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What can I do that's Naughty?

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TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:35:34

I need to do something that's naughty by the end of the day.

Be within the law.
Not be harmful to anyone.
Not break or destroy anything.
and not involve sex. grin

Doesn't leave much else does it?
Any ideas?

FreudianSlurp Mon 14-Aug-17 15:37:40

Use boiling water to make coffee. That'll learn 'em.

TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:37:42

I forgot to say, it's one of those books where you're supposed to do something different every day. and it improves your life Bollocks I know.

Today it says
Do Something Naughty.

Crispsheets Mon 14-Aug-17 15:37:52

Walk around with a butt plug.

KakunaRattata Mon 14-Aug-17 15:38:00

Set all the egg timers in the supermarket to go off. But why?

TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:38:44

I could do a streak shock

SaucyJack Mon 14-Aug-17 15:38:58

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

piglet81 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:39:22

Run through a field of wheat.

SaraWeez13 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:39:43

Leave work a minute early.

ToastyFingers Mon 14-Aug-17 15:39:59

Have a large glass of wine with lunch.

Graffiti a (small) tag on a building with permanent marker.

Treat yourself to something lovely you really don't need.

Eat some grapes before you've paid in the supermarket.

Naughty is pretty subjective really.

KakunaRattata Mon 14-Aug-17 15:40:00

Ah, x post. Suppose it depends on your definition of naughty, for some a drink of wine on a Monday would be naughty.

FreudianSlurp Mon 14-Aug-17 15:40:05

Be naughty by ignoring the instruction to be naughty.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 14-Aug-17 15:40:06

Not follow the instructions in your book?

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Mon 14-Aug-17 15:40:48

I can only think of slightly lame naughty things, like eating your pudding before your main.

I like Piglet's suggestion though grin

Smeaton Mon 14-Aug-17 15:41:25

Go to McDonald's and sit at an outside table and loiter with your own food...

Milliemoo37 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:41:43

Set all the vibrators off in Ann Summers....

Or hold one and look really confused and ask where it's meant to go.

TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:41:45

It's got sections where you expand one day, give another, nurture another, today is expand confused
I think tomorrow's create.

I'm a sucker for anything gimmicky.

I like the idea of the egg timers in the supermarket.

The80sweregreat Mon 14-Aug-17 15:42:57

Eat two cakes instead of just the one.

Smeaton Mon 14-Aug-17 15:43:28

Get a pack of elastic bands and a few marbles. Head in to toys r us. Use the elastic bands to hold the marbles on the 'Try me' buttons. Do as many as u can before you get kicked out.

TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:44:16

Maybe I should look to Tracy Ullman's Judi Dench for inspiration.

Smeaton Mon 14-Aug-17 15:44:20

Buy a slinky, find an escalator, attempt the everlasting slinky until security arrive.

TeamCersei Mon 14-Aug-17 15:44:57

Walk around with a butt plug.

I don't have a butt plug.
Would the sink plug do?

Skyllo30 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:45:20

After you set all the egg timers, rearrange the spices or anything else with letters to spell rude words.

thewizardofsoz Mon 14-Aug-17 15:46:35

Run through a field of wheat! grin

Crispsheets Mon 14-Aug-17 15:46:44

Yes I do that

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