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To ask for embarrassing celebrity encounters

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woofsaysthecat Wed 27-Sep-17 22:58:39

Yes I started the celebrity claims to fame last week.

Today I excelled myself.

I went to buy a coffee before work and I walked out of the shop and literally banged into Neville from Harry Potter. I threw my cappuccino all over him. 🙈blush He was lovely and bought me a new one but it was so embarrassing!

RaskolnikovsGarret Wed 27-Sep-17 23:04:54

On the same day in Hampstead, I walked into a deli, and Jamie Oliver in front of me let the door slam on me and my pushchair (annoying celeb, not embarrassing).

Then walked up the road (8 months pregnant) and tripped and fell flat on my face, and was promptly helped up by the lovely Bob Hoskins (nice celeb, very embarrassing).

Don't think I'd know Neville, but he sounds lovely.

Winosaurus Wed 27-Sep-17 23:05:24

I was at the F1 racing years ago and sneezed farted in front of Sir Patrick Stewart blush

Winosaurus Wed 27-Sep-17 23:06:00

Aww got to love Bob Hoskins ❤️

ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 27-Sep-17 23:06:51

I asked Steve Cram if Steve Cram was going to be at an event I was helping out at. He was just standing there with the other volunteers I just thought he was another volunteer. He was very polite about it.

busyboysmum Wed 27-Sep-17 23:09:07

This was a long time ago but I basically accused Tony Wilson of trying to steal my handbag. I was in the Hacienda (which he owned so of course he wasn't trying to steal my fucking handbag!) I was very drunk and didn't realise who he was until a friend took me to one side.....

Thepersonineedisnannymcphee Wed 27-Sep-17 23:10:16

Not much I wouldn't do to bump into him OP!

Only man I've ever seen make a cardigan look hot! ( if anyone recalls his magazine photo shoot)

gincamelbak Wed 27-Sep-17 23:10:23

I was in cork airport with DH - we had been visiting his family - and saw someone I recognised walking towards me. I said a cheery "HELLO" at him and this man smirked at me like I was some idiot. Pfft, I thought, nice of one of DH's friends to act the dick like that and not say hello, who did he think he was?

Paul Weller. That's who he thought he was.

(He had been playing a big gig there the night before and I only Twitter who it was when I noticed all the people dressed like mods in the coffee queue. When I told DH what I had Done, they all sprinted off to see if they could see Paul Weller.)

DontCallMeCharlotte Wed 27-Sep-17 23:11:47

Esther Rantzen: "What's your name?"
Me (age 10 and starstruck): "I can't remember"

woofsaysthecat Wed 27-Sep-17 23:12:12

These are making me feel a bit better!

This is who I threw coffee over 🤦‍♀️

conserveisposhforjam Wed 27-Sep-17 23:12:34

I walked in on Jimmy Somerville having a piss once. He hadn't locked the door. It was a unisex toilet. We both apologised lots grin

FridgeCut Wed 27-Sep-17 23:13:19

Crashed trolleys with Chris Packham and said "Oh my god Piss Crackham", he did not look amused.

Dizzybintess Wed 27-Sep-17 23:16:25

My old house was used for uncle Bryns in gavin and Stacey. They used the ground floor while I hid upstairs.
One day the director asked me to remove a Homer Simpson bottle opener from my living room drawer as the sound chip kept setting off With their sound rig.
I went down there and started rummaging through a drawer of craft stuff (I'm a Guider)
James Corden was standing there directing and he said "Jesus I have a drawer of shit but that's taking the piss" I told him I was a guide leader and he tapped me on the head in a jokey way and said "bless! That's nice that they let you join in with the girls"
He was so quick and funny and I did a piggy snort laugh and could barely say anything humorous back!

I'm so glad he is so famous now as he is genuinely the funniest person I have ever met.

woofsaysthecat Wed 27-Sep-17 23:24:20

@Dizzybintess that’s amazing!

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Wed 27-Sep-17 23:24:51

Not embarrassing for me, but on being introduced to a team of premiership footballers in a night club, I admitted to not knowing who one of them was, and disliking the sport. They mostly lost interest in studying my tits after that.

Welshmaenad Wed 27-Sep-17 23:26:16

My children are in a drama group with the children of a quite famous (in Wales at least) radio presenter. It was their end of term showcase. I'd got three seats for me, sis and BIL at the back but a fellow mum came up to say she'd reserved us seats at the front so I was gathering my stuff when said celeb walked in, and I said a cheerful "Hello [his first name]!", like we were mates or something.

"Do I know you?" He said.
"Nope, just a fan. Anyway, I've been saved seats at the front so you can have these rubbish ones if you want! Bye!"

And walked off CRINGING at my own twattishness. I made my BIL go to the bar in the interval in case I saw him again. blush

Tara336 Wed 27-Sep-17 23:27:10

I parked up at our village post office to post a letter, while I was away from the car my dog got out of the boot and onto the back seat, I was muttering away and carrying him back to the boot when a lovely man with a geordie accent decided to help me. We had a chat while he raised the headrests in my car to stop the dog jumping through again. While he said he was working nearby etc. I said my thanks and goodbyes and drove off.... I found out later they were filming Grantchester round the corner and it was Robson Green who had helped me 😂

Slimthistime Wed 27-Sep-17 23:30:20


staring into space in Hampstead while waiting for friend outside pub

then realised I was staring "at" Pierce Brosnan and he was not happy.

then - not naming a name as too outing - at press night for a play, told famous gorgeous actor how marvellous he was and then exclaimed "I wasn't even meant to be here, it was a freebie because my friend works for xx paper".

I have NO IDEA why I said that and he couldn't even make a retort - because my friend works for the paper and was writing the review, hence the press night tickets.

I don't know why I'm allowed out blush

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 27-Sep-17 23:38:16

Many moons ago, I worked for a local authority. Happened to be in the downstairs reception if the town hall and overheard the following.
A man came into reception to get his residents parking permit.
"Name please"
"Nigel Hawthorne"
"Oh, like the actor?"
"Errrm, like the actor, yes"

steff13 Wed 27-Sep-17 23:39:01

I went to buy a coffee before work and I walked out of the shop and literally banged into Neville from Harry Potter. I threw my cappuccino all over him

I'd have embarrassed myself further by offering to lick it off him.

mygorgeousmilo Wed 27-Sep-17 23:39:53

I walked past someone from Eastenders. As our eyes met, in that split second I instinctively stopped said "helloooo, how are you?" Like we knew each other, and almost instantaneously my brain connected that I've never met this lady in my life, just know her from TV. Wouldn't mind but I don't even watch it!

MinisterForMagic Wed 27-Sep-17 23:40:23

I once registered Maureen Lipman for a conference. She was a cow!

MinisterForMagic Wed 27-Sep-17 23:42:43

I'd have offered to lick the coffee off Neville from Harry Potter (Matthew Lewis) too...and I don't even like coffee!

Starwhisperer Wed 27-Sep-17 23:44:27

Not a huge celeb but when the band Busted first started out we saw one of them in McDonald's. My friend was too shy to go over and ask if he was who she thought he was so I didn't instead only I asked his entirely non famous friend instead.

Slimthistime Wed 27-Sep-17 23:49:12

Weeds, that made me feel better! grin

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