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To be so stressed out over moving

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fieryme Sun 24-Sep-17 00:39:07

Please can somebody help me think straight.
We are moving house soon and I have 3dc, the youngest is 6months.
The new house has no carpets or curtains, it needs painting as it's recently been plastered, and the bathroom needs taking out and replacing, but we can work with the current one for now. We'll be taking furniture from current house.
I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by it all. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.

MrsOverTheRoad Sun 24-Sep-17 00:40:50

If money's an issue, buy some very cheap rugs and scatter them about to make the floor clean/warm. can make do with cheap ones again until you're in a position to get what you want. Priorty is to keep house warm and private.

I'd do the walls and bathroom first.

fieryme Sun 24-Sep-17 00:45:34

Time is more of an issue. We have enough left to get carpets/ reasonably priced curtains/ paints. That's our priority hence taking all our old furniture. That will be placed when need be/ have more money.
The eldest dc have beds and wardrobes so their rooms will be done near enough.
I'm concerned about running out of money, or additional costs which can occur and I'm going out of my mind even thinking Of starting to pack everything up

BulletFox Sun 24-Sep-17 00:48:44

It IS stressful - a 50s study showed it to be right up there along with bereavement and divorce

Try to make a list and work through it methodically

fieryme Sun 24-Sep-17 00:53:03

Argh, moving into this house was much less stressful.
Only had 1 dc then. We had everything delivered within the space of a month, and bought essentials then everything else as we went along.
Packing/unpacking is going to do my head in.

Can anyone recommend a shop for fairly cheap but nice curtains.

BulletFox Sun 24-Sep-17 00:58:54

I think at some times in life you're more resilient than others!

You could try second hand shops/ebay/local papers for curtains

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