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Friend is planning to drive without a licence

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covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 00:45:44

I have so much sympathy for my friend. She is a good, law abiding person who just cannot seem to pass her driving test.

She's an amazing driver! I sit with her in her car and she is easily at the standard to pass her test. Her issue is she gets too nervous when taking her test and fails. She has failed 5 times now and cannot afford anymore goes.

She is a social worker and so far has been unable to find work due to being unable to drive but has finally found a job as a hospital social worker that does not require a car as there's no community visits.

The only issue now is she will be virtually unable to take the job without driving some of the way. The commute would involve a bus journey, three train changes and a long walk. It's easily 90 mins of pretty stressful commute each way.

By car it's 30 minutes. More in traffic but still no more than 50 mins

If she can get the train from the third station alone the route her journey to work is so much easier. It's one direct train.

She has a car, she's insured on it and can drive it so she is planning to drive it without a licence! She is in a state of complete desperation as she has a baby and needs to get the baby to nursery too.

She's been trying tirelessly to get a job for two years and she finally has a chance. I feel terrible for her but I think this is such a bad idea.

If she gets a criminal record she could lose her job.

She thinks all she would ever get if caught is a fine. I'm very worried about this and have encouraged her not to do it but I don't think she will listen.

We both know someone who has been driving a car uninsured and without a license for years without being caught but she may be different and caught out straight away.

AIBU to do everything I can to stop her doing this?

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 00:46:16

I say law abiding. She was literally the most law abiding person you could meet until she got in this desperate situation.

Cocklodger Mon 17-Jul-17 00:50:37

She needs to pass her test. This isn't ok.
Her insurance will be invalid because she's breeched her license (by driving unsupervised) she could face jail time.
A 90 minute commute doesn't mean she's "unable" to take it. She just doesn't want to do the commute which is understandable. But she has a choice take the job with the commute or stay unemployed.
Make it clear to her that this is not a viable option.

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 00:52:35

She won't not take the job. She can't. This is her foot in the door.

She can't move.

She can't pass her test. Once she has the job she can book more tests but needs that first pay check first.

I really can't see her choosing not to drive. The car is on her driveway. I think the temptation will be too much.

She will just cancel the insurance I reckon! Very worrying.

NellieFiveBellies Mon 17-Jul-17 00:52:51

she would be fucking stupid to do this.
her insurance wont pay out if shes breaking the law!
she must know this!

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 00:54:50

She will cancel th insurance. She knows it will be invalid anyway.

So driving without insurance or a licence!

But she thinks the county is soft and even if she is caught will get away with a fine.

AlongcameMolly Mon 17-Jul-17 00:55:15

The best thing you could do for her as a friend is tell her that you will report her to the Police/DVLA if she carries out her crazy plan.

cowgirlsareforever Mon 17-Jul-17 00:57:00

She sounds like she is too dim and lacking in judgement to be a social worker.

NellieFiveBellies Mon 17-Jul-17 00:59:10

oh dear.
well, she had better not utter a word of complaint if she gets caught and loses her job , has a criminal record and cant get work in her chosen field.

i understand she is doing this through desperation but it is a huge risk to take. the consequences are awful.

Aquamarine1029 Mon 17-Jul-17 01:00:20

You're not insured if you don't have a license. Your friend is insane to even consider driving without one.

Redglitter Mon 17-Jul-17 01:03:09

If she gets caught she'll lose her car too as the police will seize it

garud Mon 17-Jul-17 01:03:53

If it's just until the first paycheck then she can suffer the commute until that time. You don't mention anything that makes it impossible (e.g. getting DC to childcare) just that it's a pain.

She'd be an idiot to risk so much for the sake of a shitty commute.

BoysofMelody Mon 17-Jul-17 01:05:27

She needs to move within commutable distance or pass her test or realise that she may need to rethink her career goals. Driving around illegally isn't a choice and if she does, you need to report her.

ExplodedCloud Mon 17-Jul-17 01:05:37

If she turns the job down or gets a bus for 6 months (and gets beta blockers for her next test) it's a temporary inconvenience.
If she gets caught unlicensed and uninsured then she's banned for at least a year, fined and sacked. All of which are quite hard to gloss over.
Short term thinking.

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 01:06:44

It's a friend of ours who is encouraging her. He's been driving without a licence for years. He's rather proud of it!

He has never been caught. Knows people who have and got nothing but a fine. Seems there very lenient with it.

But, they are not professionals. It wouldn't affect them as much as their criminal record wouldn't be as big an issue.

She is a social worker and needs a clean DBS. I know sometimes they let you continue with a conviction but not whilst in the role! I'd be surprised.

WatchingFromTheWings Mon 17-Jul-17 01:06:49

You need to report her if she does do this. How would you feel if she drove with no license or insurance and had an accident and killed someone and you'd done nothing?? She's insane just for thinking this is ok.

ExplodedCloud Mon 17-Jul-17 01:07:11

*and that assumes she's unlucky to be pulled rather than something happening like a crash which is more likely in commuter traffic.

UnconventionalWarfare Mon 17-Jul-17 01:07:33

Oh shes the most AMAZING driver only failed her test 5 times....hmm

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 01:07:36

She can't move

She uses beta blockers anyway. She just gets nervous and forgets everything

She can't get a job nearer.

It's tough. I agree she's stupid though.

BlueKarou Mon 17-Jul-17 01:08:30

Might be best if she does cancel the insurance - I'm assuming an uninsured car is more likely to ping up on any police scanners than an unlicensed driver, and so she'd be more likely to be caught.

So so stupid to even consider it.

covermeinchocolate Mon 17-Jul-17 01:08:32

She is a good driver. Definitely.

She just gets nervous in her test.

I'm very competent in my job. I'm a senior manager. I can't invervire for toffee. It's not reflection on actual ability. Nerves are debilitating.

PrincessPeach08 Mon 17-Jul-17 01:08:58

A social worker who is planning on driving her baby around in a car with no licence? As previous posters have said her insurance would be null and void in the case of an accident God forbid. The best thing you can do as her friend is tell her straight you will report her, if she turns against you then at least you know you weren't the one in the wrong. Nerves aside her driving clearly isn't up to standard or she would have passed after 5 attempts she's clearly doing something wrong and needs to keep up her lessons and pass her test before putting other innocent people at risk

BoysofMelody Mon 17-Jul-17 01:08:59

I have so much sympathy for my friend. She is a good, law abiding person who just cannot seem to pass her driving test.

I have fuck all sympathy. She's a criminal who gives zero fucks about other people's safety. Driving isn't a right, it's a privilege for those who've demonstrated they reached the standard required by the examiner.

TalkinBoutNuthin Mon 17-Jul-17 01:10:38

Can't she just get a moped and get a provisional licence for it?

AlongcameMolly Mon 17-Jul-17 01:11:32

So she gets too nervous when doing her test and fails, but she's prepared to drive illegally and face all sorts of repercussions if she's involved in an accident hmm

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