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Celebrities who irritate you.....

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user1467662525 Tue 15-Aug-17 16:06:07

I can't stand Martine McCutcheon, Alex from the One Show, arrgh.....

PaperdollCartoon Tue 15-Aug-17 16:06:59

Noel Edmonds. I've always hated him.

x2boys Tue 15-Aug-17 16:07:43

Mylene class she sets my teeth on edge .

minionsrule Tue 15-Aug-17 16:08:12

Is there not another similar thread to this? Actors/actresses you irrationally dislike?
Keira Knightley was winning ( or losing) last time i looked

NotPennysBoat815 Tue 15-Aug-17 16:09:42

Beyoncé. I think I'll get flamed shock

SapphireStrange Tue 15-Aug-17 16:10:14

It's not irrational to dislike Ikea Knightley. She can't act, and she smiles like a dog when they cringe and pull their lips back.

I can't stand Jimmy Carr. I just hate his face. And Ricky Gervais, same reason. I'll stop now or I'll be here all day.

x2boys Tue 15-Aug-17 16:10:34

I watched a documentary a while back she went to the hospital where her mum trained as a nurse and worked for a couple of years many years go so that makes her an expert apparently...

Sick243 Tue 15-Aug-17 16:10:57

Andrea McLean and Coleen Nolan !!

TieGrr Tue 15-Aug-17 16:11:59

Danny Dyer angry

Ropsleybunny Tue 15-Aug-17 16:12:01

Keith Lemon, is there a point to him?

wildbhoysmama Tue 15-Aug-17 16:15:18

Cilla Black ( surprise, surfuckingprise) any Kardashian ( what is that plastic arse all about?), Kerry Katona ( fame hungry car crash), Simon leBon ( twat-.just watched him on TOTP1984, twat) and ditto Alex from One Show ( airhead).
Sorry being so blunt but they really irritate me!

SomeBerryJam Tue 15-Aug-17 16:15:25


I agree, can't stand her, she's so, so overrated

IdentifiesAsASloth Tue 15-Aug-17 16:16:01

Phil Collins. Hate him with a passion!

I used to dislike keith lemon until I started to understand him. Think of him as Ali G. He's playing a character.

maddiemookins16mum Tue 15-Aug-17 16:17:54

Lulu and her exaggerated Scottish accent, Elaine Paige and her ridiculous laugh, Eamonn Holmes (misery guts), Tess Daly (dull as dishwater), I could go on. Myleene Klass because she's just pointless.

Bluntness100 Tue 15-Aug-17 16:17:59

That keith lemon guy. people on tv don't usually bother me or give me strong reactions, but he just annoys me, I think "what a twat" and have to leave the room. I really don't see rhe humour in what he does at all, it's just totally inane crap.

FrogsSitonLogs Tue 15-Aug-17 16:18:13

Geri Halliwell, she's just so irritating when she talks.

LadyWithLapdog Tue 15-Aug-17 16:19:09

Carol Vordeman and other minor celebs who are tories.

Farmerswife4life1984 Tue 15-Aug-17 16:19:11

Taylor swift
Jemma Lucy
Amy Childs (all that I love myself pouting bollocks she does sets my teeth on fire )

x2boys Tue 15-Aug-17 16:25:37

Oh yeah Taylor Swift of for anything she's done but my son is autistic and insists on having her music playing all day long😣

x2boys Tue 15-Aug-17 16:26:09

Not for*

IdentifiesAsASloth Tue 15-Aug-17 16:28:01

Thought of some more.

Louise from made in Chelsea. So up herself and vain. Cries whenever she has done something wrong.

Very minor celeb but Jack Monroe, or whatever she calls herself these days. Fickle and attention seeking.

winterinmadeira Tue 15-Aug-17 16:29:52

James corden and Kim kardashian.

nobullshitallowed Tue 15-Aug-17 16:30:57

Sarah beany envy (not envy)

JohnnyUtahsWetsuit Tue 15-Aug-17 16:32:08

Tom Hiddlestone. So needy and attention seeking.

Littlejayx Tue 15-Aug-17 16:33:15

Robson green hmm and Melinda messenger.

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