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Which pieces of music do you find really moving?

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Tailypo Mon 04-Sep-17 23:22:35

Was just thinking about this, and would be interested to hear what you all think.

There are loads of pieces that I find hugely moving. I was thinking back to when I watched Dunkirk at the cinema, and I found the version of Nimrod played on the soundtrack really moving. I (and most of the audience, I think) were crying a little bit by that point. I also absolutely love I vow to thee my country, although I know people think it's a bit controversial. I think it's probably my favourite hymn.

Nanny0gg Mon 04-Sep-17 23:27:06

I Vow to Thee My Country and Ode to Joy.

steff13 Mon 04-Sep-17 23:29:18

Currently, Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) from Hamilton give me chills and makes me cry. I'm a big sap, though for anything patriotic.

Kintan Mon 04-Sep-17 23:30:16

Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams)

burmecia Mon 04-Sep-17 23:32:23

One of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard is not by a classical composer or something traditional, but by Sigur Ros - the title is Ara Batur.

KityGlitr Mon 04-Sep-17 23:34:02

Steven Wilson - Insurgentes
Anathema - a Natural Disaster
Riverside - Before
Pain of salvation - Road Salt
dredg - Sang Real

Hence why that's my funeral playlist x

KityGlitr Mon 04-Sep-17 23:34:44

Oh I love Sigur Ros. Untitled 7 and 8 from ( ) are two of my favourite pieces of all damn time!

iamapixiebutnotaniceone Mon 04-Sep-17 23:38:39

Time to Say Goodbye. The Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman on. I adore it! That and My Girl but that's my secret favourite song!

MrsHerculePoirot Mon 04-Sep-17 23:43:41

Adagio for Strings. I first heard it at a concert when I was about 14 and it moved me to tears!

AgentProvocateur Mon 04-Sep-17 23:45:23

Highland Cathedral played on bagpipes. It's often played at funerals, and I get a lump in my throats every time I hear it.

Horsemad Mon 04-Sep-17 23:45:45

Nimrod and Barber Adagio for strings are my two favourite pieces of music.

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Mon 04-Sep-17 23:48:21

Gabriel's Oboe from the film The Mission (- I walked down the aisle to it when I got married)
A bit of a cliche now but also 'I dreamed a dream' from Les Mis.

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Mon 04-Sep-17 23:52:47

-the lyrics to This Bitter Earth by Dinah Washington set to Max Richter's On The Nature of Daylight
-The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (since having my DDs)

BeaLola Mon 04-Sep-17 23:57:26

Ava Maria sung by Andreas Bocelli - we had it at my Mums funeral.

Love theme from Cinema Paradiso

Gabriels Oboe

Pachelbel Canon in D

There are many more

maras2 Tue 05-Sep-17 00:06:54

Where Sheep May Safely Graze by JS Bach.
The Lark Ascending by R.Vaughan Williams.
Dat by Pluto Shervington.blushIt was on my 'having babies' tape (1970's)

joannegrady90 Tue 05-Sep-17 00:08:08

Canon C

joannegrady90 Tue 05-Sep-17 00:08:26

Canon rock sorry stupid phone!

user997799779977 Tue 05-Sep-17 00:08:50

Schindler's list soundtrack.

SukiPutTheEarlGreyOn Tue 05-Sep-17 00:19:32

Bach's Adagio of Viola da gamba sonata BWV 1029 (used in Truly, madly, deeply)
Polognala E Todora (Love Chant) on Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares vol 1 and
Song to the siren by This Mortal Coil
all give me goosebumps (in a good way).
Great thread, Tailypo - getting lots of ideas for music to discover here. flowers

KarenStreetWalker Tue 05-Sep-17 00:20:30

I'm a soppy tart so there are loads, but my stand out ones are:-
The Love Duet - end of Act 1 Madame Butterfly - Puccini
Cello Concerto in E Minor - Elgar
Libera Me - Verdi's Requiem.
When you were Sweet Sixteen - The Fureys - reminds me of my late Mum.
Bibo No Aozora - Ryuichi Sakamoto
64 Zoo Lane theme. 😳 Reminds me of when my DS was a baby. 😍

Argeles Tue 05-Sep-17 00:40:54

So many pieces of music make me very emotional, including:

The Last Post


Land of Hope and Glory

Barber's Adagio for Strings

The music from Amélie

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Silent Night

Calvin Harris - Under Control (It was the first piece of music I listened to after my MIL died, and as I was listening to it, the awful news about missing flight MH370 came on the news). I really like that track, but all the emotions just hit me as soon as I hear it.

Together in a State of Trance - Armin Van Buuren - love this track and used to play it a lot, really loud and was playing it whilst flicking through the tv channels with the tv on silent, when I stumbled upon the BBC news channel and witnessed the carnage at the Brussels Airport in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. Every time I hear it, I can see those scenes and I feel upset and panicked.

And then, bizarrely...

The extended version of the Eastenders theme after an hour long/special episode.

The music from the BBC 24 hour news channel when they put up the 1 minute countdown clock between features or just before a news broadcast.

budgiegirl Tue 05-Sep-17 00:40:56

Beethovens Pathetique Sonata, 2nd Movement. Truly the most beautiful piece of music I've heard, and makes me cry everytime I hear it.

I also cry when my DM plays 'Sheep may safely graze' on the piano, she plays it so beautifully, and it was played at my dads funeral.

Argeles Tue 05-Sep-17 00:42:24

Oh, and the theme from the children's show 'Rainbow' from the 80's and early 90's - has me in floods of tears.

storynanny Tue 05-Sep-17 01:04:42

Gabriel's oboe
Cavelleri rusticano
Benedictus by Carl Jenkins
To where you are ( G4 version)
I dreamed a dream
Mozart clarinet concerto
Slipping through my fingers Abba
And a few more

My husband says my funeral music list is like a full length concert

storynanny Tue 05-Sep-17 01:11:46

Well that was a mistake, just listened to "to where you are" on a YouTube clip and am welling up.

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