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To be really shocked about periods

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Belindamaee Sun 16-Jul-17 18:48:09

My periods have always been what I considered normal.

Small amount of blood. Definitely not enough for any leaking. One normal sized pad will do and I could keep it on all day before changing it but change it every few hours for sanitary purposes.

If I buy a tampon it will stay in for about 5 hours without leaking nor needing to be changed.

There just isn't much blood. No pain. Nothing. In fact, I forget I'm on my period.

I do however have horrid symptoms prior to my period so it evens out. Awfully sore boobs, water retention that makes me look a stone heavier, headache, low mood.

So I don't have it easy!

Anyway, this has come up as my friend was telling me she has to use a pad with a tampon as a tampon would leak if it was just used on its own. She said she has to lie flat in bed when using a pad because otherwise she would leak and she has to change her pad every three hours.

I was wondering what was normal?

AIBU to think my circumstances are more common than hers? Or do my periods seem unusually light?

SafetyBird Sun 16-Jul-17 18:50:11

Both are normal hmm

Llanali Sun 16-Jul-17 18:50:28

Yours sound very light, but I think normal is probably a vast range. You shouldn't leave a tampon in that long either. TSS risk.

tumblejumble Sun 16-Jul-17 18:50:32

My periods are heavy after having children so I will wear a tampon for hygiene reasons but also a pad invade it leaks which I'll change every 5/6 hours. I have to lie on my side in bed of just wearing a pad or it leaks everywhere if on my back.

Really heavy periods with loads of clots tmi

Ilovecoleslaw Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:06

There is no normal, every woman is different

Moanyoldcow Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:09

You are both unusual. Most people, ime, are somewhere in between.

Hidingtonothing Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:15

Yep, sounds to me like you're just at opposite ends of the scale of what's 'normal'.

tumblejumble Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:16

If you wear a tampon overnight then that's what like 8 hours with one in, it's ok

AshesEmbersFlames Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:29

Both are normal I think. Periods are different for everyone. FWIW, I think yours are on the lighter side of normal and hers the heavier. Has she seen the GP about her periods recently? There are things that can be done about very heavy periods.

I'm lucky that I've never had heavy periods apart from the brief time I had a copper coil.

CremeFresh Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:41

Can I ask how old you are ? Have you not ever had chats with mates about periods before now ?

regrouted Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:44

Both are.

A change from what your "normal" is or symptoms that affect your quality of life should be investigated, otherwise everyone has their own variation on a theme as a baseline.

VladmirsPoutine Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:49

Well that's a bit like asking 'is my skin colour ok?'

Women have different menstrual experiences which are subject to change. What's so shocking about that?

Thegiantofillinois Sun 16-Jul-17 18:51:51

Are you on the pill? You sound like me. The bloating is now lasting over a week before each period and makes all my gym efforts pointless.

delilahbucket Sun 16-Jul-17 18:52:09

Yours seem light. For two days I have to take ibuprofen or I have periods so heavy I can't cope and the size of the clots are awful. A nightime pad does not get me through the night and a super tampon usually lasts me an hour, this is with the ibuprofen. I also have a week build up of sore boobs, bloating and then the cramps for three days at the start are horrendous. According to my doctor this is normal and I have to just live with it confused.

GnomeDePlume Sun 16-Jul-17 18:52:10

Mine were much more like your friend's.

Normal is a very wide range.

VestalVirgin Sun 16-Jul-17 18:53:39

Your period does seem to be unusually light.

I think most girls and women do have the problem with leaking at night.

tinydancer88 Sun 16-Jul-17 18:54:07

There's a vast range of 'normal'.

Yours sound very light compared to mine. On the heaviest days I can change a pad every 1-2 hours sometimes (not always). I find them quite painful and feel quite unwell. I think I suffer more than quite a few of my friends, but not as much as other women in my family.

welshweasel Sun 16-Jul-17 18:54:15

Mine add similar to yours flow wise but excruciatingly painful. I'd rather have heavy and painfree!

Moanyoldcow Sun 16-Jul-17 18:54:17

There is 'normal' or, rather 'abnormal' - extremely heavy or painful or scant periods are not normal and should be investigated by your doctor.

SafetyBird Sun 16-Jul-17 18:55:27

dililah wouldn't the ibuprofen make your period heavier as it thins the blood?

VestalVirgin Sun 16-Jul-17 18:57:29

Well that's a bit like asking 'is my skin colour ok?'

Not exactly. Painful and heavy periods can be caused by conditions that should be treated.

(Granted, people can also have a skin colour that's caused by disease or poisoning,e.g. if it is yellow or grey, but I don't think you meant that ...)

limon Sun 16-Jul-17 19:00:21

trumble you shouldnt use tampons overnight. Risk of sepsis.

EB123 Sun 16-Jul-17 19:02:39

Both are normal.
Since having children my periods are much heavier and more painful. For a couple of hours before i start my c section scar feels like it is going to burst open. And for a couple of days I am very heavy and liable to leak if I don't keep on top of it.

gingerscot Sun 16-Jul-17 19:03:49

Mine are like yours OP, but with few symptoms before and no pain. I barely notice them. I know from talking to friends that I'm lucky, just always been like that.

Lunchtimeburrito Sun 16-Jul-17 19:05:54

I would give anything to have periods like yours. Mine are a curse to say the least. I leak, flood, pass clots, my life is arranged around my periods. I've been to the gynaecologist and my only options are ablation and Mirena, neither of them appeal so I'm stuck with these bloody awful periods which have left me anemic. Your one of the lucky ones.

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