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Hire A Hubby - WTAF??

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WomblingThree Sun 09-Jul-17 11:47:06

Just heard a radio advert for this franchise business. How does this shit still happen? Does no one have any critical thinking skills any more? I actually checked it wasn't April fool's day.

DH and I just sat there open mouthed. Him especially, as he's absolutely shite at DIY

WeAllHaveWings Sun 09-Jul-17 11:57:09

What do they do? Mines is slobbing about the couch watching crap TV after one too many last night, and has stunk out the toilet so much it's a no go zone.

If anyone wants to pay for this I'll happily send him round?

Penny4UrThoughts Sun 09-Jul-17 11:58:29

Not sure what shit you are referring to...

rightwhine Sun 09-Jul-17 12:00:45

Is he good looking? Does he have expertise in er .. other areas than diy?

Or are they basically marketing an odd job man?

Cocklodger Sun 09-Jul-17 12:15:52

You can have mine for free if you'd like.
Cooks a nice meal but you'll have to threaten divorce to get him to make dinner.
He's perfectly capable of slobbing around on the PS4 for hours on end though if that's your thing...
Wouldn't know cleaning if Kim and Aggie themselves bitch slapped him.
and we're seperated

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Sun 09-Jul-17 12:19:22

I just saw a 'hireahubby' van on the m4 this morning, dh and I were wondering if it was sofa sitting, shed loitering, baby making or what. Turns out to be diy!

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