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To feel very very frightened

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heartstornastray Sat 12-Aug-17 13:20:15

I'm overwhelmed with all this talk of war, North Korea and now Trumps talking of military intervention in Venuzala, now i hear India and China are close to war. I feel as if we've no future, like the worlds going to explode. Is there any hope, please calm me down.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 12-Aug-17 13:28:37

Stay calm, keep on doing what you're doing everyday.

Of course it's worrying that two twats with ego issues are playing chicken but you can't let it dominate you and cause massive anxiety.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Sat 12-Aug-17 13:30:15

What will be will be

I do think this is worrying, but we just have to carry on

AfunaMbatata Sat 12-Aug-17 13:31:07

It's all just posturing, no one is actually gonna start a nuclear war cos they know they'd die too.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 12-Aug-17 13:40:05

Most of me thinks that it's just posturImg, two or three unstable leaders playing big bollocks. But as they are unstable, and unpredictable, it's hugely worrying.

I'm particular worried about my ds when he's in Japan for a year from September, as I said on another thread. Japan looks in the thick of it on a map. I'm quite nervous.

LuLuuuuuuu Sat 12-Aug-17 13:42:22

I hear you OP

I did not think it was bothering me, but the nightmare I had last night disproves that entirely . I've said it before, we had all this in the 80s and still here . (I realize that's not much help to you in the here and now but nothing happened then)

Gotanewusernamenow Sat 12-Aug-17 13:47:16

Yes I sometimes think that the world is just gonna explode!

Sounds drastic.
But it is if it happens isn't it!

It seems likely!

But there's nothing we can do about it!

Marmalady75 Sat 12-Aug-17 13:49:15

I saw an interview with Ruby Wax a while ago and she was saying that 24 hour news coverage is causing lots of people stress. If you didn't know it was all happening you wouldn't be stressed (even though it would still be happening). Try turning off the news and don't read the papers for a few days. See if that helps.

ludothedog Sat 12-Aug-17 13:51:37

I agree OP. I'm scared too. However, incessantly watching the news and fretting is not solving anything.

Switch off the TV, keep calm and carry on.

and go and do something fun for the day with the kids!

Gotanewusernamenow Sat 12-Aug-17 13:51:51

Yes Marmalady75
It is all over the news.

Not watching it would take your mind of it.

IloveBanff Sat 12-Aug-17 13:52:14

It's the fact that both Trump and Kim Jong Un are both so unstable and unpredictable that's particularly terrifying about the current situation. EspeciAlly as Trump seems to be able to Tweet at will, rather than be held back to some extent by the US military or security as would have happened in the past. To be, that means that we can no longer rely on certain safeguards being in place to prevent a catastrophe.


titchy Sat 12-Aug-17 13:53:28

It's not gonna happen. Trump actually has much less power than people think. Fortunately.

Gotanewusernamenow Sat 12-Aug-17 13:53:46

It makes you wonder doesn't it!

AngelaTwerkel Sat 12-Aug-17 13:54:53

Trump is a fucking imbecile. But fortunately it's likely the US will only launch nuclear weaponry in the event of a strike against their territory (like Guam). And Kim Jong Un is too smart of a leader to ensure his own demise.

What a world we live in when the North Korean leader is a better and smarter strategist than the US president.

Try not to worry, OP. Just willy waving, as per. Exacerbated by excessive news coverage, as another poster's just pointed out.

Boredboredboredboredbored Sat 12-Aug-17 13:57:30

Honestly it's so hard to fathom isn't it? I was listening to Professor Brian Cox the day after the Manchester terror attacks. He was explaining how we are all so very fortunate to be here in this planet, to be one of our species and yet look at what we are doing to each other. Most of us just want to get on with a peaceful life and enjoy the simple pleasures, others not. God knows what will happen!

TheSparrowhawk Sat 12-Aug-17 13:57:56

Men do this. Women waste their time providing babies who'll go on to be the next lot of cannon fodder/collateral damage. I don't know why we bother.

greendale17 Sat 12-Aug-17 13:58:05

Not scared and don't know anyone who is

AnneGrommit Sat 12-Aug-17 14:00:04

Not helpful, Banff.

OP it is worrying. We've been here before of course - the Cuban Missile crisis, that berk Reagan being in charge during various diplomatic incidents in the 80s etc etc - and it all worked out in the end. Making yourself unwell with worry will not change the situation. Living well - enjoying being with those you love, making your own little corner of the world as good a place as you can - that's what you can do to make the situation better for you. While remembering that you live in a world where most people in pretty much every part of it are doing the same. And that's a lot of good intentions that you're part of.

Flopjustwantscoffee Sat 12-Aug-17 14:00:14

Yes, but trump and Kim Jong are so unstable and predictable that I don't think they have the same level of support that Russia/the US had in WW2. So let's say trump nuked/invaded NKorea and NKorea responded, do you think any of the other NATO countries would release their nukes in support of America? I don't. In the same manner, I don't think Russia or China would release their nuclear weapons either. I think there would be a LOT of very urgent phone calls but I don't think Putin would react with nuclear weapons. I do think Trump would die mysteriously a little later. It is extremely unlikely the US and Nkorea would actually come to blows, but even if they did I don't think it would lead to all out nuclear war. There would be massive, tragic loss of life in America and Korea, a huge economic impact, A huge geopolitical impact (Americas status would plummet), but I don't think there would be all out nuclear war. And that is the very very worst scenario. I don't think even Trump is stupid enough to let it get to that stage, and even I feel he was I think someone would kill stop him first.

AlmostAJillSandwich Sat 12-Aug-17 14:01:34

It is probably morbid, but the way i look at it, is that if it DOES kick off, with it all being nuclear these days, it will all be over incredibly quickly and people wont have time to suffer.

Flopjustwantscoffee Sat 12-Aug-17 14:03:17

Also the flip side of what you say about Trump no longer respecting/being held back by US military and intelligence: there's another side to that which is that I don't think they trust or respect Trump themselves and that matters if he pushes things too far. I honestly think a military coup would be more likely than nuclear war if it got to that stage...

heartstornastray Sat 12-Aug-17 14:05:13

What about China and India, if that kicks off we would be dragged in too?

stubbornstains Sat 12-Aug-17 14:07:07

I think you only really need to worry if you live in Korea (North or South), or possibly Guam.

At least the N. Koreans are spared 24 hour rolling news, eh? hmm

Leilaniii Sat 12-Aug-17 14:08:13

What's going on with India & China? I have not heard about this.

AngelaTwerkel Sat 12-Aug-17 14:09:27

Flop that's interesting because I was just reading the opposite of what you just said in The Atlantic - that the consequences for military defying the orders to deploy nukes would be too huge so they'd end up following orders. Which doesn't make sense to me - wouldn't a nuclear strike be far worse than a coup?

I can't begin to understand these machinations. But once again I despair of the factors that resulted in someone as fucking idiotic as Trump gaining power. North Korea are longstanding despotic maniacs but the US ... no excuse.

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