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To ask what time your children go to bed at and what age they are?

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lily88 Mon 21-Aug-17 19:57:10

Myself and my husband disagree on ds bedtime. I think 8 is perfect for him as he is 5 and I mean 8 with pjs on and story read. DH thinks that's too early as he only gets home from work at 7 but then complains that it's nearly 10 every night before he gets to sit down after been in work all day. Ds wakes at 6 every morning and often falls asleep during the day which DH doesn't see. I also notice ds behaviour is worse when he is tired which is why I feel he needs his sleep. I'm just looking to see what other parents think.

gwenneh Mon 21-Aug-17 19:58:15

DCs are 6 and 3, soon to be 7 and 4.

During term time they go to bed at 7:30 and in the holidays it's 8:30 with the occasional late night.

mummyrabbitpeppapig Mon 21-Aug-17 19:59:18

My 3 1/2 DD goes to bed and asleep before 7:15

Haudyerwheesht Mon 21-Aug-17 20:00:54

Ds is 6 and goes to bed between 8-830. It would be earlier if she didn't have to come with me to get her brother from football etc. When he was this age it was 7-730.

Believeitornot Mon 21-Aug-17 20:02:29

Well your dh could try and adjust his hours to get home slightly earlier every now and then. Funny that a lot of working mums manage it.

My 7 and 5 year old start to go to bed at 6.30/7 and are asleep by 8pm

Tumbleweed101 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:02:48

Mine are 8 and 11. I aim for them to be up and settled for 8pm. By settled I mean PJ's on, homework and baths done, no computers/gadgets on. They are then allowed to read/draw etc until sleepy although I check the 8yo is asleep by 9 on school nights (she usually is fast asleep by then anyway). We are all up for 6.30/7am in term time. Not so worried about bedtimes in holidays but they are usually asleep by 9 most nights by choice.

Antoniacaenis Mon 21-Aug-17 20:03:02

DCs are 2 and 4 and go at 6.45 -7

lovelyredwine Mon 21-Aug-17 20:03:17

DD1 is 6 and goes up between 730 and 8; Lights out by 815. DD2 is nearly 2 and goes up at 645-7. lights out by 715,

skyzumarubble Mon 21-Aug-17 20:05:14

Dds are 6, in the holidays it's stretched to 8 or 9. When school starts again it will be back to upstairs at 7 and in bed lights out by 730.

FuckOffDavid Mon 21-Aug-17 20:05:54

My DD goes to bed at 9. Lights out at 9:15, up for school at 7

MimsyBorogroves Mon 21-Aug-17 20:06:45

Mine are 9 and 5. Both are usually in bed for 7.30 on school nights - 9 year old is allowed to read/listen to MP3 player etc until 8.15. He also has a Nintendo 3ds, but isn't allowed it on a night.

School hols, 5 year old is usually still in bed for 7.30 or 8 if it's a late night. 9 year old stays up til 9 reading/music etc. He also gets a film night every fortnight which goes on until 10.

Maplestaple Mon 21-Aug-17 20:08:16

11 & 10 year olds go up at 8:15 and lights out at 8:30

2 & 3 year old go up at 7:15

Dd1 starts seniors this year so might let the older two stay up till 9ish.

Lis1 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:08:23

DS8 by 8.30pm every night but a Thursday which is 9.00pm after football and Saturday as a weekend treat is 9.00pm also.
He is up and out by 7.30am all weekday mornings so has to be in bed on time for him to be back up for 6.45/7 to prevent a mad dash round the house

ButtMuncher Mon 21-Aug-17 20:10:28

DSS is 8 and goes to bed between 7:30-8 on a school night. If he goes up at 7:30 he can read until 8 but it's lights out at 8.

Weekends it's more like 8:30pm.

DS is 1 year and is always in bed by 7pm.

Lifeofpies Mon 21-Aug-17 20:10:31

It seems late if he's up at 6 and often falls asleep in the day... my DS (4) could no way stay awake til 8.

AldiAisleOfCrap Mon 21-Aug-17 20:10:53

Dc age 2,3,5,6 all 6.30.
Dd12 8.15 on school nights 9-9.30 on Saturday and holidays.

JennyLane Mon 21-Aug-17 20:15:02

My dc aged 4, 2 and six months all go at six. The older two will read or play with their toys for up to an hour but settle themselves.. that being said we don't have toys in their room as we have a playroom. They get to choose one or two things to take up. Nothing electronic.
They're always asleep by seven. We let them stay up later on occasion if we visit people but it messes their mood and sleep up for days

ILoveMyMonkey Mon 21-Aug-17 20:16:35

DS 4 (5 in Nov) and always in bed lights out by 7:30 at the latest. We've tried to keep the holiday bedtime the same (I need my evenings) although he has had the odd late night.

CheerfulMuddler Mon 21-Aug-17 20:18:53

8. And he's not allowed out of his cot before 7.30am. He also has a long nap in the middle of the day, somewhere between an hour and two and a half hours.
He's just two.

wherearemymarbles Mon 21-Aug-17 20:20:10


Ds is 10 and goes to bed and 8 and reads till 8.30 or so

Dd is 7 and is im bed and asleep by 7.30.

lolalotta Mon 21-Aug-17 20:20:49

Mine are 4 and 7, they are in bed by 6.30pm, asleep by 7.00pm. They are up the next day at about 6.25am.

WhatWouldDarylDixonDo Mon 21-Aug-17 20:22:01

3 and 5 and in bed for 7ish. Sometimes it's 6:45 sometimes it's 7:15 but always around 7.

If the 3 yr old has fallen asleep in the day I might hear singing and chatting/playing on his own for a bit. Sometimes the 5 yr old will play/read for half an hour. But bedtime is pretty strict.

They wake up anytime between 6-7am

ChoccyJules Mon 21-Aug-17 20:22:31

DD5 7pm, stretching to 7.30 if appropriate in the hols. DD8 8pm, stretching to 8.30pm if appropriate in the hols.

umberellaonesie Mon 21-Aug-17 20:23:03

7 year old 7pm
12 year old 9pm but showers at 8.30pm
16 year-old 10pm (because that's when I go to bed and he is incapable of letting dogs out for a pee, putting lights off and shutting doors downstairs)
No electronics in bedrooms at all they go to bed to sleep.

Cleanermaidcook Mon 21-Aug-17 20:24:10

Mine are 7 and 9. School night 8 to 8.30pm weekends and holidays 9ish.

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