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...about animal cruelty at school today?

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AsSummerTurnsToAutumn Tue 19-Sep-17 20:08:42

NC. My DC13 is at a large state secondary. At school today a little bird - possibly already ill or injured - landed in the playground. Before my DC could even try to help or move it, it was stamped upon to suffering and then to death by an older and bigger pupil, a boy. It was a deliberate act of cruelty rather than putting it out of its misery. Other pupils including my DC screamed and scattered. My DC couldn't find a member of staff to report it to at the time, and doesn't know the boy or even his name. When my DC returned, the bird had obviously been kicked about and was in pieces. My DC was in tears about it when they got home, and I don't think it will ever be forgotten. My DC is an animal lover, but also abhors any sort of cruelty.

I have comforted my DC and spoken to them about why this boy might have done what he did, and advised them to avoid him in the future. I have suggested that they could have reported it to staff later, but I think they spent the rest of the day in shock after witnessing that.

How common is this kind of cruelty in schools? My concern is also about and for the boy who did it - why, and what else is going on with him and perhaps at home? My instinct is to report it to the Head. Am I overreacting? AIBU?

Winteriscomingneedmorewood Tue 19-Sep-17 20:12:43

Def report it. Maybe they have cctv.
Your poor ds.
And that poor bird.

Alpacaandgo Tue 19-Sep-17 20:13:41

Omg that's shocking! That boy has serious issues to do that, he needs reporting to the school.

A 12 year old boy I knew growing up would kill animals for fun like that. Including my neighbours kittens. 5 years later he murdered his girlfriend.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 19-Sep-17 20:14:47

I would report it. People who are cruel to animals....and all that....

Poor little bird sad

LittleLights Tue 19-Sep-17 20:16:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighwayDragon1 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:16:15

No you're not over reacting. This would be taken * very* seriously at our school.

Pollydonia Tue 19-Sep-17 20:18:35

When I was in high school ( 30 ish yeas ago) 2boys caught a mouse and dropped a brick on it sad. Iirc they were both suspended for 3 days.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 19-Sep-17 20:19:10

If he'll do that to a bird. He'll do it to a person sooner or later.
Definitely report.

BubblesBubblesBubbles Tue 19-Sep-17 20:19:20

Evil little shit.
Report to the school.
Can't stand cruelty to animals.

Aliveinwanderland Tue 19-Sep-17 20:20:05

I once sent a student to isolation for deliberately stamping on a spider- the headteacher told me I was overreacting and let the child back out!

HangingRock Tue 19-Sep-17 20:20:35

Definitely report it

TheFallenMadonna Tue 19-Sep-17 20:20:49

Report it.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 19-Sep-17 20:21:49

Alive. shock. Its small wonder children are acting the way they are. When we have HTs with that attitude.

SumThucker Tue 19-Sep-17 20:22:05

Horrible little shit!

I'd definitely report it to the school.

AsSummerTurnsToAutumn Tue 19-Sep-17 20:22:14

Thank you for your replies. I don't think there is CCTV and my DC doesn't know the name or even the year of the boy, which makes it a bit harder. Yes, I was also thinking about the link between cruelty to animals and other violence.

HangingRock Tue 19-Sep-17 20:23:34

You still need to report it. Other children might know their names and there may be cctv you don't know about

Polkadotties Tue 19-Sep-17 20:23:44

She would probably be able to point him out.
That is one messed up child

Iheartjordanknight Tue 19-Sep-17 20:26:02

Tbh I remember this happening multiple times when I was at school. I don't think it's that uncommon.

I still know a few of the chaps and no serial killers yet!

jaseyraex Tue 19-Sep-17 20:26:16

Definitely need to report it as best as they can, hopefully other children can help identify who it was. What a horrible thing to see 🙁

Pengggwn Tue 19-Sep-17 20:27:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Creambun2 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:27:50

There is a strong link between children who commit cruelty to animals, especially what one would see as higher animals, going onto hurt other people. Identified by child psychologists in many of the infamous cases of children who have comitted horrific crimes.

AsSummerTurnsToAutumn Tue 19-Sep-17 20:32:10

I never saw it at my schools and this is the first time my DC has seen it. I'm not saying everyone who does this sort of thing, especially when young, turns out bad but it seems such a horrible and unnecessary thing for someone to do.

Iheartjordanknight Tue 19-Sep-17 20:32:51

Oh it is really horrible. Goes without saying.

SumThucker Tue 19-Sep-17 20:33:43

Cant say I ever witnessed cruelty like that by anyone, either at school or amongst the large crowd I used to hang around with as a teenager.

GlitteryFluff Tue 19-Sep-17 20:34:28

Oh how horrible flowers
I'd definitely report it to the head.

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