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To think these officers should be suspended or sacked.

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11122aa Tue 11-Jul-17 19:39:11
Shouldn't these officers be suspended until they lose some of the weight or even sacked. Such a weight must mean they cannot undertake all the duties required of them.

Pengggwn Tue 11-Jul-17 19:51:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EpoxyResin Tue 11-Jul-17 19:54:37 there some specific reason you have for being so concerned? Their managers are capable of managing their performance, I'm sure.

NC4now Tue 11-Jul-17 19:54:37

Well there's a certain fitness level required to join and some jobs require the officers to be fit.
Lots of police jobs don't require that fitness level though. Sacked seems a bit harsh. There are loads of desk jobs.

NC4now Tue 11-Jul-17 19:54:56

YY epoxy resin

Iamtheresurrection Tue 11-Jul-17 20:03:08

To require the police to maintain fitness the police would need to provide facilities/time. Given the budget cuts neither of these are in great supply at the moment.

DancesWithOtters Tue 11-Jul-17 20:05:42

Reported this shitty post.

thefutureisfemale Tue 11-Jul-17 20:07:12

Can we suspend you for being a waste of internet space?

worridmum Tue 11-Jul-17 20:12:06

by that rekoning you should suspand pregnet officers because they cannot carry out all their duites? which is in fact wrong the police are not above employeement laws.

And like others said if they required a required level of fitness to be maintained they need to provide the area and possible pay them during workout time as police shifts are too full on for regular training (since rest days etc are often cancelled for no reason etc)

But I think you should have a time out you goady person

Out2pasture Tue 11-Jul-17 20:24:08

For starters the article is poorly written, goady to start with.
9 pairs over two years, could be only 3 people. Are maternity pants available for female staff, or are they having to order large and have them altered?
How is the fit? My husband was assigned work clothing that was industry specific. However the cut and fit was inappropriate for his size (in his case long arms, wide shoulders) and would order XXL and get jackets altered.

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