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Old folks dying of,,,,,,old age?

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MrsDeltaB Tue 26-Sep-17 22:37:30

Whilst I appreciate there is a general outpouring of someone or the actor of a character that you may have grown up with.

Liz Dawn. Died at 77. Yes. Sad. To her family. But why the outpouring of grief to a person of elder generation who may or may not have simply died of old age?

I can't help but get cross when folks are 'gutted' 'devastated' about the death of an old person dying of, being old! "97 year old died of old age'

Nancy91 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:38:40

You can't die of old age.

AfterSchoolWorry Tue 26-Sep-17 22:40:52

She died of emphysema didn't she? Not old age.

I think it's sad. She was talented and funny and on TV for a long time. So people felt they 'knew' her. I didn't watch it but I can understand it.


Bobbiepin Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:02

Bloody hell, you don't die of old age at 77! 97 yes maybe, and hopefully in 97 years you may have done something that may have had some sort of a positive impact on someone else, something that would make someone else sad you are dead.

Generally speaking when someone dies, it is sad.

RedForFilth Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:41

Old age isn't a cause of death. Getting cross about other people's sadness is pathetic at best imo.

DereksGotATail Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:51

I used to deal with death certificates when I worked in a Bank and one did actually say "old age" as the cause of death. I thought it was a lovely thing to die of, iyswim.

rubybleu Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:55

Nancy91 you can die of old age according to the British Medical Journal. Their currentagazine obituaries attribute death for two of their members to old age.

AfunaMbatata Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:57

77 isn't that old anymore

MaisieDotes Tue 26-Sep-17 22:41:57

I don't think 77 is old enough to have "had a good innings" or whatever.

Iris65 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:42:17

As people get older their bodies also age. Cells, tissues and organs all deteriorate and they will die - of old age.
Although of you really want to be precise the heart fails, or the lungs fail or some other vital organ fails - but the failure is due to aging.

RedForFilth Tue 26-Sep-17 22:42:49

And 77 isn't even that old!

sadiemm2 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:43:26

My mama does a lot of volunteering through her church, and supports a lot of elderly (she is 70..not at all old). She tells me that Miriam X has died, she was 94...its no age..... I have to laugh

Iris65 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:43:56


I don't regard any death (through natural causes) after 70 as tragic. We have bodies. They age. We die.

Pemba Tue 26-Sep-17 22:43:58

BBC News says she had emphysema which was diagnosed in 2004. Could that be the cause of death?

My DM is the same age, and fairly healthy. Dying 'of old age' would mean for those in their 90s and above, wouldn't it? Although obviously the older you are the more likely you are to have health problems.


PickAChew Tue 26-Sep-17 22:44:31

No one dies of old age.

Whatever the age, there are people who will miss her, though I did find the fact that the same news articule, with tweaks, was on the 12:30 6 music news and the 9:30pm news rather odd. Surely it's not that quiet a news day?

Houseworkavoider Tue 26-Sep-17 22:45:15

I can't help but get cross when folks are 'gutted' 'devastated' about the death of an old person dying of, being old! "97 year old died of old age'

You don't understand that people get upset about people dying?
Seriously? You think you just stop loving someone once they pass a certain age?

StereophonicallyChallenged Tue 26-Sep-17 22:45:23

I know what you mean OP.
My very lovely ndn passed away yesterday aged 84. Whilst sad, and feeling more sad for the surviving spouse, we all know he is actually in a better place now (for want of a better phrase) as they are no longer suffering.
I think people don't think like that for famous people for some reason, but it's likely to be true for a lot of them flowers

rightnowimpissed Tue 26-Sep-17 22:45:47

The woman died people are aloud to be sad, if your mother or father died you’d be sad no mater what age they or you were.

CourageCamille Tue 26-Sep-17 22:47:10

You can have just 'Old Age' on a death certificate, but only if you're 80 or over.

EveningShadows Tue 26-Sep-17 22:48:02

of course someone dying is sad - just cos they're old doesn't make it not sad!

And they're not in a better place - they're dead! shock

Oysterbabe Tue 26-Sep-17 22:48:26

Did you know that you can still be sad when someone dies even if they are old?

Nancy91 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:48:58

No you can't die of old age, it's a saying which means you died of one or more of the ailments that are common in old people who can't recover in the same way as young people. It's just nicer wording. Saying someone died of old age is the same as saying they died of being alive!

No matter what somebody dies of, people cannot control their emotions towards the death.

MrsDeltaB Tue 26-Sep-17 22:49:58

Yup ok hands up I may have skew view. My father did die at 41 when I was 7. But sometimes yes, I do feel that as you/we/us get older we may or may not die I guess I struggle to deal with the death of anyone 70+ as being an unexpected shock. How old do we all expect to live for?

Fairylea Tue 26-Sep-17 22:50:31

77 really isn't old anymore. My mum is 70 and she is still pottering about walking her dogs and doing her diy and shopping. My dad is 76 and still works full time as a chief executive! (He's a workaholic). Of course it depends on your health and so on but 70s are a time to enjoy retirement or whatever people want to do. Most healthy people in their 70s expect to live another 15 or 20 years or so now.

It's always sad when anyone loved dies, whatever age they were.

ILoveMillhousesDad Tue 26-Sep-17 22:51:16

Wow 77 - old age pmsl. I a going to take a huge punt her and guess you're under 40 grin

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