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Need stroller advice asap

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MissKST Sun 13-Aug-17 02:09:48

So I'm reallly sorry to post here as it isn't an 'AIBU'but I really need advice, I have a 3yr old DD who has a mild disability therefore cannot walk far, her stroller has just broken behind repair and we go away in a mini break on Wednesday! I need recommendations on a sturdy stroller that will take toddler (she isn't huge but 100% too big to carry as much as she'd need me to) but isn't going to leave me raiding the holiday funds confused

PrincessPeach08 Sun 13-Aug-17 02:20:48

I have just bought the joie nitro stroller from argos for my new 18 month old for going on holiday. I didn't want to spend a lot as apart from holiday we don't have much use for It, It was £60 and seems really sturdy. Haven't used it properly yet but for the price it seems quite good

PrincessPeach08 Sun 13-Aug-17 02:22:38

Not my 'new' 18 month old don't know why that appeared!

MissKST Sun 13-Aug-17 02:36:29

Thank you Princess I will have a look at the weight limit etc for that one, I've looked at so many and I can't with her until morning, panicking that I won't find one in time that she will fit in and is in my price range! Thanks again

Theycalledmethewildrose Sun 13-Aug-17 02:48:19

I'd buy a trusty Maclaren. You can find them second hand on the internet and because they are sturdy well built buggies, you will probably get a better buggy than buying a lower quality one new.

Eleventybillionfucks Sun 13-Aug-17 03:14:49

The Chicco Liteway is a good sturdy pram i had onefor DS till he was 4 and a half because he had hip problems

Eleventybillionfucks Sun 13-Aug-17 03:16:15

Multiway Evo its called now apparently they've changed its name

Qwerty8888 Sun 13-Aug-17 03:16:27

I'm looking for a stroller too. The silvercross Pop has the highest weight limit I have found so far, 25kg. It's on sale in mothercare atm too.

StillinMyPJs Sun 13-Aug-17 03:28:18

I have three kids who all have physical disabilities and the best pram I have ever bought is the Baby Jogger Citi Mini. It's not cheap but has a high weight limit and the highest head height I've been able to find. My 8 year old fits in it and the canopy is great for shade. The double has lasted us 4 years. It's about to fall apart now but my twins are 5 and weigh 20 kgs each. It also folds so easily. I really need to replace it but I need something bigger and I'm probably going to have to go for a bike trailer that converts into a stroller. (That's also a good idea for you. It'll last ages and if you're lucky you can pick a cheap one up off gumtree.)

The baby jogger will last you a long time. The Maclarens are good and have a decent weight limit but the seats got too small once my oldest was about 5years old.

Good luck!

StillinMyPJs Sun 13-Aug-17 03:30:30

I forgot the link.

MissKST Sun 13-Aug-17 03:32:47

Thank you all the the replies, I've watched so many reviews and compared so many I started panicking! Will look at some that have been suggested, I don't mind spending more to get a better product at all, thank you all again!

TheReferoo Sun 13-Aug-17 03:55:09

I've also got the sliver cross pop and my 6 year old was comfortably sitting in it today with his little brother on his lap as he got tired when we were out! It also has a massive hood which for me is a must for keeping the sun out of their faces. The clip on the strap is really fiddly though.

PartOstrich Sun 13-Aug-17 09:06:57

OP please can I hijack this thread..?

I also have a 3yr old DC in the same situation who can't walk far. But I also have a baby. So I need exactly what the OP does, but a double buggy - preferably one that takes a car seat.

Suggestions appreciated! Thanks in advance.

MissKST Sun 13-Aug-17 10:50:21

Of course! I hope you get some answers! I decided to go for the silver cross pop!

SleepyHeadThisTime Sun 13-Aug-17 10:52:52

Silver cross pop is great - try looking on the Facebook marketplace for a second hand one

Letstryagainshallwe Sun 13-Aug-17 10:54:21

If it's just walking PartOstrich can you just get a buggy board?? Or even a buggy board with the seat??

PartOstrich Sun 13-Aug-17 11:46:24

We have a Lascal board which is fine, but sadly on a bad day the board isn't good enough for a decent length walk.
Wondering if the double version of the Mini city GT would be worth trying.

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