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To put blonde dye straight onto grey hair?

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MrsOverTheRoad Tue 19-Sep-17 02:36:32

I'm pretty much 100% grey at 45 years old...have been going grey since I was 18.

I have dyed it brown for many years now...very little spare cash so salon job is not an option.

I'm sick of it! I'm now sick of how fast my roots reappear because I have fast growing thick hair.

I'm considering letting the grey take over....but I don't want grey hair.

I wondered about putting a blonde dye on the grey...would it work?

I thought that I could bear having terrible hair for a while...then when I had enough grey visible, getting a short bob and dying it blonde.

Whilst it's growing out I can wear headscarves and just look a bugger...I work from home luckily so don't need to worry about being messy looking for work.

existentialmoment Tue 19-Sep-17 02:40:45

If you're sick of your roots with brown dye, it will be just the same with blonde.

CoughLaughFart Tue 19-Sep-17 02:46:01

It depends on the shade of grey. With a white-ish grey you might get away with putting blonde on it; if you're a steely grey it won't cover it.

Highlights might be better; you could blend the grey in for a silver-blonde look. As you're on a budget, is there a friend you trust enough to help you with a home highlighting kit?

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 19-Sep-17 02:47:27

Exist but it won't be as startling a difference.

Cough...I'm pretty snowy! I don't know anyone whose good enough with that sort of thing and to be honest, I hate highlights. I just don't think they look good unless you pay a lot.

CoughLaughFart Tue 19-Sep-17 02:54:43

If you have a lot of white in your hair you probably could put blonde straight on to it.

Shadow666 Tue 19-Sep-17 03:00:04

I'm growing out red henna. I'm just putting blonde on it until it has all gone, so it's a bit bonkers st the moment with blonde on top and red below. I think grey on blonde is less noticeable and looks more natural than with dark or bright colors. But, yeah, I just had it cut into a shorter style but I can still tie it back and am emracibg the bonkers until it grows out. I'm 42 and very grey too. My hair is also very thick and grows fast.

llangennith Tue 19-Sep-17 05:29:46

I won't down the same route. Kept dying it brown till the mainly white hair at the front meant I had white roots after a week. A hairdresser specialising in colour did zillions of light blond highlights and I've used the lightest blond colour I could get at home ever since. When choosing a home dye read the box to make sure it says it 'covers 100% of grey hair".

llangennith Tue 19-Sep-17 05:30:19

"I went" not I won't!

Oomph Tue 19-Sep-17 05:43:24

Go grey. Your hair will be in much better condition. Cut it into a sharp bob, and just style it out. Grey hair is trendy!

WomblingThree Tue 19-Sep-17 06:11:27

You would be better off bleaching and toning it to make it white or silver all over. Much less noticeable regrowth.

madwifenewlife Tue 19-Sep-17 06:28:04

My mil has been dying hers blonde for 20 years. Go for it

Pennysnow Tue 19-Sep-17 06:41:22

Go for it @MrsOverTheRoad! Having grey hair coming through when it's blonde is way better than when it's brown.

And grey hair may be 'trendy' to some people. But not if you don't WANT it. And it is very ageing. Especially on a woman. Men seem to be able to get away with it, and pull it off. Women don't. And certainly not at 45!

In fact, no matter how many times I see grey hair on a woman under 60, it never looks right.

Hair dyes are there for a reason.

Read this. It gives you advice on dealing with grey hair, and suggests blonde is a good idea (as grey is a close colour to it.)

I am middle aged, and have very little grey, but when it does start to come through thick and fast, the dye is going straight on there, and staying until I draw my pension.

ElfrideSwancourt Tue 19-Sep-17 06:48:24

I'm quite grey (in my mid-forties too) and I dye mine blonde - the re-growth is much less noticeable than dyeing it darker. I use Nice and Easy ultra light ash blonde and leavr it on for 60 mins and it covers the grey completely.
I also use the curly method so my hair's in great condition.
Just do it - you won't regret it! I love being blonde smile

Alicetherabbit Tue 19-Sep-17 07:00:29

I am similar to you grey/white at 40. Started at nineteen. I am trying to get the courage to go grey with a tint, peach or lilic, would something like that work for you?
Also you can get a pack from the chemist to get rid of existing colour before dying blonde. Colour out I think its called

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 19-Sep-17 23:18:48

I definitely don't want grey hair. It may be trendy on 20 year olds but on me it will just look old! Thanks Penny for the link...I will check it now.

Mollypolly2610 Tue 19-Sep-17 23:30:17

I have dyed my hair blonde for years and years. Now that the grey shows through a lot I don't need to dye it so much. But when I put the blonde on it looks amazing. Grey is very aging please dye it blonde it will do wonders for you.

NumbersLetters Tue 19-Sep-17 23:38:10

I've spent the last year growing out all the brown dye my white/grey hair. I had a stylish cut and people have been vv complimentary. It feels quite brave and i get a massive shock when I see myself because of course I'm 35 in my head, not 50....

NearlyEaster Tue 19-Sep-17 23:38:27

What's the curly method?

MargotLovedTom1 Tue 19-Sep-17 23:42:30

What colour are your eyebrows?

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 20-Sep-17 00:56:59

Margot they're not grey oddly enough...they're a light brown like my natural hair was. I was thinking about them funnily enough and I think they will look fine with blonde hair.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 20-Sep-17 00:58:10

But my plans might be a bit more bothersome as this morning (I'm in Oz) I had a phone call offering some work...and it's in a pretty stylish looking place. So me with four inches of grey might not be the ticket!

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 20-Sep-17 00:58:44

But then again! It does mean I could get some help from a decent colourist if I'm getting paid!

EraArils Wed 20-Sep-17 01:33:44

You could try a temporary rinse product to hide the 4 inches, at least while you wait for a decent colourist appointment. They come in several colours and have a few blondes and last until you wash your hair again. Roux Fancifull temporary colour rinse.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 20-Sep-17 02:10:38

I haven't got four inches yet...only about half an inch. And my hair is mid if I dye my roots blonde now I'll look crackers! grin

IamtheDevilsAvocado Wed 20-Sep-17 04:12:37

I went blonde recently grin- as I was completely fed up with dying my hair brown /black and regrowth being obvious at 10 days post dyeing!

I had various hairdressers offering diff opinions but the bottom line to get rid of all the dye and gradually go blonde was going to cost several hundred pounds and would take many months!

As I am extremely inpatient and also skint... I did it myself.... That was fun...!! But actually ok... To get tje dye out I used a kit from boots... This meant a hideous burnt orange phase only for 2 weeks or so... I hcope with scarves /hats to get my hair in a better condition to do the same again to truly get the last of tje dye out... It went a very white/yellow tinge... Tje same day I put a conditioning colour in it.... I was advised to avoid anything with golden in tje title as it would make my hair look very brassy... So used light ash blonde... It's been fine... Had positive comments for folk I haven't seen for a while...

Now 3 months in... The white new hair barely shows so only have dyed roots once! Yay!

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