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Working Hours, Slimming World and my Boss

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snash12 Mon 25-Sep-17 15:58:00

I am on a salary to do a job but generally my hours are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. I don't tend to have to do much extra but do when required - an hour or so here and there.

Tomorrow I am at meetings in Leeds (I live in Surrey) and arrive back in London at 8:30pm. I'll get home at about 10pm.

I usually get weighed for slimming world on a Tuesday night. They also do a weigh in on Wednesday morning at 9:30am.

AIBU to ask my boss if I can come in late on Wednesday because of the late night on Tuesday or should I just miss weigh in this week? I'm only 6 weeks in so I really wanted to keep on top of it. I am away next week so definitely won't able to go.

Thanks in advance.

redexpat Mon 25-Sep-17 16:01:31

Yanbu to ask, but it is quite short notice. Is there anything about TOIL in your contract?

HelenaDove Mon 25-Sep-17 16:01:53


TheCatsMother99 Mon 25-Sep-17 16:02:06

When I have evening meetings I get time off in lieu so I don't think it's unreasonable to ask.

stevie69 Mon 25-Sep-17 16:02:22

Not at all. It sounds like a perfectly reasonable request, given your long day tomorrow. And ...... it is important that you try not to miss classes as that can be when things start to slip.

All the best for your Wednesday morning weigh in smile

Stevie xx

MaxPepsi Mon 25-Sep-17 16:04:16

Whereabouts in Leeds are your meetings?
I can look up nearby classes for you to get weighed at if you like?

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Mon 25-Sep-17 16:04:46

Search on the SW site - you can break it down by day or session, you can go an alternative session another evening .

snash12 Mon 25-Sep-17 16:05:07

It is short notice - I stupidly didn't really think about it today when I was preparing for my meeting.

I'll pop and ask. I know in the big scheme of things though my slimming club isn't his concern!

AlternativeTentacle Mon 25-Sep-17 16:06:24

I wouldn't mention why, but that due to the late return home, you need to take a few hours in lieu the next morning.

snash12 Mon 25-Sep-17 16:06:40

Oh! MaxPepsi - I didn't even think of that! I will go on their website and look!

Thanks SLoeSloe - I will look, for some reason i thought I am only meant to go to the ones run by my leader.

MaxPepsi Mon 25-Sep-17 16:12:13

I'm from Leeds so can help with locations if needs be.

HelenaDove Mon 25-Sep-17 16:58:29

" I know in the big scheme of things though my slimming club isn't his concern"

Well that depends.............on whether he wants you taking time off work for a weight related illness.

myfeetarealwayscold Mon 25-Sep-17 17:00:46

I wouldn't tell them why at all but ask for to come in late as you've something to care of. Any decent boss isn't going to mind given the late night the night before.

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