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to come here for a little happy dance?

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QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 20:58:42

DS and I moved back to my hometown after ExDP ended our relationship 4 months ago, and I couldn't afford to lone parent in London, and pay for childcare that would cover the crazy hours of my (creative freelance) industry job.

We've been sleeping in DM's spare room, and I've been having weekly therapy for OCD and postnatal anxiety and when I first got back, I thought I was literally never ever going to be able to get my shit together.

Today I got a more junior job in an arts and heritage role (not my old career, but one I've wanted to sidestep into for years), 4 days per week, on a salary that maximises my Working Tax Credit claim, and it's close to my preferred nursery for DS (actually over the road).

I also put in an application to rent a grade 2 listed beautiful cottage, close to both job and nursery, not too far from DM (far enough to breathe!) that is part of a private estate, and the lovely lovely estate agent is doing all she can to get the estate trustees to long lease the property to me. There are no guarantees but its looking hopeful.

DM has agreed to have DS one day a week, which means he's only in childcare three days - which is what I think will be best for both of us (no disrespect to any parents using more childcare - if I had to I would)

My salary is half what it was in London. I don't own a property any more,
I have no savings, and I'm 30 and starting all over again with a baby on my hip. And it feels really bloody RIGHT.

So I'm doing a happy dance (inside. Can't actually as in bed with DS) and I'm doing right here in the AIBU bearpit.

Unstealthy joyful boast over grin

Rainatnight Tue 19-Sep-17 20:59:51

Delighted it's all worked out for you. Congratulations on making it all happen. flowers

Mushybanna23 Tue 19-Sep-17 21:00:35

Well done hope it all goes well cakewine

Saucery Tue 19-Sep-17 21:00:46

Oh, that sounds so lovely! All the best and hope you get your little cottage flowers

SezziBaybee Tue 19-Sep-17 21:01:29

Congratulations! Enjoy every minute xx

Bluebiscuits Tue 19-Sep-17 21:02:18

Well done, that all sounds fab. Good luck in your new life!

Talkedabout Tue 19-Sep-17 21:02:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 21:03:14

thank you very much!

am trying not to imagine us in our hopeful-house too much, but also keep looking at my aunt's fabric stockpile (she's a seamstress) and thinking about curtains...

kittensinmydinner1 Tue 19-Sep-17 21:08:59

Bloody well done ! That's amazing in 4 months. Dance away you deserve every step and a star

mygorgeousmilo Tue 19-Sep-17 21:10:28

Sounds wonderful, and like you have a nice family! Onwards and upwards smile

QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 21:13:31


I have to admit, I HAVE posted previously about some of DM's bonkers proclamations on parenting, but she is a very loving DGM and DM - just a bit bananas. (Other than having to explain to her that child development stages aren't something you can 'choose' to believe in, they're like gravity, they just ARE - yes I have a wonderful family)

YouCantArgueWithStupid Tue 19-Sep-17 21:13:55

Yay! 🎶 sisters are doing it for themselves 🎶

bananafanana1 Tue 19-Sep-17 21:14:32

Aww that sounds like the plot to a film. It was lovely reading your post. Best of luck <hi five> wine

64PooLane Tue 19-Sep-17 21:15:46

Lovely smileflowers

QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 21:17:05

@banana - I did think that myself ... I feel a bit like I'm living in a Richard Curtis film!

Now I just need Colin Firth living next door and falling in love with me while he helps me build a swing set in the garden for DS and I will never ever ask the universe for anything again smile

QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 21:18:02

and thank you, everyone

And if anyone's just separating from an ex and wondering if it'll be alright...

if I can be alright, you most certainly can be!

OhTheRoses Tue 19-Sep-17 21:18:52

Thrilled for you cakeflowersbrewhalo

OhOfCourse Tue 19-Sep-17 21:19:15

Your post has made my day. Well done you!!! flowersstarflowersstar

peachgreen Tue 19-Sep-17 21:20:31

Aw I love this post. Congrats OP. star

CandyMelts Tue 19-Sep-17 21:20:39

Oh this is lovely, so pleased for you smile

QueenofLouisiana Tue 19-Sep-17 21:20:56

Ahhhhh! A lovely post. Boast away! grin

Out2pasture Tue 19-Sep-17 21:22:03

stealth post!!! and you deserve it smile congratulations Queen.

QueenNefertitty Tue 19-Sep-17 21:25:30


unashamedly AND unstealthily-stealth posting


MrsWooster Tue 19-Sep-17 21:26:04

I am also waiting for the book version! Good luck

Lionroar Tue 19-Sep-17 21:32:43

Congratulations, you should be proud of yourself. Fingers crossed for the cottage. Boast away smileflowers

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