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What would you do?

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MrsFoxPlus4 Tue 19-Sep-17 22:08:31

Today a friend overheard a manager saying she would do everything in her power to ensure one of the candidates would not have a successful interview because his pratner works there and she can't be bothered with off chance of PDAs.

Jobs are in different departments, different positions in a large supermarket.

What should she do?

MrsFoxPlus4 Tue 19-Sep-17 22:08:44

Name change.

mumofddds Wed 20-Sep-17 06:45:55

I wouldn't do anything

vivaVasLagas Wed 20-Sep-17 07:07:19

Do nothing. It's nothing to do with you and nothing you could do anyway.

Nuttynoo Wed 20-Sep-17 07:14:08

If you yourself haven't heard it then you shouldn't say anything. It's also possible the manager was lying to whoever they were talking to.

MrsFoxPlus4 Wed 20-Sep-17 11:23:50

I asked what she should do, not myself.

mumofddds Wed 20-Sep-17 11:32:24

She shouldn't do anything either.

Bananamama1213 Wed 20-Sep-17 11:39:19

If I was in her position then I would speak to personnel and let them know, because that's really not fair.

I worked in a large supermarket with my partner. We didn't meet at work. We actually worked the same department. It didn't matter in the slightest, we barely saw eachother!

MrsFoxPlus4 Wed 20-Sep-17 14:50:43

I thought she should speak to someone about it as well, would be a shame to sabotage someone’s interview. Wasn’t so much over heard they were all out for a cigarette and it was says Infront of her.

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