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To demand you listen to this, now

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violicorn Sun 24-Sep-17 00:11:59

Anthony Anaxogorou and Karina Kamar - It Will Come To You

Some music but mostly spoken word poetry over beautiful piano.

I found both Anthony and Karim on instagram or potentially twitter a few years ago and this collection of songs made me cry a lot but brought me through what was happening. Ive just rediscovered it and have shed a couple more tears.

I want everyone to listen to it. Please, do.

Here's one song from it


FleetwoodMacNCheese Sun 24-Sep-17 00:21:34

I pressed pause when it got to the bit about the daughter kissing her emaciated dying father!

violicorn Sun 24-Sep-17 00:25:28


violicorn Sun 24-Sep-17 00:27:49

Also that isn't the best song at all it's simply the first I could find from the album

FleetwoodMacNCheese Sun 24-Sep-17 01:19:26

Because it was yet another depressing line in a video that I wasn't enjoying.

SilverySurfer Sun 24-Sep-17 01:24:16

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thanks but no thanks.

sharksDen Sun 24-Sep-17 05:09:28

You owe me 4:25 OP.

Pretentious nonsense that'll appeal to some MN posters who think repetition of the beginning few words in a sentence is the height of articulation.

shakingmyhead1 Sun 24-Sep-17 07:48:37


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