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To take paid time off work for a medical?

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HopefullyAnonymous Tue 11-Jul-17 13:40:25

I've recently been offered a new job which requires me to undergo a medical assessment before getting a start date. My current employers do not know I'm planning to leave. We get paid time off for medical appointments, WIBU to take the afternoon off (appointment an hours drive away) even though I'm not actually sick? I have no annual leave left to take so would have to take unpaid holiday otherwise. The appointment cannot be rearranged as they are open the same hours I work!

Notknownatthisaddress Tue 11-Jul-17 13:42:22

It's up to you, but I would say take it as unpaid leave. It's only a couple of hours isn't it?

Sorry to sound pious, but I am not a fan of sick time off when there is nothing wrong.

Notknownatthisaddress Tue 11-Jul-17 13:43:19

Just say you have a medical appointment. They should not ask why, and if they do, say it's personal.

HopefullyAnonymous Tue 11-Jul-17 13:46:34

I meant we are entitled to paid time off for medical appointments, rather than that I'd claim to be ill. Because of the location and duration of the appointment I'll be away for a full afternoon.

beekeeper17 Tue 11-Jul-17 14:33:48

Personally I'm often in work early, stay late, work through lunch etc, so I would just say it's a medical appointment and say no more about it. But then my work aren't clock watchers, they have the attitude that as long as you get your work done and do a good job, then they'll not be keeping track of where exactly you are, so it might be a bit more flexible than other workplaces.

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