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To take the body lotion and soap from a £250 a night hotel? They have asked for it back!!!

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mum2sons Thu 05-Apr-07 09:36:37

DH and I spent our wedding anniversary in a v expensive boutique hotel. I took the body lotion and soap home as I usually would do (sad, but I get v excited about these things!)Yesterday we received a letter from the hotel asking for us to send the 2 items back for the future enjoyment of guests!!! Talk about humiliation! Looking forward to MNetters views

MarsLady Thu 05-Apr-07 09:37:45

Well that's a first! Maybe their budget is really tight!

Sorry but I can't help PMSL!!!!

Katy44 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:01

What if you'd used it? Do they get guests to reuse bars of soap?

LilRedWG Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:02

Eurkkk - does that mean they reuse the bar of soap?

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:15

How did they know?? How much did it cost them to pay someone to type the letter and post it? Madness.

Katy44 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:31

Just to check - it wasn't one of those that was in a bottle attached to the shower wall? Did you have to use a screwdriver?

kittypants Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:46

sorry i find it amusing too!say you used them up and took packaging home for recycling

LilRedWG Thu 05-Apr-07 09:38:52

LOL Katy

Cappuccino Thu 05-Apr-07 09:39:15

were they in big bottles or were they little sample things?

cos big bottles is a no no in my book

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:39:24

Was it the packaging thye re-use? Some places have a big vat of what they use and they just refill the small bottles in the rooms

Blu Thu 05-Apr-07 09:39:25

Goodness! Were they in ceramic re-fillable containers, or just in those miniture plastic bottles?

What will you do? Say you can't send them back as you used them, but here are some Superdrug basics to help them out as they are obviously struggling?

Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate Thu 05-Apr-07 09:39:31

OMG. I always take those things too.
It's our 'right' as paying guests isn't it??
I don't go as far as Ross in Friends (if you've seen it)
(Lightbubs,tissue,batteries ETC)
I don't take towels or anything just soap,shampoo, those type of things.

Carmenere Thu 05-Apr-07 09:40:03

Were they full sized containers of a very expensive brand? I would be inclined to write back to them and say that seeing as their room rate is so high that you presumed they were included in the price? How much are they worth? Send them a cheque for the £3 or whatever!!

Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate Thu 05-Apr-07 09:40:26

And only if they are 'travel size'
The one use type things.

expatinscotland Thu 05-Apr-07 09:40:40

GROSS! Used soap and lotion!?

I'd expect new stuff if I were paying top whack for a place like that.

gemmiegoatEGGS Thu 05-Apr-07 09:40:53

write back to them saying thank you, the toiletries were so delicious you used them all upi, but enclose some tesco value shower gel as a replacement "for the enjoyment of future guests"

Cappuccino Thu 05-Apr-07 09:41:14

I once went somewhere where they sold the stuff in the foyer cos it was local and Scottish and nice?

can you not blame your husband for packing them up in error and then say ooh they are so nice you don't sell them do you?

I often blame dh for random stuff. You can always get away with it cos they are supposed to be really dim when it comes to bewwty

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:41:18

A friend of dhs once stayed in a B&B, they got asked to leave and then recieved a letter which said they had obviously been smoking in the room and they were keeping people awake with their 'sex noises'!

Now THAT is embarrassing

lionheart Thu 05-Apr-07 09:41:29

Is the letter dated April 1st?

powder28 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:42:01

The friend was there with a girl, although it would have been funnier if he had been there alone

LilRedWG Thu 05-Apr-07 09:42:20

Ahh - Lionheart! You may have hit the nail on the head there!

Katy44 Thu 05-Apr-07 09:42:28

Yes, so do I - most of them are the individual ones they expect to pretty much be used up while you're there, aren't they?
Mind you, have probably stayed in that kind of hotel 3 times in my life, so I might not know what I'm talking about!!
I always need to ask for more soap in a Travelodge!
Liked the idea of sending them some stuff from superdrug to help out.

WriggleJiggle Thu 05-Apr-07 09:42:39

Come on, you need to own up. Just how huge were they, were they like the hotels yearly supply of soap? Did you really have to remove the entire bath as well? Did they come in diamond encrusted bottles?

Tell them you're willing to have them collected.

LilRedWG Thu 05-Apr-07 09:43:34

And which hotel was it? Web link please.

GameGirly Thu 05-Apr-07 09:43:53

TBH I wouldn't want to use body lotion and whatnot from an already-opened bottle in a hotel so, regardless of the size, I can't see what their problem is, unless of course you really did use a screwdriver . Go on, spill: which hotel was it, so that I don't do the same myself!

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