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To be pissed off that sweets are the prize for a competition at school?

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GoldenOrb Thu 21-Sep-17 13:43:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rjay123 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:44:10

Such as what?

I imagine the prizes are coming out of a teachers pocket too.

PandorasXbox Thu 21-Sep-17 13:44:34

Meh. It's cheap and cheerful.

FenceSitter01 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:44:57

Write in and bitterly complain that the teacher is buying these out of his/her own pocket and shes just sooooooooooooo unreasonable - then come back and tell us what response you got.


FrothyFern Thu 21-Sep-17 13:45:08

Whats the problem with it and what woukd you suggest instead?

Sirzy Thu 21-Sep-17 13:46:33

The prize box in ds class has a mix of sweets and pencil type things

AppleTrayBake Thu 21-Sep-17 13:47:07

If your kid wins just swap them for some steamed lentils.

Job done.

catgirl1976 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:49:16

Why not donate a prize you consider more suitable?

YABU - children like sweets and they are cheap enough for the teacher to afford.

HiJenny35 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:49:29

God I hate people like you. It's a packet of sweets! It's moderation, a treat now and again, nothing big, the school is trying to do something budget and nice. People kicked off about this in my school and now the kids don't get it, they got plain popcorn in a bag, no salt no sugar just plain, who wants that and it was spoilt for everyone. These same parents are the ones I see walking down the road while their kids eats a chocolate bar everyday but a prize of some sweets a few times a year and there's outrage. So what's the alternative, sweets are what 10p a pack, what are they going to get with that?

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 21-Sep-17 13:50:19

Kids love sweets. And if the prize was a rubber or pen, the children prob wouldnt be that bothered about it.

Its sweets in one day. Wont kill them

Trueheart1 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:50:27

My cousins DC are always being given cakes and sweets at school. It can be a bit much.
Why not offer to buy the prizes yourself? Maybe a funky rubber or pencil or something like that. If you offer them to the teacher it would be a nice gesture.

Hayesking Thu 21-Sep-17 13:50:31

Plain popcorn in a bag is the mist depressing thing I've heard today.

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Thu 21-Sep-17 13:50:38

YANBU - my daughter's diabetic and coeliac. Every time a teacher does this she is excluded because many sweets are labelled 'may contain' gluten. I try to send in substitute gf treats so she doesn't get left out, but it still means she has to take extra insulin in the middle of the school day to accommodate the additional carbohydrate!

Pencils are simpler.

timeismovingon Thu 21-Sep-17 13:50:56

Seems like a strange competition, I can't remember I last received some mail with an actual stamp on! Why are they doing it!

In fairness to all the posters saying that the teacher probably has to pay for them - are they not capable of saying 'no'? It really isn't that hard.

wheretoyougonow Thu 21-Sep-17 13:51:12


2014newme Thu 21-Sep-17 13:51:14

Donate an alternative.
You do know teachers pay for this type of thing themselves?

hattyhighlighter Thu 21-Sep-17 13:53:42

prize has got to be something children would want. Children like sweets.

indyandlara Thu 21-Sep-17 13:53:56

DVD treat for winning team at sports day. I think that's far worse. Bring in the haribo for an occasional treat. I say that as a teacher and the parent of a coeliac.

saoirse31 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:54:08

Omg, I presume you feed your children a healthy diet, so the odd sweets here and there are not going to affect them in any way.

Get a grip and don't try and drag the joy out of everything

indyandlara Thu 21-Sep-17 13:54:16

Bring on , not in.

GoldenOrb Thu 21-Sep-17 14:19:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glumglowworm Thu 21-Sep-17 14:29:47


The teachers will be buying prizes out of their own pocket. If you want to donate a better prize then go ahead. Otherwise butt out.

arethereanyleftatall Thu 21-Sep-17 14:35:36

Dds teacher has a lovely bag of treats for star of the week. Dd gets so excited. It's things like a sparkly notepad, tiny teddy, etc. Probably costs about 50p per prize, but kids don't care about that. I'm not sure where the funding comes from, I hope the teacher doesn't buy them.

GoldenOrb Thu 21-Sep-17 14:39:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mittens1969 Thu 21-Sep-17 14:44:05

My DDs don't even like sweets, ironically they would be happier with the popcorn lol.

But come on, everything in moderation? Why make a fuss about one prize?

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