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To be worried sick about war

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wildworlds Sat 23-Sep-17 19:57:20

What with N Korea, Trump, now Iran successfully just tested a missile, i'm seriously worried that we're heading towards disaster, and we're all going to get dragged in. Please tell me we'll be fine.

Beardedandbalded Sat 23-Sep-17 19:57:49

We'll be fine. smile

RainbowsAndCrystals Sat 23-Sep-17 19:59:07

You could live like I do.

I just carry on living my life, if something like that happens there's nothing I can do about it.

AfunaMbatata Sat 23-Sep-17 20:00:28

Turn off the news and go about your daily life as normal.

Howlongtillbedtime Sat 23-Sep-17 20:02:43

I am with you on the worrying front but I keep trying to ignore it and remember how scared I was in the 80s with the cold war and I survived that.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Sat 23-Sep-17 20:03:54

I second afuna. Turn off news and only watch The Good news Network. I'm not kidding.
Ok, I know it's not that simple but it's a good place to start.

toolonglurking Sat 23-Sep-17 20:04:14

What you see and hear in the news is a long way off what is actually happening in the world. If shits going to go down, you won't hear about it on the BBC. Best thing anyone can do is carry on with your life and look for happiness where you can.

Haggisfish Sat 23-Sep-17 20:04:42

We will be fine.

PsychoPumpkin Sat 23-Sep-17 20:05:13

Stop watching the news, make the most of every day and then if it does happen, you won’t have wasted any time worrying about things you can’t change.

It’s hard but i’ve Banned talk of war from my house.

Fekko Sat 23-Sep-17 20:05:19

You dont remember the 1970s then? It was all going to hell in a (nuclear) handcart back then.

Bluelonerose Sat 23-Sep-17 20:05:31

I agree it's scary. Nothing you can do but live your life.

Tercear Sat 23-Sep-17 20:07:11

I'm suffering quite badly with anxiety, mainly caused by being pregnant, and the NK/US/Iran stuff is what's keeping me awake at night. I keep trying to be logical and optimistic and remind myself that the chances of an all out war are still remote. Still, it doesn't help that creeping feeling at 3am...

wildworlds Sat 23-Sep-17 20:07:50

Yes i worried in the 70s too, but it somehow seems worse now, especially with Trump in charge.

AfunaMbatata Sat 23-Sep-17 20:11:16

Honestly, I've not watched or read the news for over a year and my mental health is so much better for it. Try it. Ignorance is bliss.

RainbowsAndCrystals Sat 23-Sep-17 20:12:23

Yes Trump is in charge but it's not like his is the only decision for the US and no one else there has any power.

BuzzKillington Sat 23-Sep-17 20:16:05

It is scary if you think about it. But I can't be bothered to be bothered.

Genericusername9 Sat 23-Sep-17 20:23:15

I work for the ministry of defence. War is no closer now than it has been at any point in the last 30 years.

Don't worry about it.

shopthenewcollection Sat 23-Sep-17 20:31:13

I can't imagine not watching or reading the news though, I couldn't bear not knowing what's going on in the world but things do feel fairly dire at the moment it has to be said.

EngTech Sat 23-Sep-17 20:33:44

Nothing you can actually do to change anything so a case of carry on as normal 😀👍🍷🍷

RonSwansonsMoustache Sat 23-Sep-17 20:35:36

Ah, you can't do anything about it, so why worry?

I don't really think about it, to be honest. It doesn't affect my daily life and even if it did, I could hardly do anything to change it.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Sat 23-Sep-17 20:36:42

Distract yoyrself if yoy can. Those creeping feelings of sicky anxiety are the pits. I try to monitor my thoughts and head the unhelpful ones off at the pass. As someone said to me once "You can't always stop them coming in but you don't have to offer them a seat." That and avoiding news also, unsurprisingly, helped

EamonnWright Sat 23-Sep-17 20:36:56

Think about the countries. There's no issue just that America can wreck them. America are scum btw. Always mass murdering.

China or Russia against the USA is another matter.

sonlypuppyfat Sat 23-Sep-17 20:37:39

My friend fell down her own stairs and died, I'm sure I wouldn't lose any sleep about something I couldn't control

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Sat 23-Sep-17 20:38:28

Fuck. Posted too soon blush
Helped improve my mental health. I have a kindle app on my phone which often gets opened in the middle of the night.

Chottie Sat 23-Sep-17 20:38:59

I refuse to worry about something which I have absolutely no control over.

I can remember all the angst and hand wringing over the doomsday clock and the world kept turning.

This will be the same...

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