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AIBU to reject this gift?

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mummy1234321 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:47:10

I was put in a very awkward position by one of my patients. I work for a big company as healthcare professional. One patient brought funny looking envelope today and handed it to me. I resisted saying we don't accept gifts from patients but he left it at the counter and walked out saying that I have to accept it. I looked inside, thought it might just be a card but there was $100 gold plated note inside (WTF?!!!)
It made me feel really uncomfortable and I said to two other members of staff that I would have to return it to this patient as it's highly inappropriate to receive something like this.
The same very patient gave me a bottle of vodka few months ago, which is still sat in my cupboard (I don't drink vodka). Back then I did tell his as well that we can't accept gifts like this (a card or chocolates are always ok) but he also left it and went.
What should I do with unwanted item? Should I report it to the HR and ask for help in dealing with this patient?
He has some kind of mental problems and used to be quite aggressive in the past but for whatever reason his behaviour changed few months ago and he is very polite now.

Namechangetempissue Mon 25-Sep-17 18:48:46

Yes, report to HR and leave the gifts with them.

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