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First grey hair!

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Dancingfairy Sat 23-Sep-17 12:51:36

At 28! Aibu in thinking this is really early? I feel like sobbing. It wasn't even a little one either it was very long and very white sad and I'm allergic to hair dye so isn't gonna be easy to cover but didn't think I would be dealing with this so soon sad

Feellikehell Sat 23-Sep-17 12:58:50

I got my first one at 12 smile

MerryMarigold Sat 23-Sep-17 13:02:32

I remember pulling out 11 white hairs on holiday when I was 13. I've been dying since 22 and have recently allowed mint hair to go natural. I'm about 70 per cent white at 44. It's easier/ more acceptable to do these days I think and with a funky style it looks great.

Gillian1980 Sat 23-Sep-17 13:04:19

I started going grey at 19.... most people I know started at some stage of their twenties.
Not unusually young at all OP.

HeebieJeebies456 Sat 23-Sep-17 13:05:23

Wait til you get your first grey pube!

I call mine Gandalf the Grey grin grin

chitofftheshovel Sat 23-Sep-17 13:06:04

It won't just be the one, can you see the back of your head?

Dancingfairy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:08:08

It wasn't actually me who noticed it it was my sister. So there are potentially more! I wouldn't be able to go grey as I love having dark hair. Glad to know it's not young though my sis was shocked! And she's 30

FlandersRocks Sat 23-Sep-17 13:11:24

Really? I'm 31 and no grey at all yet (and I have very dark brown hair so will be very noticeable when it starts!)

I though grey 'usually' starts in early 40's and before that would be early?

OuchLegoHurts Sat 23-Sep-17 13:12:31

Most of my friends with dark hair started going grey in their twenties.

Dancingfairy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:14:08

Agree Flanders think 20s is early!! Don't wanna have to start dying from now to hide me greys! BUT seems I will have to find a way to.

LesleyGarrettsingsdontyouknow Sat 23-Sep-17 13:14:17

I was 23. I know someone who found his first at 16.

BillSaysDoYourJob Sat 23-Sep-17 13:26:47

I was 24! And I've got plenty now. If it really bothers you can you use natural/henna type dyes instead? smile

Dancingfairy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:30:17

Will look into those thanks! And grey pube lol grin didn't think of those!

Hulababy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:30:28

I found my first couple of grey hairs the summer - I'm 44. Just topped my highlights up but if they increase - as I am sure they will now - I'll need to have some form of root treatment too.

However, my mum started getting grey hairs around 19y, and my sister in her late 20s.

DH has had grey hair for well over a decade - so probably late 20s/early 30s.

Cornettoninja Sat 23-Sep-17 13:31:38

Ah Flanders be careful with that - my hairs dark and I just thought the light was catching it grin

Wasn't that much of a shock though, I'd had a grey pube in my late twenties. Something to do with hair removal means the trauma make sure them more common. I'm a lazy bint about my bikini line but I'm sure more people would notice if they slacked off for a bit!

Dancingfairy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:41:33

Kinda wish it was a pube. At least it's hidden and I can just shave it off!

Subtlecheese Sat 23-Sep-17 13:44:14

I am 42 I have badger stripes and they are too cool for you youngsters!

Uokbing Sat 23-Sep-17 14:21:57

Meh, I got my first one at about 17. I'm 35 now and underneath the monthly nice and easy dye ritual I reckon I must be pretty much 100% grey now.

28 isn't particularly young.

havanesehope Sat 23-Sep-17 14:36:54

Grey hair started at 18, been dying it for decades now confused

gingerh4ir Sat 23-Sep-17 14:55:01

but it is just one hair. doesn't mean you go grey. I had the odd one since my 20s. now in my 40s and still no more whites apart from the odd white ones. It may just be a single white one. it is long, so must have been there for years.

AlphaStation Sat 23-Sep-17 14:59:14

There comes a point in your mid thirties or early fourties when you might dye your hair, then again in your fifties when you can't be bothered and skip it.

Annabelle4 Sat 23-Sep-17 15:02:18

I noticed new eyebrow hairs were white at 30 shock

Hair at temples quickly followed.

My mum and sisters were early 20's though.

Member984815 Sat 23-Sep-17 15:04:02

Little sister had a grey rib from the time she was about 6 . That's all she had full length of her hair . She has no others now at 25 . I'm 10 years older no grey yet . Mother is 56 no grey either her own mam died at 75 had black hair with one or 2 full length grey ribs till the day she died. My other grandmother was fully grey I wonder which one I'll take after

thismumismad Sat 23-Sep-17 15:08:04

I was 12 when I got my first and now 30 years later, I've stopped colouring my hair, got it cut really short to get rid of the coloured hair and am now rocking the more salt than pepper look.

GertiesEyebrow Sat 23-Sep-17 15:18:36

Greying since 16. I'm now 38.
Decided I've had enough of dealing with roots and started growing it out at the beginning of the year. I like the pure white streaks at my temples and the platinum streaks at the front but I'm not sure about the salt and pepper (50/50) at the back. I'd say overall I'm about 70% white/grey. My non grey hair is an ashy brown. Luckily my badger stripe isn't too bad.
Grey is only another hair colour. Having grey hair doesn't suddenly make me 70 but even if it did, so what?

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