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To not believe what I just heard.... parent/ child space one sorry!!!!

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Freddiesfling Sat 12-Aug-17 23:05:58

Was at my local Aldi lady earlier this week about to drive off when I heard raised voices.... I looked around to see a mother with a child of around 5/6 shouting at an elderly lady who had parked in a parent/ child space ( there were 3/4 other empty p&c spaces free)... the elderly lady calmly told her that she was awaiting a blue badge and all the disabled spaces were full... the mother than shouted " well that's not my fault" and stormed off... the elderly lady then with some difficulty started walking away....
I got out of my car and asked if she was ok.. she said she was but looked upset.. I asked if there was anything I could do/ help with and she said she was ok! I wished her well and went back to my car really shocked that a mother with a school aged child who had already parked on the parent/child spaces would go out of her way to be so vile...

I later heard from a friend that this mother posted what happened on Facebook ... including her shouting at an elderly lady and was practically applauded for it with a lot of likes and even a few comments like she should have scratched the ladies car... my friend reported the status but Facebook said it didn't violate their standards.

I cannot believe that another person could go out of their way to be so argumentative and lack such empathy.

early30smum Sat 12-Aug-17 23:10:55

Absolutely terrible way to behave, and what an awful example she is setting for her child. YANBU.

Embarrassedemma Sat 12-Aug-17 23:12:32

What a horrid lady! Steer well clear!

MerlinsLeftButtock Sat 12-Aug-17 23:13:22

I do get a little raged when non parents park in those spaces, but i really don't think it would extend to an elderly lady awaiting a blue badge. Absolute madness. Hope the little lady was ok. Bless her.

Freddiesfling Sat 12-Aug-17 23:13:39

What I especially didn't get was

1. Her child was of school age
2. She had already parked in a p&c space
3. There were plenty of p&c spaces still available
4. She could see this lady was elderly and still had a go

ineedagasmask Sat 12-Aug-17 23:13:59

I suppose to look at it from the other perspective, the elderly lady did not have a child with her, nor did she have a blue badge. 'Waiting on one' would not cut it with a traffic warden on double yellows whether she appeared infirm or not unfortunately. The lady should not have been rude to her there is no excuse for that. she would have been entitled to use the space if she had the badge but she didn't so I also can understand the frustration here. the rudeness was unforgivable and upsetting for the lady but what did she honestly expect when parking there unprepared.

PollyFlint Sat 12-Aug-17 23:14:09

YANBU. Parent & child spaces are there as a courtesy, they're not a god-given right and people did manage to go to the supermarket before they existed.

Freddiesfling Sat 12-Aug-17 23:18:40

Yeah as far as I'm aware anyone can "legally" park there.. they aren't enforceable

Hotheadwheresthecoldbath Sat 12-Aug-17 23:19:36

I only used these spaces when my dd was a toddler but often see them used by parents with teenage kids.I would have no problem having the spaces used but people with mobility issues,it's need above everything.

Freddiesfling Sat 12-Aug-17 23:19:51

You do not need a blue badge or even children to park there son not quite the same thing as double yellow lines

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Sat 12-Aug-17 23:20:47

I can almost understand an incredibly sleep deprived parent of baby triplets getting arsy about people without DCs using a P&C space - but that's about it!

I have a just turned 6 year old (3 days ago) and it doesn't even occur to me to use P&C spaces anymore. DD can fasten & undo her own seatbelt and knows to wait for me to come & open her car door (child lock is on anyway). We no longer need a wider space.

I'm not saying every child is the same - DS1 has ASD and I would still have used a P&C space with him at the same age due to it's proximity to the store. In general though, they are for toddlers & babies aren't they?

ineedagasmask Sat 12-Aug-17 23:23:08

Dependant on the wording of the sign if you don't have a child with you, you could get a penalty notice from the car park company. This is quite a good link on the do's/don'ts

Viviennemary Sat 12-Aug-17 23:25:44

I think it's about time these parent child spaces were abolished; They're not enforceable anyway. There's a lot of people more in need of a place than somebody with children. Like this elderly lady.

SleepFreeZone Sat 12-Aug-17 23:26:13

I just can't get motivated enough to give a shit about P&C spaces. If there aren't any available I park further away or by the recycling in my Tesco. It's rare that it's so busy there are no spaces anywhere.

That woman just sounds ridiculous and hopefully one day she'll verbally attack the wrong person and get a flea in her ear by return.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Sat 12-Aug-17 23:26:19

Sorry, posted too soon!

I would consider an adult with poor mobility to have a greater need than me for any parking space close to the store entrance TBH. It takes so long to be awarded blue badges sometimes that the person actually dies before it happens (this literally happened with my DM. Applied once she was told her illness was terminal & thereby her disability permanent. Badge arrived 8 weeks later - 2 weeks after her death.)

ineedagasmask Sat 12-Aug-17 23:28:35

That's awful Santa...we are in Scotland and in our local area you just flll the form in, doctor signs & stamps it, go to local council office with photo and it's done there and then, I got my mums for her all I. The space of 2 hours ...awful it takes so long in some areas

itusedtobeverydifferent Sat 12-Aug-17 23:29:44

How vile.

If I'm correct, blue badge holders can park in p&c spaces if all blue bays are taken. I know this lady didn't have a badge but it's good to know that.

Poor lady. The mother of the child was completely unnecessarily out of order. Yes the spaces are for parents and children but her outburst was unacceptable. Compassion and understanding was certainly missing.

Scrowy Sat 12-Aug-17 23:31:27

its often said on here that parent and child spaces should be moved to the back of the carpark where it is quieter and there is more space and less traffic.

Would solve 99% of the P&C parking angst.

YouTheCat Sat 12-Aug-17 23:32:03

This woman is just a bully. I bet if it'd been anyone who looked like they could handle themselves she wouldn't have said a word.

MammaTJ Sat 12-Aug-17 23:33:29

It takes so long to be awarded blue badges sometimes that the person actually dies before it happens

I got mine within 6 days of applying. Applied online on the Monday and got it in the post on the Saturday. I was amazed. I was also upset that they deemed my disability bad enough to warrant one, same with PIP!! I am still coming to terms with the fact that those in authority see that I am not well, and are not just telling to buck up (not that I could, but you get what I mean).

This woman is a disgrace. I would love for someone to tell her so and it WILL happen one day. Just a shame that it is unlikely that you or this poor elderly lady will be there to see it.

itusedtobeverydifferent Sat 12-Aug-17 23:33:32

My child is not a baby, nor is he very old yet. I like to park in p&c not because they're closer, but because they're usually next to a pavement or walking route leading to the shop. So it's a safer path for my running-off variant of child.

PurpleDaisies Sat 12-Aug-17 23:34:07

The elderly lady shouldn't have been trying to park in a blue badge space without a blue badge so all those spaces being full is a red getting. It was totally fine for her to use a p and c space imo.

Some people are just entitled arseholes. That's the main take home message from these parking threads.

PurpleDaisies Sat 12-Aug-17 23:34:28

Getting=herring ^

Idratherhaveacupoftea Sat 12-Aug-17 23:36:10

Parents with children are perfectly capable of walking a couple of hundred yards if need be. Elderly or disabled people can't.

FrancisCrawford Sat 12-Aug-17 23:37:08

What an awful creature to do such a thing.

Completely unnecessary too, from the situation. Sounds like an officious busybody with nothing better to do than to harangue an elderly lady. Either that or she gets a warped kick out of bullying.

Nasty behaviour. I bet she wouldn't have taken that approach with a younger, fitter person. Bullies like her always pick on weaker people.

Why have no stores made provision for the elderly or those who do not yet qualify for a BB but do have mobility issues?

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