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AIBU to expect people not to kiss my baby on the mouth?!

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willothewisp17 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:49:34

that's it really hmm my daughter was about 9 weeks premature, home on oxygen yet people still go in for a big kiss on the lips! she's only four months old!

Seeingadistance Fri 22-Sep-17 20:51:00


I hope she's doing well now, and making good progress.

ethelfleda Fri 22-Sep-17 20:52:05

Jeez, no - YANBU! What's wrong with people??

BakedBeans47 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:53:08


GummyGoddess Fri 22-Sep-17 20:55:47

Not unreasonable, let's hope she chooses her moment to burp or worse so they won't do it again.

MumW Fri 22-Sep-17 20:58:03

Not acceptable whether premature or not.

BewareOfDragons Fri 22-Sep-17 20:58:32

Not at all unreasonable.

Tell them to knock it the hell off.

Jamboree05 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:59:59


Actually, kissing a baby on the lips (or face for that matter) can be really dangerous if someone has a coldsore. The coldsore virus can potentially kill a baby (horror stories galore on the web).

Crazy that people still think it's an acceptable thing to do!!

willothewisp17 Fri 22-Sep-17 21:00:14

it's madness, what makes people think it's okay?! it's even iffy me and her dad kissing her on the lips cause who knows what we could be carrying aswell!

Mrsknackered Fri 22-Sep-17 21:01:34


my friends all did it and it drove me bonkers. My son became very ill at 5 weeks and it was touch and go. I always wonder if perhaps this was why.

Ttbb Fri 22-Sep-17 21:02:51

The whole kissing childrennon the mouth thing really grosses me out. Kissing on the face if you are family/very close friends but in the mouth is just very germy. And sticking fingers into babies' mouths as well-WTactualF!

Mustardnowletsnotbesilly Fri 22-Sep-17 21:04:21

YANBU - MIL did this an I wanted to kill her in that split second. DS is now 22 months and kisses everyone on the lips. Watching my Dad trying to avoid it and get him to kiss his forehead instead is hilarious!!!!

willothewisp17 Fri 22-Sep-17 21:06:59

my own mother won't kiss my daughter on the lips, absolutely no way but MIL and just total randoms that are more acquaintances than friends do it all the time! strangers putting there hands into the pram when we are out too sad I would never presume just to touch someone's baby without being told!

Pinky333777 Fri 22-Sep-17 21:14:05

I've never understood this!
Seems so inappropriate to me.
I wouldn't even do it as the parent!

ambereeree Fri 22-Sep-17 21:17:43

People are weird. When i visit babies i give a peck on their foot or arm which is covered if they are related to me. I would never even kiss their forehead in case i spread germs.

Mivery Fri 22-Sep-17 21:18:18

Not unreasonable at all! Tell them to knock it off!

GodIsDead Fri 22-Sep-17 21:19:14

YANBU. My mom did it to DS and I told her to never do it again. I also had a colleague put their fingers in his mouth when he was a week old and that really irritated me. People are crazy!

Grandolddukeofwesteros Fri 22-Sep-17 21:19:25

Sounds weird. Yanbu.
However, babies wriggle and I've gone to kiss my child on the nose and had a big slobbery teething baby kiss instead as I missed! So if it was a one off, it might not have been intended and then I'd cut the person some slack.

Fluffyears Fri 22-Sep-17 21:42:10

A young child in our town died from strep B from being kissed on the mouth. It's not necessary.

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