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to expect after school care?

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BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 15:38:26

I've been Googling and I can't find the information I need. I need help.

I'm SP work FT. 2 DC in primary school

I need to change my after school care (ASC) and was going to go back to using the schools after school facility. Our school uses a provision at another primary school (we are in London) and has a "walking bus" policy to get children there.

So today I contact the ASC provider to register them to be told they no longer collect children from my school and I have to get the kids there myself.

My school says the walking bus cost X amount and they can't afford it!!!

So now our school has no ASC. I thought they had a statutory duty to provide it but I can't find the relevant evidence I need - probably because I'm in a bit of a flap!!

It seems most of the families in our school have a SAHP and there are very few FT SP's like me. I feel so alone in this.

AIBU to expect the school to provide ASC? What is the statutory duty my school has?

Sienna333 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:41:08

Can't you just get an after school nanny or a childminder? I don't think schools have a legal requirement to provide after school care although I could be wrong.

chickenowner Mon 18-Sep-17 15:42:20

I don't think schools have to provide after school care.

I'm a supply teacher and visit a lot of schools. Some have after school clubs and some don't.

Imchuckbass Mon 18-Sep-17 15:43:01

I don't think that have to legally provide ASC either. Surely the school is only responsible for the children 9-3?
Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Paddington68 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:43:11

The draft guidance 2015 says you have the right to ask, the school has the right to say no.

chickenowner Mon 18-Sep-17 15:43:16

The school will probably have a list of local registered childminders and other childcare if you ask at the school office.

heavenlypink Mon 18-Sep-17 15:44:24

Wrap around Care is becoming increasingly common but I don't think it's a legal requirement - as yet at least. It is something the government is pushing but unfortunately they aren't providing the funding that is needed to go with it!

GrockleBocs Mon 18-Sep-17 15:44:26

IIRC it was an idea floated by David Cameron's government but I don't think it ever came to anything. So no statutory requirement.

mum11970 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:44:33

I'm not aware of any statutory duty to provide after school care.

chickenowner Mon 18-Sep-17 15:45:20

Heavenly exactly - schools will need funding to pay for the extra staff etc!

Mia1415 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:45:33

schools don't have to provide any after school care. None of the ones in my town offer it.

Your best option is to find a child-minder that collects from the school.

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 15:48:53

I remember now it was the council that had a statutory duty to provide ASC - I've read the legislation before. But now I can't find it so I wonder if things have changed.

I have been using a childminder for many years. It costs me £200 pw. I can now no longer use her as she needs me to collect before I can physically get there.

This is very stressful.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 18-Sep-17 15:49:18

Ours had a limited space BC/ASC but there was a cost (IIRC £3.50 BC £4.50 ASC)
But if there were any events at the primary school (where it was held) like Parents Evening, Sports Day, Inset Day - no ASC

Anyone else just used Childminders

Sirzy Mon 18-Sep-17 15:52:28

From the schools POV unless there is enough call for it to be pretty much full 5 days a week then it isn't going to be possible because of the cost implications.

Can your current childminder suggest anyone else locally who may be able to offer the hours you need?

expatinscotland Mon 18-Sep-17 15:53:27

No, they don't have a statutory obligation to provide ASC. You'll have to find another CM who can collect.

kuniloofdooksa Mon 18-Sep-17 16:00:05

Put it this way - either there are loads of other parents with kids at the school who have issues with wrap-around care needs, in which case the school can help you get in touch with them and you can club together to organise some shared care (ranging from sharing an after school nanny if it's just 2 or 3 kids, to setting up a new after school club if there are loads). OR if no one else exists with similar needs then yabu to expect there to be anything.

Lovemusic33 Mon 18-Sep-17 16:00:58

We used to have a local nursery that offered ASC, they would come and collect the children and take them to near by nursery, wondering if there's anything like that near you? If not then your only options are a childminder or moving the kids to a school that provides ASC.

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 16:01:06

I want to put them in the existing ASC which is half the cost of the childminder and goes to the time.

I'm so cross - the school hasn't even told parent of this change. They have been using this ASC for many many years now.

Mostly likely I will have to change schools.

Epic MN fail - so sorry, I forgot to say I WORK! grin

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 16:01:55

they would come and collect the children and take them to near by nursery, wondering if there's anything like that near you?

Yes this is what we have had until this term. Now I am expected to take the children there myself.

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 16:02:07

while I WORK

coddiwomple Mon 18-Sep-17 16:02:12

My local schools offer after-school clubs, but they were full before the end of May last year for this year! If you can't book your child there, it's the usual childminder/ nanny help.

motherofallfuckups Mon 18-Sep-17 16:03:09

OP have you looked into using an au pair? If you have a spare room (even if some of your kids have to share to make room for now) then it might be worth looking into that. Also, have a look on childcare or gumtree for after school nannies - there are some here or there.

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 16:05:07

mother we live in a one bed flat. I don't have room for an au pair!
And I cannot afford a nanny.

Brittbugs80 Mon 18-Sep-17 16:06:02

What about an after school Nanny? They could collect from school, take them home and look after them until you get home. Might help relieve a bit of the stress too knowing that you don't need to get to a certain place to collect them by a certain time.

Seems daft that the children have to be collected from school to take to after school, I can't imagine many parents are a leading to do that then go back to work.

Is there a way the school might reconsider the walking bus if the parents helped fund it? I've left early years care this year because the funding and paperwork is getting farcical.

BorisTrumpsHair Mon 18-Sep-17 16:07:40

Britt I've had this for years now - but now I have to collect them by a time that I cannot collect them by.

No childminder around here works passed 6pm. I cannot collect until 6.15.

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