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To vacuum on a Sunday morning

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Sayyouwill Sun 24-Sep-17 13:15:05

New Upstairs neighbours. Two young lads have moved into a largely family orientated area (right next to a primary school, lots of kids parks and play areas around the houses and flats). They decided to have a party last night with banging drum and bass music blasting from around 7pm. I've lived in flats for years so don't mind when it's within 'sociable' hours as we all make noise at some point in time. They went out at 11pm which was fine. They came back at 4am and made a racket in the communal stairwell, banging on the banister, laughing, falling over drunk etc and it woke up my 9 month old baby. I knew that saying anything to them would be less than useless so I didn't bother. Baby wouldn't go back to sleep so we came through into the living room and just began our day a couple of hours early. I always blitz the flat on a Sunday morning when baby has his nap but as we were up early he went down for his nap early. It was about 9am when I started hoovering. It takes about 15 mins to do the whole flat thoroughly.
At 9.05am one of the lads started hammering on their floor/my ceiling and then a minute or so later, my front door. They threatened to call the police on me for being anti-social and never thinking about how my 'constant' hoovering was impacting their quality of life. I Hoover twice a week...
They said that I had woke them up with my crying baby at 4am and it was unreasonable of me to also hoover when they'd only just gotten back to sleep. They were the reason my baby was crying at 4am!! He usually doesn't cry at unsociable hours. He has slept through from 7pm since he was 3 months old and wakes around 6am. The flat is empty all week so it's only weekends he's there to make a noise.
Was I being unreasonable to hoover at 9am on a Sunday morning?

Nikephorus Sun 24-Sep-17 13:18:03

Given their behaviour you wouldn't have been unreasonable hoovering at 4am!

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sun 24-Sep-17 13:19:15

I would Hoover at 6am every day for an hour

AlcoholicsUnanimous Sun 24-Sep-17 13:19:32

Was about to say the same as Nikephorus.

FrodoBagginsJnr Sun 24-Sep-17 13:19:42

I hope you told him to fuck right off.

RainbowsAndCrystals Sun 24-Sep-17 13:21:19

Impacting their quality of life?

I can't imagine two young guys saying that

Sayyouwill Sun 24-Sep-17 13:22:59

@RainbowsAndCrystals they're young compared to me I suppose. Early/mid 20s?

slapmyarseandcallmemary Sun 24-Sep-17 13:23:35

Tell them to get lost & next time they wake you up, phone police/ anti social behaviour number. Bloody selfish idiots. I sympathise, I have a similar issue with my neighbours.

billybagpuss Sun 24-Sep-17 13:24:35

I would have offered them the use of my phone to call the police with. 9am is not an unreasonable time to vacuum and it's not your fault if they have hangovers. I would have mentioned that they were the ones that woke your baby up.

FittonTower Sun 24-Sep-17 13:31:29

Hoovering isn't anti-social behaviour. If you sleep so lightly that you are woken by a neighbour hoovering then maybe living in a flat is not for you.
Also, tell them to get fucked. A polite request to delay the hoovering on A Sunday morning by a neighbour who hasn't woken you up at 4 am is one thing. Threats of the police because they've got a hangover is a dick move.

pigsDOfly Sun 24-Sep-17 13:31:40

Can just imagine the reaction of the police when they phone up to complain you've been hoovering at 9am.

I used to live next door to a group of young men who would come back to their house at 4.20 - yes it was that precise - about three times a week after being at a club. They'd return with a bunch of friends, start playing loud drum and bass and continue the party till about 8.30/9.00am; they were able to do this because they were students and didn't have to attend uni more than about 2 or 3 times a week.

I complain numerous times and once was told that I should 'show them more respect'.

Hoover away I say. And start complaining to their landlord, if they have one, and your local authority about their noise. Although be careful about that if you own your flat because any disputes have to be declared if and when you sell, otherwise go for it.

overstuffedburitto Sun 24-Sep-17 13:36:19

The tenant in the flat above my office complained about me hoovering at 9am yesterday! Maybe it's a new thing. I smiled and pretended not to know what he meant (he's a horribly sexist old alcoholic and I can't reason with him) and started hovering again whilst he was still talking st me.

I'd definitely hoover early from now on.

HooraySunshine Sun 24-Sep-17 13:37:38

I'm sorry for your experience! That doesn't sound very pleasant!
Did you point out to them that their loud/drunken/party behaviour from 7-11pm and then again at 4am was the reason your baby woke up crying?
I doubt they would phone the police, but even if they did I think the police would be more likely to tell them to be more considerate of their neighbours/stop banging on floor/door vs telling you off for vacuuming at 9am.
Are you or they renting? Is there anything in the lease or deeds about 'quiet' hours? Years ago I rented a flat and the lease said I couldn't vacuum or run the washing machine/dryer or dishwasher from (I think it was?) 10pm-8am.
9am to vacuum isn't unreasonable and if they think vacuuming twice a week is excessive then I shudder to think what their flat looks like! shock

MrsPworkingmummy Sun 24-Sep-17 13:37:42

Put your hoover on, turn your TV up as loud as it will go and get out of your house for a few hours.

Sayyouwill Sun 24-Sep-17 13:46:40

We're renting until our house is finished further down the same street.
I've always lived in flats so I get the whole noise thing normally. I tend to be considerate but I suddenly thought that maybe 9am on a Sunday was a bit too early.
I didn't get much of a chance to argue back tbf nor was I particularly interested in dealing with them when they were in such a mood. I just told them that they were inconsiderate arseholes and to get away from my door and then shut it on them and went back to cleaning. I know they've already been reported by our downstairs neighbours for dropping cigarette butts down from their balcony into downstairs' yard.

pigsDOfly Sun 24-Sep-17 13:52:47

Pleased to hear you won't be stuck with it much longer OP.

I actually sold the house I was living in and moved somewhere quieter because the constant noise was seriously beginning to affect me.

NannyRed Sun 24-Sep-17 13:55:54

Get your vacuum cleaner, washing machine, radio and food blender going full blast from 7am every EVERY BLOODY morning. It's not illegal from 7am.

FenceSitter01 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:05:18

I assume they are renting ? is it worth complaining to the LL about the party?
Normally I wouldn't bother but if they are going to be aggressive then I would

Maelstrop Sun 24-Sep-17 14:12:37

If you know the landlord, ring and tell him he's got arsehole tenants.

cardibach Sun 24-Sep-17 14:16:01

Normally I'd say 9 on a Sunday is a bit early, but they shouldn't expect consideration if they don't give it.

Ameliablue Sun 24-Sep-17 15:25:32

In normal circumstances 9 on a Sunday is too early to Hoover.

Cheby Sun 24-Sep-17 15:28:58

Tell the cheeky sods to get to fuck. Hoovering at 6am from henceforth!!

Spadequeen Sun 24-Sep-17 15:29:39

Ywbvu. You should have started at 8.

Fucking idiots.

Cheby Sun 24-Sep-17 15:29:47

9 on a Sunday is not too early.

BelindaBlinked Sun 24-Sep-17 15:31:12

Anything after 8.30/9 am is fair game in your own home. Carry on as you were.

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