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To get angry with someone travelling without a seat belt

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Phoebefromfriends Tue 11-Jul-17 21:41:44

Currently away with work with a number of colleagues and we took a cab ride which took nearly an hour through traffic. One of my colleagues who was sitting opposite me in the cab undid their seat belt as they felt it was too tight. Twice this week she's caused issues with a seat belt, last night pulling it away from her neck and the day before undoing my seat belt so she could buckle up. She undid it and I told her to buckle up, she refused and I felt it was dangerous, especially as I was opposite her. I actually swore at her because she made out like I was being unreasonable. In the end we had to swap seats during the journey at a set of lights. I probably should not have sworn but she was so dismissive of my concerns about safety. What would you have done?

PastysPrincess Tue 11-Jul-17 21:48:05

If there is a seatbelt it has to be worn by law. You shouldn't have sworn at her but you already know that. In my organisation I would be expected to stop working and tackle the if that means stopping the taxi thats what you'd do.

pudding24 Tue 11-Jul-17 21:52:25

Some people don't seem to think it's necessary in a cab or something. Even though it's a vehicle, moving at the exact same speed through the exact same hazards...

I would say it's their business as it's their life, but unsecured people can be a hazard to others in the case of a sudden stop.

underthebridget Tue 11-Jul-17 21:53:38

I can't get over the number of kids I see climbing around in the back of cars, parents doing nothing about it.

Phoebefromfriends Tue 11-Jul-17 21:54:37

The reason I was so insistent as I've just met someone whose parent has been paralysed in a car accident by the person behind undoing their seat belt.

The seat she was in was travelling backwards and had slightly less room hence why I swapped with her.

blackteasplease Tue 11-Jul-17 21:57:50

You are right, of course. But I think if you are claustrophobic rear seat belts can feel very restricting.

But I guess death is pretty restricting too.

museumum Tue 11-Jul-17 22:02:53

What do you mean "pulling it away from her neck"?
I'm short and often seat belts ride up and cut across me. I'd rather not be garrotted in an accident so often pull it down and hold it (aware that won't help in a big accident but there's no other option).

Fruitbat1980 Tue 11-Jul-17 22:03:14

YANBU my aunt died because on a 10 minute journey from home she didn't wear a belt. A 30 mile an hour head on collision with a young girl, snapped her neck. Everyone else in both cars wore belts and survived. Minor bruising. Her neck snapped and she died instantly. It is heartbreaking and destroys family's. You are definitely not unreasonable. I frequently relay this story (as bluntly else I'll sob my heart out) to colleagues, especially in black cabs where no fecker ever seems to put a seat belt on.
They soon do. And I like to think aunt is smiling down at me as I rant, saying good girl.

museumum Tue 11-Jul-17 22:04:33

Actually I don't think I could ride backwards for an hour either. I know black cabs take 5 people but really for an hours ride one per three people is more reasonable.

PastysPrincess Tue 11-Jul-17 22:04:44

Some people simply don't understand the forces involved in a crash; even a low speed one. My DF worked in the car industry doing vehicle development and testing. It was very eye opening. I always remember him telling me never put anything ontop of the parcel shelf because in the event of the crash they become flying objects- in particular a box of tissues can strike with the force of a brick.

Nonibaloni Tue 11-Jul-17 22:09:32

I'm one of these people, I pull the car over till everyone buckels up, yes even if it is crushes your wedding outfit, blood will look worse in photos. I also loose my mind at kids pissing about in car parks. You'll never know if you almost died. So many things might happen.

Phoebefromfriends Thu 13-Jul-17 05:59:22

Thanks everyone I feel less crazy now, for me it was about safety and being opposite her made me very anxious.

Regarding travelling backwards she was asked as we got in the cab if she was OK with that and she said yes. I'm mostly annoyed that she didn't speak up then and we could have changed seats as the car was parked instead of at lights.

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