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Aibu to make an emergency gp appointment tomorrow with a slight sore throat

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motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 07:45:04

I started with a sore throats last night my tonsils are swollen and I have the teeniest slight temp. Nothing else I'm fine.

The thing is in the last year I have been in hospital twice with quinsy which obviously started with a sore throat like this. The first time I had sepsis but the second wasn't as bad.

I feel really ok atm. But I'm just wondering if I am unreasonable to rush and see my gp tomorrow to try and stop things potentially getting out of control?or should I wait and see what happens first?

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Sun 09-Jul-17 07:47:38

How long did it take for the tonsillitis to turn nasty?

If it's days then yes I would go to the Drs tomorrow.

Crunchymum Sun 09-Jul-17 07:48:48

Given your history I'd make an appointment.

Fairylea Sun 09-Jul-17 07:49:09

I would go with your history.

motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 07:51:33

The first time it was quick - I was ok one day but woke up the next morning feel really really unwell.

The second I had flu for two weeks then got better but within a few days of feeling ok had quinsy.

HPandBaconSandwiches Sun 09-Jul-17 07:54:05

Why not ask for a phone appointment- with your history they might give antibiotics for you to hold in case things get worse.

Though on second thoughts, go in and get yourself an ENT referral to have them out along with the prescription.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Sun 09-Jul-17 07:57:37

Yes you should go tomorrow.

HPandBaconSandwiches Sun 09-Jul-17 08:06:15

Actually, why on earth haven't you already been referred to have a tonsillectomy?

motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 08:09:51

Hp - last time I was in hospital they said they would only do it if I had it 5 or more times in a year. shock

AnnieAnoniMouse Sun 09-Jul-17 08:13:01

With your history I'd go to a walk in today.

...and I'm usually the one waiting until my leg has actually fallen off before I think seeing a Dr might be a good idea.

I hope you get it sorted swiftly! 💐

motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 08:14:23

I have been in hospital a ridiculous amount of times In the last two years with pneumonia, flu and sepsis, quinsy and sepsis , just quinsy.

Most recently a month ago my gp sent me because my heart was so fast I have tablets to slow it now and have appointments for all kinds of tests.

It starting to feel a bit ridiculous how often I'm ill confused

motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 08:15:19

I should add that on a day to day basis I am a healthy 33 year old. I just seem to be totally unable to fight any kind of disease.

HPandBaconSandwiches Sun 09-Jul-17 08:19:43

OP - go and challenge the decision to not offer tonsillectomy. They are wrong. Quinsy is a special exception see page 4, second paragraph of this document
It is possible that your other illnesses are related to your unfortunate tonsils.
Get them out.

CantChoose Sun 09-Jul-17 08:20:08

The NICE guidance is only after five debilitating episodes of tonsillitis. Though they often make an exception for qunicy.
To be honest if it's so mild and so early the dr probably won't be able to see many signs anyway and will likely not give abx. Even if you're prone to horrid tonsilitis unfortunately that doesn't mean you can't get normal mild viral ones too. I'd see how you feel tomorrow.

Katastrophe13 Sun 09-Jul-17 08:22:15

Hi op. I used to get severe tonsillitis/quinsey regularly. I stopped waiting to see how it progressed and would just go as soon as i got that kind of sore throat and start on the antibiotics. I definitely think you would not be unreasonable to go gp ASAP, and save yourself and the NHS a hospital stay further down the line. P.S. Have you tried Covonia throat spray? It's good at numbing the pain and antibacterial so helps fight off the infection too.

LoKeKi Sun 09-Jul-17 08:28:16

What home remedies have you tried? Are you gargling with salt and drinking sage tea? Both are super good for "difficult" tonsils. Honey, hot water and cinnamon with fresh grated ginger also does wonders for my tonsils. I'd try 24 hours of these and see how I feel (I get super anxious after sepsis too, so I am saying this as someone gets the post-sepsis anxiety side of things).

One thing, I was wondering why you are getting sick so often, and also, why when you get sick it takes so long to recover - you say you are a health 33 year old, but this doesn't really read as a healthy 33 year old. Do you have any other medical problems, smoke or drink? I think I would be asking my GP for advice on how to stay healthy, prevent illness and whether things needed to be investigated (ie. bloods to check vitamin levels) etc. if I was in your position; I hate being sick though. And actually, thinking back to it, after sepsis I was continuously ill with various minor things that I never seemed to get over for around 18 months, so maybe it's a sepsis thing?

motherofmanygirls Sun 09-Jul-17 08:40:00

I have been using difflam last night and this morning I haven't tried the honey or anything yet though.

PurplePeppers Sun 09-Jul-17 08:42:08

Get an appointment tomorrow or eve better fo to your closest walk in center today.
Then go back to the GP and challenge the idea that you can't have your tonsils out. Ask them what is their rationale, what are the risks of you getting ill again, and what are the chances of it happening.
This is NOT simple recurring tonsillitis. And it needs to be treated as such.

Mintychoc1 Sun 09-Jul-17 08:43:54

Take paracetamol, and gargle with soluble aspirin. If you feel worse tomorrow then get an appointment - chances are your GP surgery will have a minor illness nurse who you can see. (I'm a GP by the way).

Stressedout10 Sun 09-Jul-17 09:28:36

Does your gp have a prescribing nurse they can give you antibiotics and you should be able to get an emergency appointment with them very easily (without guilt ) and make a general appointment with a gp to get a referal for a tonsillectomy
Ps you can still get quince throat without tonsils 😣

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