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Smuggling alcohol into a wedding reception?

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jessie777 Sat 29-Jul-17 00:58:17

Would you? Have you?! Did you get caught?! wine

myrtleWilson Sat 29-Jul-17 00:59:05

why would you??

BackforGood Sat 29-Jul-17 01:01:33

myrtle - I suspect because some unscrupulous venues know you have no choice but to be there, and charge extortionate amounts for their drinks at the bar.

jessie777 Sat 29-Jul-17 01:02:07

Because once you've spent hundreds on the hen party, the hotel, the gift etc... £8 a glass of wine is the last thing you feel like paying!

jessie777 Sat 29-Jul-17 01:02:58

There was an old thread on here with some top tips interesting examples of how people managed it, but I can't find it now wink

Pallisers Sat 29-Jul-17 01:05:11

off topic but I had an argument (drink taken - utter shame but still think I was right) with dh's cousin's fiance because he brought a bottle of wine into BIL's wedding reception to drink. I spotted him with a botle of wine down by the leg of his chair and asked him what it was.
All drink was free - all night - but he wanted a "better wine" - he had no idea what the wine would be like beforehand but he brought his own bottle anyway. Like I said drink taken but god I massively had a go at him for being a snobbish twat who didn't understand the give and take of hospitality.

CWG17 Sat 29-Jul-17 01:05:47

If you do, make sure you take your empties with you as I've read stories where the bride and groom were charged the equivalent price in 'lost sales' when the venue found the empty bottles under the tables.

Slimthistime Sat 29-Jul-17 01:05:57

I never have but Ive wished I had.

I don't even drink much, but fuck me, a boring wedding and a pricey bar is adding insult isn't it. No one checks your bag at a wedding but you could only take a swig in the loo, I guess.

Slimthistime Sat 29-Jul-17 01:07:16

Oh hang on, wine? I was thinking vodka in a hip flask! Dunno how you'd manage wine.

NoLoveofMine Sat 29-Jul-17 01:08:21

The only good thing about weddings I've ever been to is alcohol is available on tap no matter your age (within reason). Why bother?

WiganPierre Sat 29-Jul-17 01:11:41

No, that's disgraceful behaviour.

CookieWarbler Sat 29-Jul-17 01:13:20

I went to a wedding where a group of us shared a 'car bar'. Basically a couple of bottles of spirits in the boot of someone's car. We bought soft drinks at the venue and topped up from the car bar. Felt no shame, drink prices were extortionate and at the time I was skint so it made sense to keep the cost down but still go to a dear friend's wedding

rjay123 Sat 29-Jul-17 01:14:00

If you must do it - take the bottle in a gift bag!

Pinkkahori Sat 29-Jul-17 01:14:51

I saw a handbag on facebook the other day specially made for the purpose of sneaking alcohol.
It had a hidden pouch to hold the wine and a little flap you lift to reveal a tap!

TheCraicDealer Sat 29-Jul-17 01:15:21

I had to visit a wedding venue once and the event planner was telling me that culchies guests will often bring a car (even if there's a coach laid on) then leave their booze in the boot and make regular forays out to the car park to top themselves up before going back to the party. I was aghast that they let them away with it but she said "well we can't police what people bring in their cars or stop them from going to their vehicles so we just have to get on with it"!

TotalPerspectiveVortex Sat 29-Jul-17 01:17:48

I did it. Hotel, middle of nowhere, extortionate bar prices. We were already paying to stay in the hotel, so I took a hip flask with vodka in to the reception. Just bought cokes & topped up. One of the brides knew and even had some herself, thought it was a great idea. I wouldn't do it as a matter of course, but I'd already spent a fortune.

Pinkkahori Sat 29-Jul-17 01:20:30

Redglitter Sat 29-Jul-17 01:22:39

I did this once at a night out. Gift wrapped a wine box in lovely paper with ribbon etc. Cut a hole for where the tap was and stuck a big bow over it. Bow got removed to top up the wine and then replaced again. Worked a treat blush

PenguinTattoo Sat 29-Jul-17 01:23:05

Simple anwser is no, I wouldn't do it, however if you would, I suggest the following:
Reception only! Have a flask of vodka, gin, whisky and only order mixers Do not decant flask in public. I recommend doing so in bathrooms. Decanting to a party approved glass is private.
The youngsters tell me it seems to be called a pre game party when they get dressed/ready and neck shots to save cash later. Sounds fun too. They literally turn up to pub drinks on Fri night and only order Jagerbombs and / or tequila. No pints of beer/wine for them!
Choose your poison and gin/vodka up, so in rounds u only pay for mixers.
Most importantly, have one night a month when you ignore any money advice! Friday nights can get made easier via an m&s meal deal. But don' ignore waitrise/co op/Tesco finest ranges. £10 for a main, sides and pudding!

TheDowagerCuntess Sat 29-Jul-17 01:30:13

A friend of mine went to a dry wedding on NYE. You'd be forgiven for smuggling a little something into a wedding like that. 🍸

Hudson10 Sat 29-Jul-17 01:36:15

If you're going to start smuggling drinks into wedding receptions into your handbag, I totally understand. Never done it myself but have been to weddings when I can see why people have sneakily brought their own along!

CoughLaughFart Sat 29-Jul-17 01:37:12

Those baby food pouches you can buy are a great way to smuggle vodka. A friend did it at a festival last year; the bag searchers apparently didn't spot our lack of a child grin

CoughLaughFart Sat 29-Jul-17 01:38:25

All drink was free - all night - but he wanted a "better wine" - he had no idea what the wine would be like beforehand but he brought his own bottle anyway. Like I said drink taken but god I massively had a go at him for being a snobbish twat who didn't understand the give and take of hospitality.

This was your business why?

Pallisers Sat 29-Jul-17 01:50:21

because I thought it was really really dismissive and rude to the hospitality being shown to him. Like if you brought your own wine to a dinner party because you didn't trust your hosts to have enough money to buy decent wine.

And it wasn't my business - just like commenting on my post isn't your business if we take a strict definition of business - but he was sitting right next to me and it really irritated me.

And as I said a few times in my post - drink was taken so my inhibitions were down. If I hadn't had a couple of glasses of wine I'd probably have said nothing to him and just thought "what a twat". I had a couple of glasses of wine so I asked him if he thought he was being polite and mannerly by bringing his own wine in.

Does that explain it enough for you?

CoughLaughFart Sat 29-Jul-17 01:56:04

I think if you were that bothered about the bride and groom's hospitality you wouldn't have picked an argument at their wedding reception.

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