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(Lighthearted) To get a bit miffed when people who aren't petite shop in the petite section

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LalalalaaaCantHearYou Mon 10-Jul-17 23:07:30

Is that even a valid reason

DonkeyOaty Mon 10-Jul-17 23:13:50


AngelaKardashian Mon 10-Jul-17 23:15:12

Do you mean who aren't short or who aren't thin?

ijustwannadance Mon 10-Jul-17 23:15:15


PollyFlint Mon 10-Jul-17 23:15:28

What on earth are you talking about? It's none of your business where anyone shops.

grumpysquash3 Mon 10-Jul-17 23:16:21

There's no point anyway, the clothes won't fit.

OfficerVanHalen Mon 10-Jul-17 23:16:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chapterandverse Mon 10-Jul-17 23:16:56

I'm petite. 4ft 10"

Size 2 shoes.

However I wear a size 14/16....that's not considered petite.

Would I annoy you? It's the shorter length trouser leg I like petite for.

PollyFlint Mon 10-Jul-17 23:18:53

AngelaKardashian I wondered this. Petite ranges in, say, Next go up to an 18. OP, are you suggesting that people can't be considered 'petite' if they're fat and should therefore have to wear trousers six inches too long for them so as not to annoy you? Or do you mean that if people are over 5'3" they shouldn't be buying clothes for shorter people?

Either way, it's bollocks. Most petite ranges are for 5'3" and under but plenty of women who are taller than that happen to have a shorter upper body or shorter legs so might use the petite section. What, exactly, is your problem with women buying clothes that, you know, actually fit them?

DilysMoon Mon 10-Jul-17 23:19:54

Eh? I'm 5'7" and a size 14/16 so not petite to look at however petite tops are a much better fit as I'm very short waisted. Didn't realise anyone else would be remotely interested in or bothered by this confused

SaucyJack Mon 10-Jul-17 23:20:36

You wot mate?

OfficerVanHalen Mon 10-Jul-17 23:20:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AngelaKardashian Mon 10-Jul-17 23:21:22

I have a feeling it was intended to be a fat-bashing thread.

I'm 5"2 and fat. I'll shop in the petite section as I please.

FerretsAreFeminists Mon 10-Jul-17 23:21:49

Why would they be shopping in the petite section if they're not petite? confused

SunshineOutdoors Mon 10-Jul-17 23:22:57

I am pretty petite (5'2") but have to get swimming costumes that are designed for tall people as I have a long body and short legs <attractive>

Is that allowed?

dailymailarecunts Mon 10-Jul-17 23:23:02

Oh I'd piss you right off then! I shop in petite for trousers (5ft 2) and tall for tops (huge boobs so the extra length helps cover my mum tum).

Grilledaubergines Mon 10-Jul-17 23:23:29

I'm 5ft 6. With very short legs. I have to shop in the petite section for trousers/skirts. For which I apologise unreservedly, in not meeting your personal requirements.

FerretsAreFeminists Mon 10-Jul-17 23:23:34

I thought petite referred to height. So it's possible to be both petite and fat, no?

KeepServingTheDrinks Mon 10-Jul-17 23:23:36

If those short arses (thin, presumably) wander into the fat section, should we squash them with our arses? And stamp on them with our big feet?

LalalalaaaCantHearYou Mon 10-Jul-17 23:26:55

I don't care if you're large or not. I was talking about the two 5"8 + girls and those that are generally that height

MacTweedy Mon 10-Jul-17 23:27:27

I'm 5'4 and sometime shop in the TALL section. Sorry not sorry. I just like a skirt I know will be long enough for the office, or a top that doesn't leave my mum tum on show.

hippadoppaloppagorillapig Mon 10-Jul-17 23:28:07

I've recently had to start shopping in the petite section because I've found they seem to make trouser legs extremely long nowadays. I've not set foot in it for 34 years!

LalalalaaaCantHearYou Mon 10-Jul-17 23:28:12

Angela- not fat bashing at all
Ferrets- you are correct

FerretsAreFeminists Mon 10-Jul-17 23:28:36

They were probably buying for someone else OP.

Not sure why it matters tbh.

PollyFlint Mon 10-Jul-17 23:28:38

Currently I'm a size 16, but even when I was a size 8 -10 I had to go to Evans for boots and often shoes to because I've got muscular calves and wide feet. Should I have been thrown out for being too thin for the shop, even though that was the only place I could actually get affordable boots to fit me?

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