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Weird Coincidences.....

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M4Dad Fri 22-Sep-17 14:14:38

I had one yesterday, whilst working into work one of the guys on Reception said to me "I had a dream about you last night, are you going to be moving to Chicago soon?"

Which is pretty random, but not as random as the fact I spent the previous evening in bed reading quite extensively about Meigs Field, which is an airport on lake Michigan, Chicago, in fact, I fell asleep whilst reading the book.

To me that's quite a mental coincidence. Anyone else?

MiddleClassProblem Fri 22-Sep-17 14:16:38

He was in your attic watching through the light fitting

M4Dad Fri 22-Sep-17 14:19:41

Ha ha. The attic access door is actually in my bedroom.............

MiddleClassProblem Fri 22-Sep-17 14:20:17


MiddleClassProblem Fri 22-Sep-17 14:24:16

When my Nana died, her funeral coincided with a holiday DH and I had booked near the area her crematorium was. We had booked an unusually big house that slept 8 when normally we would just get a one or two bed. Obviously we had booked it months in advance as it was cheap and dog friendly but suddenly it had a purpose that my DB and cousins all had a bed for the night as I had a place that fit exactly the right amount of people.

Thistledew Fri 22-Sep-17 14:31:14

I made the babies in our baby group little comforters for their 1st birthdays. Attached to each one was a little animal that I had crocheted. For 5 of them I chose each one a little mammal, but for one I chose to do a something different. My friend was delighted to receive it and a bit taken aback. Her pregnancy had been a bit of an anxious once as it had followed a miscarriage and she was reassured at key points such as scans that everything was going to be ok when she kept finding a ladybird on her. Guess what creature I had chosen for her baby's comforter? My friend had not told anyone about this before.

TitaniasCloset Fri 22-Sep-17 14:42:22

I'm loving these stories. smile placemarking.

TrueSojourner Fri 22-Sep-17 14:45:03

Last week I watched a Documentary on YouTube about a woman who suffered from Multiple personality disorder. It was quite disturbing. I went to bed thinking I wouldn't want ds to watch something like that mainly because he has an anxiety disorder and might find it all too harrowing. DS was away for 2 night's at a friend's house.

When he came home, he told me he'd had a great time. They had also watched a movie on Netflix called 'Split'. I thought it sounded a bit odd so asked what it was about. He said it was about a woman with something called, 'Multiple Personality Disorder'.

SundayNightLights Fri 22-Sep-17 14:47:01

Myself and a flat mate at uni had the same birthday. I am a twin. My sister was born at 5:54 am. My flatmate was born at 6am. I was born at 6:06 am. All of the sixes! And what are the chances of meeting someone born before you but after your twin!

Toddlerteaplease Fri 22-Sep-17 15:06:53

My colleagues are convinced I'm a witch as I only have to think of a patient and they turn up a few days later. It is quite weird. A parent once said she'd sue me for wine and chocolate as every time I thought about her daughter she ended up in hospital! I bought her a large bar of chocolate as a joke.

ticketytock1 Fri 22-Sep-17 15:20:13

Love these. Placemarking

doodlejump1980 Fri 22-Sep-17 15:22:43

@Sundaynightlights maybe your Mum had triplets but gave one away? Oooooo

LittleLights Fri 22-Sep-17 15:22:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

M4Dad Fri 22-Sep-17 15:33:10

Little Lights

Similar to yours I guess; my ex and I are in town and as we're going to the car we give a fiver to a homeless guy who looked visibly distressed. Later on that day we give another fiver to a homeless lass. Nothing to strange about that but we don't normally go around giving 5'ers to people, maybe the odd quid here and there when it's quite obviously not drug user.

Anyway, it was peeing down the next day but I took our toddler out for a walk on his reigns, as we were coming up the hill to our house, there, right in front of us was a wet tenner stuck to the path.

gorygloria Fri 22-Sep-17 15:44:22

"And what do we say about coincidence Sherlock?" wink

Littlepleasures Fri 22-Sep-17 19:02:05

Visiting my home city - 400 miles from where I live now - (not lived there for 40 years) for a family funeral recently. Booked a hotel for the night and set address up on sat nav. Directions took us to a random cul de sac in middle of a housing estate about a mile from the hotel. Outside one of the houses in the cul de sac was a van with a tradesman's name on it. It was the husband of my best friend at school who I'd not been in contact with since I'd moved away. I knew she had moved to this town but had no idea where. Ashamed to say I drove away without going in. Wasn't in the mind set to revisit the past. There was no doubt it was their house as he has an unusual trade.

allegretto Fri 22-Sep-17 19:06:34

A couple of days ago, DD7 "borrowed" my phone to listen to songs on Youtube. She is not allowed to do this so when I found out, I told her to give it back and listen to the radio instead. She was listening to "All I want for Christmas is you". She turned on the radio - and it was the same song! OK, not earth shattering but it IS September.

zsazsa468 Fri 22-Sep-17 19:16:48

When I had my son, we ended up being in the hospital for a week and it really affected my 2 year old daughter as she didn't understand why I wasn't at home anymore and she didn't like the hospital much. When we did get home she didn't want anything to do with me as she didn't trust me not to disappear again.

Then just as she started being herself again, my son at 3 weeks old was very ill and ended up in itu.

The hospital was out of area so we booked a hotel so we could stay together and bring my daughter with us.

It was a really tough time and I was worried sick about both my children.

However, the name of the road of where the hospital was my son's name, which is very unusual along the lines of Vikram. I also picked up a book in the hospital waiting area and the main character was my daughter's name, again ver unusual along the lines of Anjeli.

I know most would say it's a coincidence. But it was a sign to me at that time that really comforted me.

Cheekyandfreaky Fri 22-Sep-17 19:55:13

My sister and I were on the phone to each other at uni after a very traumatic event at home. At some point we both realised we were listening not only to the same album but the same song at the same time- completely in sync. Strangely comforting at the time.

60percentofthetime Fri 22-Sep-17 20:04:03

My DH can't take paternity leave in his job, just annual leave, and when we were expecting DS he didn't know when to book his leave for. He plumped for a date, and on his last day I rang him as he was leaving to tell him my contractions had started. DS arrived on his first day of annual leave - impeccable timing!

EnglishRose13 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:08:12

My DH has developed quite an obsession with coincidences lately.

To test this, about two weeks ago, he asked me to think of a song. I picked Goo
Goo Dolls Iris. He said I'll hear it soon.

Today at Slimming World, the consultant put the radio on. She never puts the radio on. Goo Goo Dolls Iris came on.

Your post about weird coincidences on a day I had experienced a weird coincidence is also a coincidence.

TroysMammy Fri 22-Sep-17 20:09:02

Toddler re the patient thing it happens to us too. We mention them in hushed voices because we are sure they have the surgery bugged grin.

ChristmasFluff Fri 22-Sep-17 20:13:44

This is a Mumsnet-related one. I noticed a user with the name 'ShatnersBassoon', and I didn't get the reference, although I am a bit of a trekkie, and wondered about it momentarily. That very same night I watched some old episodes of Brass Eye online, and there it was, in the part about 'cake', the pretend drug. A celeb (I think Noel Edmonds) solemnly explained how cake affects the area of the brain called Shatners Bassoon.

LilQueenie Fri 22-Sep-17 20:19:42

Happens a lot but dont see it as coincidence. Have you ever read The Secret?

pinkmagic1 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:19:49

On holiday in Morocco a couple of years ago I dreamt that me and the dc found a bright green preying mantis in the hotel grounds. I had only ever seen one many years previously in Egypt.
The next evening I came back from the hotel buffet to our table on the terrace and guess what was on the back of my chair? You got it, a bright green preying mantis! It jumped from the chair onto my dress and started to climb up towards my face!

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