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to think Digital Mums is ripping mums off?

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Rainbowsandunis75 Fri 18-Aug-17 15:49:12

AIBU to think you shouldn't be allowed to charge £1800 for a 'training course' with no proper teaching sessions or individual feedback?!

I recently finished a social media course with Digital Mums. They have amazing reviews everywhere online and I heard brilliant things about how they taught new skills to mums at home and bolstered confidence in finding work as social media managers.

But now the course has ended myself and the group I was put in all feel cheated and less confident than when we started! The course costs £1800 but there is no proper teaching! You could ask a question online and wait 24 hours for a 'Captain' to reply but often they didn't give a straight answer or even worse told students to google the answers themselves. hmm The webinars often didn't work , they blamed this on technical issues, and there is no feedback about what you're doing right or wrong. Also the course material included lots of old videos and really badly proof read lessons.
Loads and loads of annoyed mums complained but we were told: 'It's value for money compared to other courses and we don't have the staff to answer questions'. The worst thing is, loads of mums who signed up for the course are struggling to get back into work, feeling isolated and don't feel that able to speak up to confront such a badly run course angry

AIBU? angry

greendale17 Fri 18-Aug-17 15:55:05

Is the course accredited? Sounds like a load of tosh with

NicolasFlamel Fri 18-Aug-17 15:58:28

What qualification do you come out with? I can think of much cheaper ways to get back into work.

notevernotnevernotnohow Fri 18-Aug-17 16:01:01

I can't help but feel if you paid such a huge amount of money for an unaccredited mickey mouse social media course you've been rather a fool.
What on earth possessed you to pay so much money for something that was never going to be any use to anyone?

IllBeAtTheSpa Fri 18-Aug-17 16:02:08

I think people can charge as much as they like for whatever service if people are willing to pay unfortunately sad
Yanbu if you've paid that money dedicated time and you don't even have an official qualification or some kind of accreditation at the end of it

Crunchymum Fri 18-Aug-17 16:03:56

What is it?

Crunchymum Fri 18-Aug-17 16:05:43

Just had a Google!


Nuttynoo Fri 18-Aug-17 16:06:47

It is bullshit. I think a word with Trading Standards/Watch dog is in order.

TheRealBiscuitAddict Fri 18-Aug-17 16:07:03

Yes they're ripoff merchants, but unfortunately MN endorse them as well even gave away one of their courses recently and there were numerous posters on the threads talking about how wonderful they were and how they were all earning £££ thanks to one of their (extortionately priced) courses.

So people believe them to be legit.

lifeinthecountry Fri 18-Aug-17 16:10:12

notevernotnevernotnohow - I don't think it's fair to say the OP has been a fool. I remember seeing Digital Mums promoted on a number of very trustworthy platforms a few months ago. It did seem like a genuine service, although I admit I did wonder how they would manage to do what they promised. (I work in adult education. The 'package' they seemed to be offering made accreditation of their training less relevant.)

They made a lot of claims, which it seems they are not following through on. I can understand how people might have been convinced by their very effective marketing, and it certainly doesn't make them fools. .

lifeinthecountry Fri 18-Aug-17 16:13:55

Also, if they're not doing what they claimed, it's particularly sickening as they are taking advantage if people who don't have a lot of money to spare.

OP I'd seek advice on whether you can get your money back.

MadamPince Fri 18-Aug-17 16:17:57

Interesting, I was seriously considering one of their courses and the webinar they ran for people having questions about the course was well organised and informative - it's a shame the rest of be course doesn't live up to that.

I do believe it's an accredited course, but I think that only happened this year?!

notevernotnevernotnohow Fri 18-Aug-17 16:24:38

Just look at their website!

Unlock a flexible freelance career in social media and achieve your perfect work/life balance

It's full of people with made up fabulous jobs and perfect lives...what a massive con job.

notevernotnevernotnohow Fri 18-Aug-17 16:25:25

accredited by CPD with a "certificate of attendance". Completely meaningless and not worth the paper it's written on.

IGotRainedOn Fri 18-Aug-17 16:26:30

I've had a good google and I have to say that it's the type of thing I'd avoid like the plague. The fuzziness about what's on offer would put me off. Ultimately though it's up to them what they charge you.

Redredredrose Fri 18-Aug-17 16:29:02

I tried to find out a bit more about the course from the website but you have to put your contact details in so they can email you - that seems a little dodgy in itself.

Rainbowsandunis75 Fri 18-Aug-17 16:29:12

Yes it's accredited, which makes it even more disappointing.

Their reviews are amazing and also it's such a great idea, to re-train mums at home and promises so much support. But the reality is really poorly put together lessons with tons of spelling mistakes, wrong information or contradictory information. You can't speak to anyone, or ask questions easily. It feels massively oversubscribed. When people complained we were told just to email their complaints department.

So many mums have complained they promised us a feedback webinar but no date as yet.

I don't think there will be a chance of a refund as it's a privately run course. They are answerable to nobody. angry

GingerWh1nger Fri 18-Aug-17 16:35:35

It's not necessarily foolish to pay for a course online - it's difficult to find unbiased reviews so you never really know what you'll get.

What I would suggest though that if you are interested in social media as a career, look for courses by professional bodies, such as the chartered institute of marketing - CIM is well known in the industry so looks better on a CV. Also bear in mind that while smaller companies can be more flexible, bigger companies tend to lump social media in with a much wider marketing and communications strategy, so may look for more than just one short course if you've not worked in that area before. Useful research is often looking at real job adverts online and what they're asking for.

PoppyPopcorn Fri 18-Aug-17 16:37:40

Few things.

I'm self-employed and know of other people who are earning money as social media managers or doing other forms of digital marketing like SEO.

There are lots of organisations teaching people who to "do" SEO or social media management or anything else just as in the past people signed up to proofreading courses which promised to put them in a better position to secure work. Some are good, some are rubbish. Some are expensive. Personally, I don't see why people would pay for training when you can get it free through something like Google Digital Garage.

DontJoinMyList Fri 18-Aug-17 16:37:43

Would be better off teaching mums tech skills such as front end/back end software development. Not only is it much more personally enriching but it is also a growing field that every company now needs.

HughLauriesStubble Fri 18-Aug-17 16:40:46

I remember the other thread with people raving about it and I was a bit hmm about it.

I've done some social media management in the past. Decent paying jobs are hard to come by and you'd have to do a whole lot of work to equal a normal working wage.

Embarrassedatsoftplay Fri 18-Aug-17 16:42:02

I have had two friends do it who say it's amazing and they both do freelance social media work.

But that's all it is. Doing social posts on behalf of a company, learning how to do campaigns.

I'm mid-senior level in digital marketing and I think it's a sham! Posting on social media is usually the job of the comms team, amongst several other tasks. There are so many aspects of social media management I don't see on their syllabus: strategy, branding, user research, deep metrics, different content types, etc.

What's worse is they charge almost £3k to women with some experience so they can get real client experience. You're basically paying £3k for the connection to a real client you could potentially work for. This used to be their default package. Now the cheaper option doesn't offer real client experience.

There is much more to social media management than what's on the Digital Mums syllabus. If you want to work on social/digital media, start from the bottom with agency/temp work. Sorry but that's one of the main ways in.

TheRealBiscuitAddict Fri 18-Aug-17 16:43:26

I do wonder whether this thread should be highlighted to MN HQ as, although there is always a risk it will get deleted then, MN have in the past endorsed this course and even had a competition where a user was eligible to win one of them. They need to be made aware of what kind of company they're endorsing, although I do think that they hopefully would have done their research.

Resurgam2016 Fri 18-Aug-17 17:29:10

I did the training with Digital Mums and your experience OP is a million miles away from mine. I am really sorry you feel cheated and I'd recommend you raise it with the founders as they are always very quick to respond. Have you joined the closed facebook group for graduates? If not I'd recommend you do and raise your issue there. You will hear a lot of different stories and get a lot of support if taking what you have learned and turning it into work is what you do.

For all those reading this for me the DM training was brilliant. It was well structured and all the tuturs and fellow trainees were supportive. I would not have got the work I am doing now (SM related) without it.

Rainbowsandunis75 Fri 18-Aug-17 17:44:49

Yes Resurgam2016 I have heard lots of good things, thats why I did the course. But it seems to have gone downhill massively recently. I have heard from other graduates that the same complaints were made to founders about poor course material and none of it was changed for this one!

We all did complain directly to the founders too and the response was defensive. We were told just to email concerns and we're still waiting for a feedback webinar. It's too late for us now anyway as we've finished the course and actually I passed! But like my peers feel deflated and very unconfident in my new skillset.

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