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How would you respond to a driver honking at you and your toddler for not crossing fast enough?

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JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Tue 22-Aug-17 09:21:39

I am fairly sure I am not BU but I am also not sure how to handle this.

On the way to/from DD nursery, there is a junction where the green man takes a little while to come on. It is just a random quirk. So you push the button, the light goes red for cars, and then there is a gap of maybe four or five seconds before the green man comes. It is just a bit longer than the averahe time lag between red light for cars/ green man on.

Obviously, as I am with DD who is 2, I wait for the green man.

Twice in the last week, drivers have started blaring their horns at us, gesturing impatiently. I don't get it, as the light has only just turned red for them, so it is not like if we sprinted across they could get going again any faster.

But more importantly I don't know if I should react. DD jumped out of her skin yesterday evening when it happened - as well she might, with a car blaring its horn not ten feet from her! I just frowned at the driver and gestured to the red man which was still showing, but I really wanted to shout something unprintable at her.

Wwyd if a driver behaved like this?

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Tue 22-Aug-17 09:22:30

Middle finger.

FlyingElbows Tue 22-Aug-17 09:23:57

Death stare, a "fuck off" and the finger, but I'm Scottish so that's pretty much par for the course!

hellsbellsmelons Tue 22-Aug-17 09:24:02

Smile and wave boys - smile and wave.
Every single time.

Mineshalfamilkstout Tue 22-Aug-17 09:24:55

Hard stare.

DartmoorDoughnut Tue 22-Aug-17 09:24:57

Flip them the bird

Not as if they can go til the light goes green in any case and the length of time for that to happen doesn't change!

stalkingfred Tue 22-Aug-17 09:26:14

I would have said middle finger but sometimes a big grin and demented wave works better. Depends on how much sleep I've had the night before!

CuckooCuckooClock Tue 22-Aug-17 09:26:16

I'd just ignore the driver and reassure dc.
I might yell obscenities if I was in a bad mood.
Some people are such arseholes. Who beeps at a toddler?

WhooooAmI24601 Tue 22-Aug-17 09:26:23

I'd laugh and go slower.

People who do that are invariably absolute arseholes. I've never met a decent person who honks in that situation.

GahBuggerit Tue 22-Aug-17 09:26:25

Wave like the queen

Ameliablue Tue 22-Aug-17 09:27:07

I'd point to the traffic light and carry on as normal.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Tue 22-Aug-17 09:28:00

Oh, yes! Do the Queen wave thing.

Ignore mine.

ShakeShakeTheMuffin Tue 22-Aug-17 09:29:21

I like hellsbells suggestion of smiling and waving. That'll really piss them off! grin

gamerwidow Tue 22-Aug-17 09:30:38

Tell the toddler to ignore the nasty driver then sail across serenely.
Don't engage in a tit for tat show of aggression you don't need to sink to their level (tempting though it is!)

JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Tue 22-Aug-17 09:30:53

Ha ha whooo the first time it happened, on Friday, I walked out, stopped in front of the car for a sec, shook my head at the driver and then carried on with my nose in the air like Hyacinth Bucket When I got to the other side, there was an old lady walking by who exclaimed how terrible it was to be honking at DD, so we both tutted and glared at the driver like he gave a shit

It just gives me the rage and I don't want DD to get scared of crossing the road.

MrsJayy Tue 22-Aug-17 09:31:11

I would glare as i walked by then turn my head asi got on the pavemet i hate impatient drivers it is rude and arrogant. There is a crossing in our town that really could do with an island it takes ages to cross and the redman usually comes on halfway over i glare as they rev their engines god knows what they expect me to do jetpack over the bloody road hmm

Nottalotta Tue 22-Aug-17 09:31:38

Depending on my mood.....

Death stare and finger.
Smile and finger.
Smile and wave and dawdle.
Or a smile and 'who me?' gesture, point to child, shrug.

lilyborderterrier Tue 22-Aug-17 09:32:11

Give them a stern death stare, walk as slowly and sensibility as you and your little one dare ( as you have every right to) and tell your child "what a silly ignorant driver the person in the car is! "
That's what I do, I cannot understand how some people in cars turn into complete inconsiderate *ickheads!

AngelaTwerkel Tue 22-Aug-17 09:32:13

So the light is still red for them, but they are objecting to you being slow? What utter wangs. I think I'd look at them in a "you are an utter wang" fashion while pointing at the red light.

cariadlet Tue 22-Aug-17 09:32:53

If I was on my own I'd probably stick my fingers up.

If I was in your situation I'd either ignore them or smile at them and continue to always wait for the green man. I'd probably say something to my dd about the silly driver in a light hearted tone of voice (while calling them a lot worse in my head) to acknowledge their rudeness and the fact that the noise was startling her.

I think that you shouldn't react to their twatishness in the way that we'd instinctively want to because you need to model the polite, grown up behaviour that you're teaching your daughter.

Nuttynoo Tue 22-Aug-17 09:33:00

Stop in the middle of the road, right in front of the honking car, to calm toddler down?

SymphonyofShadows Tue 22-Aug-17 09:33:51

I'd slow right down. I also do this when some arsehole drives right up my chuff when I am driving at a reasonable speed.

JennyOnAPlate Tue 22-Aug-17 09:35:45

I would give them the finger and mouth fuck off like I did last time

fussychica Tue 22-Aug-17 09:41:29

Just read that NICE have released a report recommending longer times for pedestrians to cross as it's becoming a real problem, particularly for the elderly, disabled and those with young children.
In our town the time allowed to cross the major road junction is particularly short. I only just make it if I walk at my fastest and I'm pretty fit. I have written to the council. Obviously nothing happenedangry
Fortunately I've never known anyone to be beeped but if it happens the serene wave will be usedgrin

Topseyt Tue 22-Aug-17 09:44:37

I would totally ignore them and cross absolutely at my own pace.

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