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women who flap their hands at their faces in hot weather

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user1486156729 Sun 16-Jul-17 21:41:42

Why do they do this? It makes no difference at all.
I would never bite them, but I do think about it.

StickThatInYourPipe Sun 16-Jul-17 21:44:10

It blows some air in your face which gives you s teeny tiny feeling of cool for about a second

Notknownatthisaddress Sun 16-Jul-17 21:44:11

Why do you only hate WOMEN who do it?

Urglewurgle Sun 16-Jul-17 21:45:55

Why do people fan themselves when they're too warm?????

Mumzypopz Sun 16-Jul-17 21:46:47

For me it's much the same as women who flap their hands at their face when they are emotional.....daft.

NellieFiveBellies Sun 16-Jul-17 21:47:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

formerbabe Sun 16-Jul-17 21:47:33

I do's to alert people that I'm unusually hot rather than just sweaty/red in the face.

OhTheRoses Sun 16-Jul-17 21:48:15

Clearly you aren't yet menopausal.

PunjanaTea Sun 16-Jul-17 21:49:31

Why do people start weird judgey threads about harmless things other people do? Particularly when those things have a perfectly reasonable explanations if they just thought about it a little 😏

Mumzypopz Sun 16-Jul-17 21:50:24

"to alert people that you are unusually hot"!!?? Why do people need to know? Surely if you are hot, they are hot too? It's alerting attention to yourself. Do you really need to do this?

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Jul-17 21:50:29

What Punjana said.

Notknownatthisaddress Sun 16-Jul-17 21:51:22

Misogynism is alive and well in this thread. wink

Those bloody women, doing what they like again, without permission and too. Those bitches! angry

How DARE they flap their tiny wee hands and offend you all so much! Grrrrrr! Damn them to Hades! angry

ozymandiusking Sun 16-Jul-17 21:51:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Sun 16-Jul-17 21:53:06

What stick said

RebelRogue Sun 16-Jul-17 21:53:25

Flap flap flap grin

McDougal Sun 16-Jul-17 21:53:36

It does make a difference. Perhaps next time you're too hot, you might attempt it and realise the benefits.

Mumzypopz Sun 16-Jul-17 21:53:42 is harmless, but it's also daft. When people do daft things, other people like to talk about it, it's human nature. Someone above has already said it's to alert people to the fact that they are hot, so they want attention, I suspect in a "I'm a silly woman type of way".

ChasingHighs Sun 16-Jul-17 21:54:38

Why do people keep their usernumbernames when it's piss easy to change it to a proper username?

<fans self>

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Jul-17 21:55:33

Are we to assume OP is a man though?

Grimbles Sun 16-Jul-17 21:56:24

Flapping my hands in front of my face does provide a small cooling effect.

RiverTam Sun 16-Jul-17 21:56:31

I've just flapped myself, and it certainly did produce a wee breeze. So, maybe they do it because they're hot and there's no breeze. Is that that hard to fathom out for yourself?

ShatnersBassoon Sun 16-Jul-17 21:56:52

It moves the air, just a small amount but that can be enough to cool. It's why you often see rocking chairs on the porches in the hotter parts of America; a tiny bit of air movement can have a cooling effect.

Headofthehive55 Sun 16-Jul-17 21:56:55

Clearly those of you who are puzzled by this are not menopausal. You will realise at some point in the future why you do this.

StickThatInYourPipe Sun 16-Jul-17 21:58:12

I suspect in a "I'm a silly woman type of way" confused

Yeah THAT or errrmmmm... to let other people know she is hot and not just a sweaty person or to maybe alert someone to put on air conditioning!

NellieFiveBellies Sun 16-Jul-17 21:58:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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