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Bridesmaid dress HELP ME!!!

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Henrysmycat Thu 13-Jul-17 09:52:55

I am sorry, this is on AIBU but I am posting for traffic as I am desperate!!
I am a bridesmaid to a wedding overseas where I am the only British resident. The bride told us long time go about the dresses and the colour she wanted us to wear and send us samples. I was on thyroid therapy and training and I was sure my body would change so I delayed buying the dress. Fast forward to now and it's 5 weeks to the wedding and all the wedding places I tried do not carry this colour. "Not as popular in the UK as it is in other parts of the world. (the colour btw is a purple called Regency).
Some shops gave me leadtimes of 17 and 12 weeks to get me the dress which obviously that is not good enough.
I found some Chinese companies online that do these things but I have heard so many horror stories and I can't afford timewise to waste another 4 week if the dress they do is not good. Any ideas where to go? budget is £150 which is not enough for someone to make me a dress down south.
I am not from the UK and never been bridesmaid or got married here so my wedding knowledge is extremely limited.

Morphene Thu 13-Jul-17 09:55:24

I think you could not possibly have come to a better place with that problem...I am no help whatsoever, but bumping for the literally millions of people on here who are!

UntilTheCowsComeHome Thu 13-Jul-17 09:56:44

It's the same colour as Cadbury purple isn't it? I think dresses will be labelled Cadbury purple rather that regency in the UK.

RiversrunWoodville Thu 13-Jul-17 09:57:27

Utterly useless with dresses but have you tried eBay it's my go to and even with the unusual colour you might get lucky?

Calvinlookingforhobbs Thu 13-Jul-17 09:57:54

You need to find a dress maker! This is easy enough. Where abouts are you?

Notsosureanymoors Thu 13-Jul-17 09:58:09

Cadbury purple OP! What style has the dress got to be? What size?

HughLauriesStubble Thu 13-Jul-17 09:58:50

It's a popular colour here in Ireland. I wore this dress in a green as a bridesmaid and it was fab. Didn't need any alterations either.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Thu 13-Jul-17 09:59:02

Is this the right colour? It's a simply be dress.

PetitErmitage Thu 13-Jul-17 09:59:21

Do you have the option of dying another dress that colour? A seamstress or tailor might be able to advise?

Notonthestairs Thu 13-Jul-17 09:59:56

Probably a silly question but have you trawled the bigger department stores? John Lewis, Debenhams etc? Have you got a swatch to match it against? Have you spoken to any dressmakers local to you?
Sorry if you have tried all of this.
I can understand your panic!

FenellaMaxwellsPony Thu 13-Jul-17 10:01:26

Is there a specific style of dress? If not, get to John Lewis asap with the swatch!

nannyuk Thu 13-Jul-17 10:01:32

What size are you? I have a dress that you can have.

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Thu 13-Jul-17 10:02:02

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Thu 13-Jul-17 10:02:47

Says next day delivery?

PainSnail Thu 13-Jul-17 10:03:10

Are you near London? There is a David's Bridal in Westfield and they do regency purple

Henrysmycat Thu 13-Jul-17 10:05:12

It looks like Cadbury's purple. Need to check with my sample.
I did all the big department stores in London and some other wedding shops and they were all fail.
A seamstress down south gave me a budget of £300 for a simple one which is a bit much but this is London Suburbs for you.
There is no restrictions on design only on the colour and the length knee length or thereabouts.

Scrowy Thu 13-Jul-17 10:05:35

This is available in a long length and a short length



Maxi dress

Morphene Thu 13-Jul-17 10:05:57

Oohhh regina those are NICE.

MrsBadger Thu 13-Jul-17 10:06:03

if you can get to Croydon, Sexyher are very good despite the awful name. They are Chinese imports so not exquisite quality but they have a lot in stock and will do quick alterations - they had 50s style hot orange bridesmaid dresses (I know, I know) when nowhere else did.

nannyuk Thu 13-Jul-17 10:06:21

This is mine

Henrysmycat Thu 13-Jul-17 10:06:56

David's Bridal were the ones that gave me 17 weeks lead time and they were pretty horrible in their service tbh.
I'm a size 12 but anything above I can fix?

nannyuk Thu 13-Jul-17 10:08:27

Oh nevermind then

UntilTheCowsComeHome Thu 13-Jul-17 10:08:56

Is this formal enough?

PetraStrorm Thu 13-Jul-17 10:09:45

Be careful if you consider buying a dress then getting it dyed. Often the fabric is one thing (e.g cotton, silk) and the thread is something different (e.g polyester) and they take the dye completely differently. You could end up with a beautiful purple dress with bright blue/white stitching all over it.

Yes, I am speaking from bitter experience smile

UntilTheCowsComeHome Thu 13-Jul-17 10:12:26

This is lovely

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