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To be astounded at just how many people actually believe 'big pharma' are hiding a cannabis based cancer cure because the disease is worth more to them uncured???

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Beeswax2017 Thu 10-Aug-17 06:45:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ColossalKalamari Thu 10-Aug-17 06:46:24

I've got one of these conspiracy theorists on my Facebook...shes a fruit loop I just ignore

delftblue Thu 10-Aug-17 07:19:00

I agree. A scary number of people seem to believe something similar

Rodhullstvaerial Thu 10-Aug-17 07:22:48

Because these people are incredibly fucking stupid.

Gingernaut Thu 10-Aug-17 07:25:21

It's the same clickbait dupes that fall for the 'MMS' cure for autism.


Crispsheets Thu 10-Aug-17 07:26:30

rodhull sums it up nicely 😀

QuentinSummers Thu 10-Aug-17 07:28:13

I heard something on the radio about how great cannabis oil is for cancer anecdotally but they aren't able to assess it properly medically because of its status as an illegal drug. So maybe there is a grain of truth, although it's not a "big pharma" thing, more just a stupid drug rules thing

ButchyRestingFace Thu 10-Aug-17 07:28:29

How can people get sucked in by this gubbins???

Do you know, I have only heard this word recently for the very first time.

AccrualIntentions Thu 10-Aug-17 07:29:08

Because people believe any old shit on the internet. Unfortunately, they also have the vote.

FindoGask Thu 10-Aug-17 07:30:34

There's been loads written about the psychology of conspiracy theories. Once someone buys in, it's nearly impossible to argue them out of it with reason or logic because a big part of it is that anyone who doesn't think like them is just mindlessly following the herd; only they are clear-eyed enough to question the accepted reality.

Dippingmytoesin Thu 10-Aug-17 07:31:02

What annoys me is people don't understand the difference between something being a cure and something just being a treatment/relieve symptoms.

RockyBird Thu 10-Aug-17 07:31:11

This theory minus the cannabis part has been around for donkeys.

While I think it's shit I do think there's a massive, massive "cures" industry that isn't required.

The one that springs to mind as an example is tenalady type products. It is not normal to pee yourself and most issues can be dealt with. Tena and their whoops moments are a con.

Whatslovegottodo Thu 10-Aug-17 07:33:01

It is not true, clearly it's not that simple to cure all cancer.

However cannabis does have lots of medicinal properties, such as for use in seizures and pain, and criminalising it and making it difficult to get safely to help people who need and benefit from it is terrible.

QuentinSummers Thu 10-Aug-17 07:37:16

Good summary on cancer research page

Bolshybookworm Thu 10-Aug-17 07:39:12

It annoys me whenever anyone talks about "cancer" as a single, curable disease. Shows a complete lack of understanding of what cancer actually is. It is useful for filtering out shite on Facebook though grin

RedStripeHoliday Thu 10-Aug-17 07:40:03

Lots of my friends and family post about this stuff all the time. I don't know what I believe but it's not that unbelievable is it?

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Thu 10-Aug-17 07:41:37

And I love how it never occurs to these idiots that a competing business would just figure out the secret tea recipe and get hella-rich selling this simple cancer cure. But I guess if you've already decided that every doctor, oncologist, cancer researcher, student etc etc involved are somehow all part of "big pharma" then maybe it's too great a leap.

Reminds me of how my nanny was reading some stupid alternative therapy book with the secret cure for psoriasis in it. Would it be secret if it were true? Bloody no! That would be the biggest best seller of all time.

I realise it must be so horrible suffering with these things but stop giving these idiots money and use your brain for one minute.

RhinoGirl Thu 10-Aug-17 07:43:28

Cannabis can have an affect for symptoms and pain relief. My DSis is doing a study on how cannabis affects cancerous cells. Maybe there is a link, but it's not a cure by any means.

Paddybare Thu 10-Aug-17 07:45:19

redstripe A worldwide cover up in which every single cancer research scientist is complicit? I'd say that was pretty fucking unbelievable.

Dippingmytoesin Thu 10-Aug-17 07:45:33

I think it's pretty unbelievable for various reasons but I've probably done a lot more research into cancer than most, my first degree is in cancer biology and my dissertation was about cannaboids as a treatment for 'cancer' in particular brain & lung cancers.

Crispbutty Thu 10-Aug-17 07:48:09

" they aren't able to assess it properly medically because of its status as an illegal drug."

That would be crap anyway as a)it's legal in many parts of the world and b) even if it wasn't a pharmaceutical company would have a licence to allow them to do it.

These types of rumours have been circulating for years.

Andrewofgg Thu 10-Aug-17 07:49:27

The secret was lost when an astronaut left the notes on Mars - which is where NASA went, not the moon. They got there through cyber-space but it's being kept secret to protect the oil companies.

And Lord Lucan is on tour with Princess Di and Shergar. And Elvis shot JFK from the grassy knoll.

OnTheRise Thu 10-Aug-17 07:50:54

I heard something on the radio about how great cannabis oil is for cancer anecdotally but they aren't able to assess it properly medically because of its status as an illegal drug. So maybe there is a grain of truth, although it's not a "big pharma" thing, more just a stupid drug rules thing

Universities and pharmaceutical companies do all sorts of research into all sorts of drugs. Even the illegal ones. The illegal status of so many drugs doesn't compromise the research that's carried out on them.

There are people who are legitimately employed to sell heroin, legally. And I'm sure people sell other illegal drugs in the same way. They sell pure-grade drugs to companies and universities for this research to be carried out, and for certain products to be made. It's a real thing.

EllieQ Thu 10-Aug-17 07:52:42

Seriously, RedStripe, you think everyone involved in cancer research would keep this secret? You don't think at least one company would patent the recipe, sell it, make a lot of money, and be hailed as miracle workers?

Not to mention the fact that not all cancers are the same, as a previous poster said!

mydogmymate Thu 10-Aug-17 07:52:56

Dippingmytoesin. Have you found any evidence that it could work? My FIL took cannabis oil everyday after his cancer diagnosis and lived for another 10 years. I realise that it was probably the placebo effect, but it has made me wonder.

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