the same.

BurnTheBlackSuit Thu 05-Oct-17 07:22:16

It depends on what will happen when they "declare independence". I think they said Sunday or early next week. When are you going until?

I wouldn't be that happy going. Not sure if I'd cancel or not though. Barcelona will obviously be the centre of independence and therefore the focus of trouble.

liminality Thu 05-Oct-17 12:11:32

I think it is kind of rude to go on boozy girls weekend to a country in thee middle of what is essentially a civil war. It's this kind of utter disregard for locals and their issues that is leading to a lot of unrest amongst the Spanish for tourists.
I would definitely go elsewhere at this point in time. Tensions are running very high there.

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