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To ask you to rejoice with me?

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Scampifriesareyum Mon 10-Jul-17 23:05:21

Let us rejoice about the humble scampi fry. I have just bought a multipack from amazon prime and am certain this is what heaven is like. (I used to have a life I promise)

KC225 Mon 10-Jul-17 23:07:15

Multipack of.......

Tazerface Mon 10-Jul-17 23:08:33

....scampi fries KC225 grin

They smell so nasty but taste soooooo good!

buckeejit Mon 10-Jul-17 23:12:47

I like bacon fries a wee bit more

RoseCuntedGlasses Mon 10-Jul-17 23:15:26

They're good, you're right. But surely the Cheese Moment is king of the bar snack? Mmm cheesy yeast extracty goodness.

Scampifriesareyum Mon 10-Jul-17 23:22:10

Ew heathen heathen <sprinkles holy water and backs away slowly>

Cheese fries are vile mush!

Scampifriesareyum Mon 10-Jul-17 23:22:50

Sorry cheese moments. Am just too obsessed with scampi fries

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