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To think this is not my job?

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Bunlicker Sun 09-Jul-17 10:36:48

I Pay letting agents fees for god know what service every year and and quite a bit of actual rent for my house.

The people who own the house no doubt spend a small fortune to have the house 'fully managed'.

Previous issues with plumbing (blocked toilet, seriously leaking tap) have taken over 6 months to deal with.

We've had a slight issues with damp that was flagged up in the twice annual wander round the house and justify ourselves inspection.

We had a man come look at the damp, 6 months go by and not hear anything. Then a couple weeks ago they send someone else around to do the same thing and he wants to start work but needs scaffolding access to next door apparently. He has also posted a note through next doors letterbox asking and they've not heard back. I've had an email explaining all this from letting agents and asking me to go next door and sort access with neighbours.

Now aibu in thinking the lazy bastard letting agents who are actually here at my house this week for an inspection and who work 5 minutes walk away can have this conversation with the neighbor? In the time it took them to email me they could have walked round.

I happen to know the neighbour is planning works to their front space (terraced victorians in town so very small front patches) and is not likely to be keen on scaffolding. It's not my house I feel awkward asking for something I'm not even keen to have done myself. And this is what they are paid to do isn't it? I know it's not the end of the world but I just think it's a pisstake

PlaymobilPirate Sun 09-Jul-17 10:42:16

Tbh if it's going to sort out damp in the property you live in then a 2 minute nip next door wouldn't kill you (assuming you'd like the work doing and it'll make the house more pleasant?)

Bunlicker Sun 09-Jul-17 10:48:01

It's actually weird the damp has been a smallish stain in the wall (in my room) since I moved in (a few years now) and no issues. No mould or anything. This will mean me getting kicked out of my room for a few days and replastering apparently so I really can't be arsed.

If it were mouldy or in the kids room I might want it done. Thiugh I'd still expect lazy bastard agency to organise it.

They can't expect me to keep going back and forth finding out what days next door want and what the builder can do and then back and forth

spiney Sun 09-Jul-17 11:21:53

What are letting agents for?

Yes totally their job. Letting agents are notorious for not doing anything.
It wouldn't kill you....^But it could be awkward and time consuming and you have no authority in the matter. And ^They are PAID to do it.
I would go next door and ask if you could have their email to pass onto your letting people. Forward it on so they can get on with it.

Bunlicker Sun 09-Jul-17 11:46:01

That's a good idea spiney! I will ask for their email.

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