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To hate these current home trends...

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verynaiceham Sun 01-Oct-17 08:57:55

Crushed velvet sofas/beds/curtains.

Also wooden letters in the kitchen/bathroom that's say 'Cook'/'Bath' etc telling you what each room is for.

While I'm at it- wall 'art' (stickers) with cheesy phrases.

TattyCat Sun 01-Oct-17 10:06:29

But how would one clean velvet sofa

With great difficulty, if it's 'proper' velvet. My parents had one and it was a dark olive green, absolutely stunning horse hair/feather sofa they bought in about 1972 for ££££. When I was about 14, they went out for the afternoon and I had spaghetti bolognese... and decided to eat it on the sofa, from a plate, not a bowl. The whole bloody plateful slid off onto the velvet....

I did my best, but just turned the cushion over and said nothing. Glad it was dark green grin

surferjet Sun 01-Oct-17 10:06:41

The older I get, the less I give a shit about trends
Me too. If I like it I buy it! - I'm not decorating my house to please visitors. & let's face it, you could go into literally anyone's house & think 'crikey that's awful' -
( proud owner of a beautiful twig heart )

lavenderbees Sun 01-Oct-17 10:07:00

Open plan - hate with a passion.
Too much grey or overstyled colour coordinated houses.
Vintage/ shabby chic

I am trying to decide whether my newly renovated dining should have a log burner but can't decide if that is a bit naff. Could any mumnetters help me out with whether it is a step too far. smile

RedBlackberries Sun 01-Oct-17 10:08:17

Not on board with the crushed velvet trend.

Love heart decorations of every kind though especially twiggy hearts blush

Candles and candle holders are my decoration of choice. Everywhere there's a space there's a candle!

Minimalist I'm not!

I'm on the fence with the word stuff. I do want some standing wooden blocks with our names or something on or maybe in candle form grin

HoneyBoo269 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:09:32

We've moved into a rented house that has those quotes on the walls everywhere, haven't got round to painting over them yet but looks like I need to get a hurry on after this thread 🙈 won't tell you the one it says in the bedroom, makes me cringe every time I read it ..

Brittbugs80 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:10:13

Metro tiles- they will date so quickly!

See, how quickly? We have them in our kitchen and they have been there since the house was refurbished 9 years ago and the kitchen doesn't look dated?

9 years is pretty good going so what's the time period where something becomes dated?

Elephant17 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:10:29

Haha! agree with most of these.

(Although there is such thing as warm grey, it's a yellow based grey- you can really see the difference if you look on a colour chart)

strawberrygate Sun 01-Oct-17 10:10:39

this is probably just me, but why do people feel they need to replace kitchens. If you chose a kitchen you like, surely you'd still like it 20 years down the line? Unless it's literally falling apart, why do people rip them out and put a different one in?

RosyPony Sun 01-Oct-17 10:10:53

My motto is that if you can buy it in Home Sense (TK Max home division) then it's tat that's not coming in my house! Naf-tastic!

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Sun 01-Oct-17 10:11:33

Ha, I'm sat in my open plan lounge looking at my crushed velvet dining chairs - they're fucking ace 👍🏻

lborgia Sun 01-Oct-17 10:11:41

We are needing to move soon echt, but the problem is that all the kinds of houses I like have been bulledozed to make way for McMansions hmm.

woods, what you've got there is your gen-u-ine inherited family library type leather and velvet. Beautiful. The velvet is not crushed (and probably smells of Labrador), and the leather armchair has the smooth finish of at least 3 generations of generous bottoms in cord trousers grin.

I would love a room like that, but always realise that on our frequent 102/40 plus degree days here I'd stick to the armchair and rip off pieces of skin, and the velvet would feel like a mugging...

Shaker kitchens have been around for years, and as long as you keep them extremely simple, will stand the test of time (long after you've taken down the bossy verbs). She says.

Disco operating theatre is exactly the right description of my least favourite trend!

I've been rocking white, with Chinese blue/white ginger jars, and black and white photos on the walls for about 15 years...and this year found the front of a home mag with the exact same features. Time to change perhaps?!

ImissTerry Sun 01-Oct-17 10:12:16

If someone walked into my living room and said that it looked like something out of a magazine I would die. They don't and it doesn't smile smile smile

Someone further up the thread put up a picture of a broken glass/cd covered fireplace. Have you seen the staircases done this way? Cannot be safe as there must be little bits sticking up. These people must love to clean.

fourquenelles Sun 01-Oct-17 10:13:10

A big bonus of dog ownership is that furniture is chosen to be claw and fur proof as much as possible. Any velvet would be covered in hairs by midday of the day of purchase and/or ripped to shreds within weeks. Leather all the way for me. I do have a whole wall of metal advertising signs and plantation shutters though

Brittbugs80 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:13:12

We have a grey wall in the bedroom, it's a very soft grey. Has been this colour for 4 years not at all oppressive.

Not a fan of velvet furniture, mirror furniture or diamanté or inspirational quotes of any sort, particularly "dream believe achieve"

metalmum15 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:14:12

Lavender dh & I would love a log burner but sadly can't in our house. Go for it!

I hate crushed velvet, agree with pp who said it's like the early 90's fashion trend (I had a favourite purple crushed velvet skirt with lace trim! ) My bedroom is grey & white but it's the only room, I wouldn't have it everywhere. Also don't like wall murals or too many hangy things, I only have them on doors that don't get opened very often.

metalmum15 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:14:14

Lavender dh & I would love a log burner but sadly can't in our house. Go for it!

I hate crushed velvet, agree with pp who said it's like the early 90's fashion trend (I had a favourite purple crushed velvet skirt with lace trim! ) My bedroom is grey & white but it's the only room, I wouldn't have it everywhere. Also don't like wall murals or too many hangy things, I only have them on doors that don't get opened very often.

Narnia72 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:14:23

I've got a grey hall - love it! Much easier to hide the fingerprints... I also have a grey carpet (not in the hall though).

My SIL bought us a sign that reads "remember, as far as anyone knows we're a nice, normal family". I keep trying to break it

YY to ornaments anywhere, loathe them. We have enough crap and clutter in our house as it is.

My hairdresser has a black gloss kitchen - it looks very space age, but she has a toddler and I have no idea how she keeps it fingerprint free. She must polish her cupboard doors every day.

I had a BEEEYOUTIFUL crushed velvet dress when I was 18. I loved it, thought I looked supertrendy. I probably looked like a sofa...

BoysofMelody Sun 01-Oct-17 10:15:10

I hate those "cook", "eat", "bathe" whatever signs. I read them and think "no, I won't" (belligerent sod that I am), and get the urge to rearrange them and put "sleep" in the bathroom.

I think you're being harsh, they are actually both stylish and useful. Until we had these,I used to shite all over the kitchen work tops. Since we got the sign saying 'defecate' for the toilet, it is no longer a problem.

ChickenVindaloo2 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:15:13

That velvet stiletto chair is one of the worst things ive ever see. And ive been to crime scenes.

strawberrygate Sun 01-Oct-17 10:15:50

what's wrong with log burners? Ours is awesome come winter

Anniegetyourgun Sun 01-Oct-17 10:15:52

I like grey, and I like crushed velvet, though I don't think it's particularly practical for furniture. If it's trendy I neither know nor care. Little meaningful placards are, like the infamous flying ducks, a matter of personal preference which is not my preference, but I don't have a problem with it as such. Ditto, I suppose, twigs and pebbly shit - looks quite pleasant if properly displayed and regularly dusted although I couldn't be doing with it in my own place. Labelling your rooms though - how odd. I can't imagine anyone capable of reading the word "kitchen" would be unable to work out that the presence of a hob and absence of a bath might indicate they were in the, er, kitchen confused. And this room with the (grey crushed velvet) sofa, wide fireplace, 48" telly and no bed is quite likely to be a - oh, now I get it. You need the right label so no-one makes the class mistake of calling it the sitting room instead of the living room, or worse (or is it slightly less bad? I'm never quite sure) the lounge.

Laura2018 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:16:39

I really hate those tacky, cheesy professional family portrait photographs some people have in thier living rooms. Makes me want to vom 😂 I also hate those 'live, laugh, love' signs and crappy ikea 'art'.

Elephant17 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:16:54

And equally, I too buy whatever I like whether it's 'on trend' or an old, past-it trend.

Also, I think many of the things listed aren't exactly trends, they're just things you/we don't like!

I mean, a poster mentioned candles and candleholders etc... I love them, but they're nothing new! My mum used to have them as a teen and still has them in her living room.

QueenJane Sun 01-Oct-17 10:18:17

I think you really can tell a lot about a person by their choice of decor...

I hate:

Black leather couches
Feature walls
Wallpaper with large bright coloured flowers, usually on a feature wall
Sparkly anything
Twee shite

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 01-Oct-17 10:18:31

Grey is quite emperors new clothes I think; it doesn't actually look very nice but it was fashionable a few years ago so now everyone is on it. Black is even worse. And the trend to accent with lurid mustards or limes or yellows. And just loads of graphic art everywhere, layered up on picture ledges and on the floor, propped up against the wall. And piles of kitchy retro junk typewriter, sewing machines and old cameras.

Another horrid, more high street trend, is Shiny: super sleek kitchens, mirrored furniture, shiny white tiled floors.

I like a house to have warmth and texture and colour and to be authentic, rather than fashionable.

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