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AIBU or just daft to be alarmed by 2 calls from Doctors practice?

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fullofhope03 Wed 23-Aug-17 20:36:15

Hello dear Mumsnetters. Will be as brief as I can. I've not been feeling great for the last few months. Knackered and have lost a bit of weight. Haven't thought to much about it, though various friends and loved ones have said I'm looking pretty shit (Gawd bless 'em!) TBH I should eat more fruit and veg and get to bed at a decent hour. Though even if I do, I still wake up at stupid o'clock and then can't sleep. (Being on MN doesn't help either grin. I managed finally to get a dr's appointment on Monday. He prodded about for a bit (abdomen) and I'm now going for a scan on Sunday. Also had blood tests this morning and as I was on a late shift at work today have only just heard the 2 VM messages from the gp and the receptionist asking me to come in and see them asap. Are they just being fantastically on the ball? I'm panicking now and would like your opinions. Just wizzed out and bought wine so feeling slowly 'better' blush.

SenoritaViva Wed 23-Aug-17 20:38:58

Don't overthink, just follow what they've said. Enjoy your wine. wine

Pestilentialone Wed 23-Aug-17 20:39:52

That is generally a bit too quick for results. Someone may have dropped your sample.

Migraleve Wed 23-Aug-17 20:44:04

I would say probably something wrong with your samples, or they forgot to do one etc. It's unlikely it will be results that quickly.

terrylene Wed 23-Aug-17 20:44:23

I have found that if there is something wrong with the blood tests, they get the results pretty quickly and get in touch pretty quickly. With me, it has always been first class mail, but DH has given them his phone number so they phone.

It is not usually scary. Quite often I just needs repeating, or maybe some follow on tests need to be ordered etc.

Ilovecoleslaw Wed 23-Aug-17 20:46:47

Definitely sounds too quick for results.
Relax tonight, and give them a ring in the morning flowers

caffeinestream Wed 23-Aug-17 20:47:20

When I went for bloods last month, I was told I'd be contacted if there was a problem, otherwise I could check my results online within the week if I wanted to see any of my levels.

I think two days is very quick for results and I would say they've found something that's an issue - but that doesn't mean it's anything bad. It could be anything from low iron levels, pre-diabetes, a hormone imbalance to something more serious.

Contact them in the morning and they'll get you back in for a follow-up appointment with the GP.

Angelicinnocent Wed 23-Aug-17 20:49:52

Have been the person making these calls in the past. Generally if the nurse tried first, they messed up your sample (dropped it, didn't label it properly etc). Having tried to ring you, they then have other patients to see and left the receptionist instructions to try you again later.

If the GP rang you but then the receptionist tried again, they have had some results and need follow up tests.

If the GP tried you several times and not the receptionist, they have had some results and need to discuss something with you.

FuzzyCustard Wed 23-Aug-17 20:49:57

My DH had blood tests one morning and the Dr phoned with initial results later that afternoon (4 times!) He also arranged for DH to be seen in the specialist hospital department first thing the next day. Diagnosis was made later that day. Fabulously efficient and we were really glad they were so on the ball.

DancingLedge Wed 23-Aug-17 20:51:26

Blood tests this morning - 50:50 , either someone's dropped them, or they've taken the wrong samples.

SoPassRemarkable Wed 23-Aug-17 20:51:43

Could be something as simple as anaemia and they want to get you some iron tablets.

fullofhope03 Wed 23-Aug-17 20:52:12

Thank you SenoritaViva - I do feel a little mellow now (due to the wine xx

Petalflowers Wed 23-Aug-17 20:53:53

The two messages may be something as simple that the first person hadn't logged they'd called you.

Purplevicki Wed 23-Aug-17 20:56:24

Can I add that I had blood tests at 4pm one day and then I was called at 10pm that evening to 'encourage' me to take a trip to A&E? I didn't go but was diagnosed with Diabetes the next day at my GP surgery.

I don't want to scare you but it could be something. Enjoy the wine and make contact in the morning!

notgivingin789 Wed 23-Aug-17 20:57:01

I'm going against the grain and think you should be worried.

DS had blood tests done...on the same day....later on the evening. My GP rang me numerous of times and said DS had a blood abnormality and I should take him to A&E asap. (It was a false alarm in the end !). He mentioned that abnormal blood tests get flagged up in the system.

Sparkletastic Wed 23-Aug-17 20:59:12

I had call very soon after blood tests to tell me I had hypothyroidism. Hope it's nothing serious OP

moggiek Wed 23-Aug-17 20:59:58

Could you be anaemic? I had been feeling very tired for ages, had bloods taken at nine in the morning, call from the surgery that afternoon instructing me to get to the hospital immediately for a transfusion! Four units later, all good.

highinthesky Wed 23-Aug-17 21:00:41

Worrying won't help. Make contact in the morning, you can do nothing until then so why stress?

fullofhope03 Wed 23-Aug-17 21:01:22

Hope that's the reason Pestilentialone xx

Thank you Terriline xx

I will Ilovecoleslaw xx (btw, so do I smile

Angleinnocent - It was the GP who called first, then the receptionist. xx

I hope your DH is ok Fuzzy xx

Didn't even think of that SoPass ! xx

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 23-Aug-17 21:02:31

My mum was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year. She went to see the GP in the morning, was sent for blood tests and that evening the surgery phoned her with the results of the bloods. She didn't know until that point that diabetes was a possibility so it's not like she asked for them to be rushed - so it could be the results of the bloods come back for you.

FuzzyCustard Wed 23-Aug-17 21:03:49

Hope everything is ok for you fullofhope and whatever it is, that it is sorted quickly.
My DH has had some tough treatment but is feeling much better than previously. Thank you for asking.

LoniceraJaponica Wed 23-Aug-17 21:07:09

Just ring them first thing in the morning. Good luck.

fullofhope03 Wed 23-Aug-17 21:07:41

Thank you so much everyone. You've really helped and I didn't want to say anything to family (would have been a MAJOR drama queen if I had). But it's really helped to get this off my ever shrinking chest grin. This is for you lovely lot flowers wine cake and more wine xxxxx

MrsSthe3rd Wed 23-Aug-17 21:08:57

I went for a blood test last Monday and the results were back and on my file on Tuesday.

Lots of luck for tomorrow. flowers

caffeinestream Wed 23-Aug-17 21:10:08

Every GP practise I've ever attended has only rung you back if there's a problem (i.e dropped a sample, mislabelled a sample or there's something wrong with your results).

I think after two days it's unfortunately more likely that there's a problem, but like I said in my last post, that doesn't have to mean anything fatal or even serious. It could be something as simple as low iron or a hormone imbalance - both of which can be easily treated.

I hope you're okay.

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